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Anyone up for a chat thread?

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AnnieLobeseder Sun 09-Nov-14 19:05:31

Evening all

I could do with hooking up with a few people who are also trying to be more healthy - better diet (whichever method works for you) and more exercise. But I do so much better when I can chat to a group about how I'm doing and when I have a hand to hold when it goes wrong.

I've been on one or two on here but they never seem to get enough traffic and fade out after a few days.

So I'd really like to start a weight-loss quiche. Anyone in?

I have about 3 stone to lose, most of which I have gained after injuring my ankle and having to give up running 2 years ago. I am also a stress-eater, and with the stress of doing a degree, I have been stuffing my face lately. Now the degree is (almost) finished, but I have the stress of job-hunting, plus we're planning a relocation, so I'm still eating way more chocolate than I should! I'm getting far better with exercise though, and getting to the gym a good few times a week, so that's a start anyway.

blahblahlala Mon 10-Nov-14 05:27:44

I'll join you if that's ok

I'm in Oz, and just finished my first year at uni. and put on a stack of weight over the second semester. Now have 4 months off to concentrate on me before the next academic yr.

Looking to loose 7-8 kilos (can't remember old money versions)

AnnieLobeseder Mon 10-Nov-14 13:20:03

Oh good, you speak kilos! I'm South African so I struggle with Imperial weights too. So about 25 kilos in real weights!

Went to Spinning this morning, no chocolate so far today.

What part of being healthy do you struggle with? Bad eating? Not enough exercise? Or both! grin

blahblahlala Mon 10-Nov-14 22:49:41

In the last couple of months it's been both. I've not had time to excercise, and then just kept eating, and not thinking about what's going into my mouth. I got the Paul McKenna app and have started recording intake and excercise on my fitness, am hoping the recording and constant reminding will stop me from straying when I'm not paying attention.

I had a major gym session yesterday, makes you feel much more positive doesn't it?

Tell me if I'm being too nosey, what are/were you studying? I'm doing a bachelor of fine art, lifelong ambition, but with kids and an upcoming renovation I'm feeling like I'm being selfish taking any more time to myself to excercise.

AnnieLobeseder Tue 11-Nov-14 09:39:29

I'm doing a PhD in virology. My viva is in 2 weeks, and after that it's all over, one way or another!

You're right about getting the exercise in helping with the positive attitude. I went a bit crazy with the exercise yesterday - Spinning class in the morning and then half an hour in the gym while the girls were at karate, followed by an hour and a half karate class of my own. I slept well last night, I can tell you! But I got a record 18600 steps on my FitBit, so I'm well pleased. Not so great with the food, I had a mini biscuit binge in the middle of the day. But not as bad as it could have been, and at least I'm pretty sure I burned enough calories to cover it!!

I use MyFitnessPal - it's a brilliant app. Not only is the barcode scanner very cool, but it also syncs with my FitBit and RunKeeper (if I ever get back into running) so you can completely track calories in and out. I have tried Paul McKenna before, but the whole mindful eating thing doesn't work for me. I just can't stick to it.

I am reading a book by Steve Peters called The Chimp Paradox. It's about how your impulses (such as binge eating) are controlled by a part of your brain which is more primitive then the rest of your brain, and how to take control of this "inner chimp". While you have sensible notions such as "just have one biscuit", your chimp is going "yum yum, eat all the biscuits!". This book covers all kinds of compulsive behaviour such as arguing with neighbours over boundary fences, feeling jealous for no good reason, interpreting people's remarks in a negative way when they weren't intended to be etc etc. And it also covers compulsive eating, but it's in no way the focus. So I hope it helps, because for all that I know how to eat well and healthily, I still binge eat, which is something that can only be fixed in my head, not by following any particular diet. And I like that this isn't remotely a diet book, but a mindfullness book.

You know what? You need to not feel guilty about taking time to exercise. It's vital for your mental and physical well-being, and you can't be a good parent or partner/wife if you're not looking after your own health. I try to schedule my exercise around my family (eg going running while they're al still in bed in the morning or in my lunch break) or only going to the gym two evenings a week. But you will be able to do so much more for your family, and so much more effectively, if you take care of yourself first. Like putting your own oxygen mask on in an aeroplane!

BamBam21 Tue 11-Nov-14 10:52:31

Hiya - can I join please?smile I just started a new thread then spotted this one. A quiche is just what I need, in every possible way!grin

I need to lose about 3 stone (currently about 15 stone or 95.5kgblush). I have 2DC, the youngest of whom is still at home with me all day, and I find it hard to find the time or energy to exercise. Also, I totally binge eat, and have very little self-discipline with food.

I have just done 10 minutes on the exercise bike, and some stretches and sit-ups, so am feeling a wee bit virtuous now though!grin

AnnieLobeseder Tue 11-Nov-14 11:17:28

Hi BamBam, welcome! We have about the same to lose, so hopefully we can plough through together. Does you local leisure centre have a creche? It was a life-saver for me when I was a SAHP with DD2 - I got to get my exercise in and have a lovely break!

