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Anyone got a minute to look at my menu? (weight loss related)

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flipchart Fri 07-Nov-14 11:54:08

I'm a veggie and trying to lose weight. My weakness has been sugar and snacking.

This week I have been having
Breakfast cup of rolled oats, cup and half of soya milk, 4 walnuts and 2 dates, 1/2 pt water.

Lunch home made cauliflower and chickpea curry wit sesame seeds with natural yogurt 400ml of sparking water

Tea giant cous cous with 1\2 avocado, red onion, sweetcorn, cherry toms, teaspoon of olive oil,broccoli

day 2 same breakfast

lunch tofu stir fry 500ml sparking water

tea starter 1/2 avocado. small tin of peaches, mozzarella cheese, cherry toms, rocket with balsamic reduction

main course veg bake ( home made) onion, butternut squash, peppers, cauli, celeryharicot beans,1 teaspoon flour, oxo cube, desert spoon of breadcrumbs

What do people think? I'm trying to cut sugar, cut out a lot of processed food.
I'm trying to get my protein from tofu, cheese and pulses and my fats from the likes of avacados and olive oil.

Would this type of menu help me lose weight? I have food in such as spinach, paneer, spices, coconut milk, mangos, pineapple, double cream that need to be used.
Oh and no alcohol until Christmas_ that's not an issue really.

flipchart Sat 08-Nov-14 08:57:37


Stupidhead Sat 08-Nov-14 09:08:34

I think you're getting too much fat from the cream and sugar from the fruits and coconut milk for both. But it does sound healthy. You're getting natural fats from the nuts and avocado so maybe cut back on paneer and cream a bit?

flipchart Sat 08-Nov-14 12:20:50

Thanks for looking.
It's flippin' hard trying to get the balance of everything right. I've heard people say you are not supposed to scrimp on calories then others say you are, some say cream butter etc is fine it's the sugar and processed food is the problem.

I'll get my weight off eventually!

purpleroses Sat 08-Nov-14 12:23:41

Sounds lovely, can I come and help you eat it all ? grin. But sounds healthy too as long as your portion sizes are modest you should lose weight

flipchart Sat 08-Nov-14 12:38:46

Good point about the portion size.
Reflecting, I think they are still to big! I've not lost aa ib in a week and I've been doing moderate exercise.

I thought I would have lost some because of the no biscuits, cakes,alcohol, sweets, snacks and other trreats that I've not had.

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