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Feel like giving up

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Octopus37 Thu 06-Nov-14 21:43:56

I have been low carbing for about a month, albeit with a few lapses. I wanted to lose about 5 pounds in total, so not loads as really want to be 8stone for my 40th (January). Started off and lost three pounds in a couple of weeks, stayed the same, put two pounds on due to a couple of lapses over halloween, but got back on track. Today cause of my mood (have got a couple of things I am really upset about at the moment), I have ended up completly binging. Had my usual low carb breakfast, then two cakes and a biscuit. Then 2 Cadburys mini roll things, then chip shop fish and chips for tea with the rest of my family. Have managed for the last few weeks to eat sweet things very occasionally in moderation and haven't eaten any chips, pasta or bread whatsoever. Weighed myself (stupidly self sabottage) before the fish and chips and I was 3 pound up from the other day, meaning that I have gained 5 pounds in a week. I'm disgusted with myself and really haven't eaten this badly for ages but cannot believe how easy it is to gain weight. Really hoping that it is just water. Part of me just wants to give up on the whole thing as I hate the slow scenic weight loss which is all I accomplish and part of me is saying get on teh wagon tomorrow, although I am out for a friend's birthday on Saturday night but really need to regain some control as I know it doesn't sound like it but I was doing well.

Itsfab Thu 06-Nov-14 21:56:34

Sympathy from me but no advice as I am rubbish. Lost 2 stone and put one back on and have been yo yoing the same 3 lbs for ages. Hate myself that food is controlling me again.

TalkinPeace Thu 06-Nov-14 22:38:44

Tomorrow is another day.
Log the food into MFP while you know what you ate - so you can always go back and look at in case you are tempted to binge again - less on carbs than on anything.

Please do not be disgusted with yourself.
Be angry with a day of behaviour, but not disgusted : as that is a negative emotion that will do you no good.

Start tomorrow fresh.
Cup of tea in the morning. Two scrambled eggs with fresh pepper.
THen get as much fresh air and exercise as you can while drinking lots of water during themorning.
THen have a good, self righteous lunch.
Again, stay busy in the afternoon : blitz that cupboard you have been putting off for a month
And then a good high protein supper so that you sleep well having reset your compass

Octopus37 Fri 07-Nov-14 07:49:41

Thank you, I am going to start afresh. Just about to have greek yoghurt with berries for my breakfast, onwards and downwards, hoping that the weight was just a fluctuation. I am on the go working all day, so will get some exercise.

Ditzy71 Fri 07-Nov-14 14:04:17

Hi, I keep posting on each of the new posts you start but unfortunately you are not coming back to them but starting new ones . Trying to keep up though smile
You want to lose this small amount of weight and keep it off so you need to eat in a way that you can do for life. Your previous menus that you have posted have been very very low in veg and salad. You need these for nutrients. I know you are doing lowish carb but eating atkins bars and lots of nuts is maybe not the best way to go. Low carb can include bread and some fruits. If you are going to do this for life then maybe count your carbs and include more carby things but keep an eye on how much.
If you lose the weight through low carb and then start eating high carb again you will gain the weight back. So maybe think about if you can sustain this for life.

Bingeing is understandable when you look at what you have been eating previously.

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