My mind seems to be in a good place today, though I'm ready for lunch already!

BamBam21 Tue 11-Nov-14 11:37:30

Hi Annie! It's nice to find someone with about the same amount to

I live in a small village, and it's a train journey to get to any fitness places unfortunately. I am taking driving lessons though, so hopefully that will help, and DS2 will start at nursery at Easter, so maybe I will be able to drive myself along for a swim some mornings next year!

You sound like you enjoy your exercise. Years ago I used to go to aerobics at least five times a week and loved it. In fact, I felt a bit below par if I missed a lesson. But then I hurt my knee (it still crunches horribly and gets sore), and had kids, and I just can't get into it again, and the fatter I get the more embarrassed I get about going to a class or getting into a swimsuit. I am just trying to do a bit more exercise at home, and I walk a lot anyway.

Lunch today will be a wee drop of homemade lentil soup, and a salad of tomato couscous, roast veg pasta, chicken and a dollop of cottage cheese. Is that dreadfully unhealthy? I hope not, because it's all stuff I bought as healthy foods!grin I will try to resist the jammie dodgers.blush

What are you having?

AnnieLobeseder Tue 11-Nov-14 11:45:52

Urgh, not being able to get to a gym doesn't help. But you have an exericse bike, so that's a good start. There are loads of good videos too. I used to do lots of my exercise at home with videos, frees weights and a balance ball. And running too.

I do love my exercise, which is only something I discovered quite late in life. I lost about 2 stone when I got married and tried exercise for the first time ever. And to my shock and great surprise, found that I enjoy it. I need a lot of variety as I get bored of the same exercise all the time.

I'm also finding it tricky when I'm so overweight - I try to do some simple stretches and find that my stomach is in the way! And running is still really hard because all the extra weight I'm carrying really strains my knees. So I might have to leave running until I've lost a bit. I'm doing Spinning on orders from my physio to fix a painful knee. But I love my other classes - karate itself and the two "fake martial arts" aerobics classes I do. I need to add some strength training so I'm going to go back to Body Pump soon (erk).

Your lunch sounds very healthy! Just watch the portion size with pasta and couscous. I'm having mixed veg soup and a slice of toast. But I have just eaten two mini mince pies for elevenses. They came with my veg box yesterday.

WiseKneeHair Tue 11-Nov-14 11:54:26

H can I join? I've been on quiches for weight loss here before and did well. Unfortunately, I then put it all back on again blush
I have about 3 stone to lose too. I've lost 3lbs in the last two weeks, so pleased with my start.
I am redoing C25K, which I love and am doing a body circuits workout at home via an app. I have 3 D. and work FT, so find going to the gym difficult. I do so much better with home based exercise.
I'm also in myfitnesspal and gind it s life saver. (I'm HappyKite on there if anyone wants to add me)
Your lunches sound nice and healthy. I'm having a cuppa soup, roasted beans and fruit. Looking forward to my beef chilli and bulgar sheat for dinner though grin

WiseKneeHair Tue 11-Nov-14 11:55:05

Sorry for the typos, I'm on my phone.

AnnieLobeseder Tue 11-Nov-14 12:03:47

Hello WiseKneeHair. You have a most interesting username!

I do much better with a weight loss quiche. Back when I first lost weight for my wedding I used an online site that not only did meal plans for you, but also had a fantastic online community. There was a whole section where you could get into teams and compete with each other. I was in a team where everyone had to say how much weight they hoped to lose and how much exercise they hoped to do in the coming week, and the team closest to their prediction won. It was wonderful motivation to get the minutes in and step away from the cake when I knew my team were relying on me.

I'll look you up on MFP, HappyKite.

WiseKneeHair Tue 11-Nov-14 12:21:54

One summer, about 3 years ago, DS2 (then 7ish) sat next to a short-wearing DH. He stroked his knee and said ""oo, wise knee hairs" and hence a MN was born grin I love all my DC but quirky DS2 makes me laugh the most.

Anyway, I agree with what you've said. Support is vital, especially on those days when the biscuits look particularly inviting or the weather too cold/wet to go out and run.

BamBam21 Tue 11-Nov-14 12:39:53

It's great that you enjoy your exercise so much Annie, but I think it's definitely more enjoyable when you are already fit, ironically!grin

Love your name Wise, and your son sounds fab! Another one with 3 stone to lose!

I am so stuffed after my lunch. I probably put too much on my plate, but it's surely healthier than my usual cheese toastie and jammie dodgers? Tonight will be chicken pie, oven chips and sprouts though, so not great. sad

AnnieLobeseder Wed 12-Nov-14 11:20:20

Good morning all!

