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Misfit shine wearables - is their calorie counting accurate?

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MumOfTheMoos Mon 10-Nov-14 09:47:18

I've done everything I'm supposed to and managed to put on 0.2kg!

I've been wearing a misfit shine for the last 5 weeks and this last week was the first time that I've reached my 10,000 steps on average a day - in fact, I smashed it reaching the target on Saturday night. I've done this by doing a lot more walking and swimming 1km (very slowly) 2 or 3 times a week.

Last week was also the first time I synched it with my fitness pal and filled in my food diary. - I wasn't trying to diet I just thought I'd start measuring for a while and then see what sustainable changes I can make. I've used mfp to lose weight before and am pretty good at filling it in.

Anyhow, with the additional calories provided through the synch with my pedometer I was under the number of calories to lose 0.5kg.

All good apart from this morning when I weighed myself, I'd put on weight. The good news is that according to my scales my percentage body fat has gone down and I do feel slightly more toned that before but could it really be down to increased muscle tone as a result of the swimming?

Or is the misfit shine synch inaccurate - does anyone have any experience of this?

To be fair, my primary reason for using the misfit shine is to get more active - I had a health MOT in the summer that said I was all fine but my heart was effectively the heart of a woman 5 years older than me. This my effort to bring down the age of my heart!! Losing weight will help but I hate dieting so was looking to use the nudge of the technology to help me.

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