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Lisa78 Thu 15-Apr-04 17:03:39

Age old tradition to take DS2 (who's 15) to Pizza Hut on the last day of the hols - ie tomorrow.
I'm not going to sit and eat salad whilst he munches yummy pizza so can anyone tell me how many points there are per slice and which - if any - types are lower than others
And yes, I am salivating, just thinking about it!

Lisa78 Thu 15-Apr-04 17:04:17

Thats DS1 actually, DS2 is 5 months old and not *quite* up to pizza just yet!

CountessDracula Thu 15-Apr-04 17:21:47

A pizza hut margherita medium pan pizza has 4.5 points per slice (doesn't say how big the slice is)

If you tell me which sort of pizza it is I can look up specifically

sammac Thu 15-Apr-04 17:44:34

Took dd and friends to PH today and they have a reasonable salad bar, but we had the all you can eat buffet . You will have to be very strong-willed. I am full of admiration( not to say pizza) for you taking ds and not indulging.

Lisa78 Thu 15-Apr-04 18:00:43

but I am indulging sammac!!! But will take admiration anyway

CD, my particular favourites are ham and pineapple, ham and mushroom and pepperoni

Gawd, am hungry now!

Lisa78 Thu 15-Apr-04 19:24:58


collision Thu 15-Apr-04 19:38:19

Unfortunately Lisa the points will be SO HIGH they will go off the scale!!! LOL!

Have a large diet coke and some salad as well and then there wont be room for pizza!!

sammac Thu 15-Apr-04 19:41:49

If I give you more admiration will that negate the calories
Just don't have the chocolate fudge cake!

CountessDracula Thu 15-Apr-04 19:47:42

well a hawaiian which I presume is ham and pineapple is also 4.5 per slice
for a medium pan pizza whatever that is. A whole medium pizza is 27.5 points so that must mean that there are 6 slices in a pizza.

A "the edge" works pizza (with everything on it I presume) is 3pts per slice so that seems better value, must be thinner I guess. But a whole one is 52.5 which must mean that a whole one is much bigger than the medium pan pizza I guess as there are 17 slices in a pizza

Steer clear of the stuffed crust as they are lots of points

Sorry but don't go to Pizza Hut so don't know their descriptions v well but HTH

Lisa78 Thu 15-Apr-04 19:49:35

It does countess, thanks
Think I will compromise, get a big plate of salad and a diet coke, THEN start on the pizza!
Wonder how many slices I'll get thru...

Lisa78 Fri 16-Apr-04 20:18:18

OH lordy! Not only did I have TEN slices, but DH is on his way home with a chinese takeaway...
But not to worry, I can catch up on my points so long as I walk about 80 miles a day and don't actually eat anything till Wednesday

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 20:25:03

tut tut I'll set Coddy on you, she is the queen of disparaging pizza-gorging session put-downs

Lisa78 Sat 17-Apr-04 17:50:50

no no not the dreaded coddy put down!

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