I'm feeling a bit sore after my martial arts aerobics last night, including my knee injury flaring up. My physio told me to lay off that class for a bit as we actually hit/kick punch bags so it's a lot of impact on my knee. Since it has been so much better (with all the Spinning she makes me do) I thought I'd see how I got on. But it hurt, so I guess I'll have to leave it a bit longer. I was supposed to go to another non-impact class this morning, but I cancelled. I might go to karate tonight instead.

I did end up having a bit of an afternoon binge on the DDs' snacks (crisps and mini packs of chocolate biscuits) but I'll try to stay off them today.

I need to do lots of swotting today as I have a job interview tomorrow.

How is everyone else doing?

Nillia Wed 12-Nov-14 13:37:53

Hi, Annie I used to do martial arts but had to stop as it damaged my knee. All those kicks but I think what really made it bad was the horse stance and holding it for a long time. So I stopped. Also felt that having extra weight makes exercise harder on the body.

I am 5ft 9 and want to lose two stone but for now am just looking to lose 5 pounds to take me under 14 stone. That is my current aim. Have lost 6lb or so in the last 5 weeks. Mindful eating.

BamBam21 Fri 14-Nov-14 10:17:50

Hi everyone!

Annie how did your job interview go?

I always thought martial arts looked way too scary for me, so I always stuck to girly aerobics!grin My left knee is now pretty knackered so it would be out of the question now. I try to get on the exercise bike regularly though (I can't ride a real bikeblush) - is that the same as spinning??

Today I have done about 25 minutes all in, which included the exercise bike and some weight stuff with 2 cans of beans!grin Also, my mum bought me a big tub of raspberry ketones. Any good, or just a new gimmick?

My downfall is vodka and diet coke. I drink far too much of the stuff. Mind you, DP and I just did Sober October and I didn't lose an ounce of weight. So unfair!grin

AnnieLobeseder Fri 14-Nov-14 10:56:35

Hello everyone

Interview went okay, thanks BamBam. The actual questioning bit was good but sadly when it got to salary we had something of a serious difference of opinion. Ah well.

Today I have cancelled my gym class and eaten 3 cherry bakewells. So off to a good start then! grin

I have no idea if raspberry ketones work. Worth a try, I suppose, if you already have them...

Riding an exercise bike is sort of the same as Spinning, except that you need to throw in a very fit and far too enthusiastic instructor yelling at you to push yourself, stay out of the saddle for 10 more seconds and turn that resistance up one more turn, and you won't fall off the bike and die, honest! grin

BamBam21 Fri 14-Nov-14 11:27:04

Loving your work there Annie!grin Never mind, tomorrow is a new day, and I would have eaten cherry bakewells too if I had them - they are

I know that the shiny instructors are there to motivate you and make you push yourself, but I find them a wee bit off-putting and intimidating tbh. It's probably a confidence thing, but I always imagine they must be laughing at everyone.confused I will have to try getting up out the saddle on the bike - sounds like hard work!

I haven't eaten yet today, but I have some homemade veg soup and couscous salad for lunch.

Nillia Fri 14-Nov-14 15:20:09

Hello? smile

BamBam21 Fri 14-Nov-14 15:59:47

Hi Nillia!smile How are you getting on today?

Feel like a bit of a prat, but have decided to start dancing manically in the kitchen every time a good tune comes on the radio! It's all exercise isn't it!grin

Nillia Fri 14-Nov-14 16:31:49

Hi BamBam. Im doing ok you know. Lost 6lbs over the last 5 weeks and am learning that you just have to take control. I eat whatever I want but only have a little bit. Its working and I do not intend to regain the 6lbs as I would normally do. Im the same height as you and the nearly the same weight too. Nice to have someone who is on the same path.
Dancing round the kitchen is good exercise. Working most of those muscles smile.
So how are you going about your weight loss then?

AnnieLobeseder Mon 17-Nov-14 11:58:55

Hello everyone! Sorry for not saying hello earlier, Nillia, welcome to the group.

The bad news today is that I spent most of the weekend eating cake and chocolate.
The good news is that I threw the leftover cake out this morning and went Spinning.
The bad news is that now I'm home with a cup of tea and a bar of Dairy Milk (and not the tiny one either).


My head is nearly in the right place, but not quite. I have the biggest exam of my life next week, plus I'm trying to organise our relocation and find a job. So the urge to stress eat isn't likely to go away for a little while yet. I'll keep trying to get there.

I hope you all have a good week!

AnnieLobeseder Thu 20-Nov-14 11:12:00

Morning all. Where has everyone got to.

I'm going to start setting daily challenges. Today's challenge is to not eat any chocolate, biscuits, cake or other sugary crap. ie, to eat healthily all day. Anyone else in?

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Thu 20-Nov-14 11:26:08

Hi Annie. Me please!

I am v tired today - baby and poorly 3 year old. When I am this tired I tend to eat all in my path. Particularly chocolate. My challenge for the day is not to!smile

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