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Trying to be good but THE HUNGER! :(

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ShowMeShowMeTheWine Tue 04-Nov-14 13:20:32

Baby is now 6 weeks old. Dc1 is 2.5 and I HAVE to do something. I'm disgusting. It's beyond a joke.
So, have decided to cut the snacks this week as a start. Managed until after dinner yesterday then are biscuits hmm but tbh that's better than normal as I would usually scoff shit all day.
So, today I'm trying for the same, eat healthily and don't snack, lots of fluids and a couple of biscuits after dinner.
Next week I'll aim to cut the biscuits.

Thing is, I'm ebf and literally feel like I'm starving! Famished and shakey if I don't eat quickly enough. Any ideas? Would ideally like to get back to low carbing but have been eating so much sugar recently I really think I need to cut down cut down cut down rather than go cold turkey?

ShowMeShowMeTheWine Tue 04-Nov-14 13:21:09

Any help/ideas etc very welcome please!
Oh and I've just bought a double so I can go power walking!

Theas18 Tue 04-Nov-14 13:25:13

Woman you are breast feeding a 6 week old- that's growing a whole new human y'know! I don't think " don't snack" works in that context!

Eat healthily. That doesn't mean don't eat enough, neither does it mean don't snack. Snack healthily. Banana, few grapes, handful of seeds/nuts etc. Whole grains to level blood sugar etc.

Drink lots of water too.

Not an affiliate but if you really feel the need to " diet" then slimming world and weight watchers both have appropriate plans for breast feeding mums.

FoodieMum3 Tue 04-Nov-14 13:26:48

I'm also EBF and baby is 6.5 weeks.

Do you eat bananas? They're my life saver. Just one gets rid of cravings and fills me up. Sometimes I have one in a wholemeal bread sandwich.

I find myself hungry and thirsty with the bf too. I usually have porridge for breakfast and find it brilliant.

I allow myself 2 choc biscuits with a cup of tea or coffee everyday.

For winter - stews and soups all made from scratch (I recommed bulk cooking and freezing, I can only do it when dh off at weekends).

HTH and mind yourself x

BiancaDelRio Tue 04-Nov-14 13:27:13

I would drop the diet till your baby is bigger tbh.

My DS is 11 weeks and I'm ebf-ing too. At about 5 weeks I decided to start shifting the belly. My milk supply disappeared (I also was shaky and dizzy) and DS was inconsolable for 48 hours sad while I ate emergency cake to try and get my milk back!

Don't calorie count. Just try and eat as much healthy food as you can. There's plenty of time for diets when your wee one is bigger smile .

And congratulations thanks thanks

loudarts Tue 04-Nov-14 13:30:28

Make sure you are eating enough. I am bf a 10 month old and am sticking to 1500 calories a day. If I have a few days where I drop down to 1200 calories I lose less weight than if I eat the full 1500 hmm don't forget that bf burns up to 500 calories a day and you risk either a drop in milk supply or making yourself ill if you restrict food too much

CiderwithBuda Tue 04-Nov-14 13:37:31

You need to eat! But you don't need biscuits and crap. And nor does your baby.

You are hungry because you are not eating enough and you are craving sugar. Eat. But eat healthy nourishing food. Make sure you are getting enough protein. It will keep you feeling full and keep your blood sugars stable.

Instead of biscuits have a couple of oatcakes with Philadelphia and a small amount of jam. It's a bit like a cheesecake!

Cut out crap carbs. White bread, white pasta and rice, biscuits, cake etc. replace them with whole grain versions. Replace white rice with brown or with cauliflower rice. Replace potatoes with sweet potatoes.

I'm trying to do all that too. Desperately need to lose lots of weight. Hoping for at least a stone and preferably one stone 5 lbs before xmas. But I know I can't be hungry. So I'm trying healthy nourishing food.

This morning I had yummy porridge - Jillian Michaels porridge with almond milk, apples and pecans. A bit fiddly to make but I made enough for tomorrow. Lunch was a fab salad - spinach leaves, avocado, feta, walnuts and pomegranate seeds. Again I have enough to have same tomorrow.

ShowMeShowMeTheWine Tue 04-Nov-14 14:07:53

Ok so I'm not actually 'dieting' more trying to eat healthily. I'm not counting calories but I am trying to be more aware of sugars and choosing the lower sugar things.
I've got an oversupply of milk so if things lessened a little that wouldn't be a bad thing!
Trying to choose healthy options but am a bit stuck really. I'm terrible in that I have to have a 'routine'(?) when it comes to food. I like to be a boring fuck eat the same thing and have a 'plan' so I meal plan and write it all on the board. Makes things easier for shopping etc.
Evebing meals are cooked from scratch so lots of veg etc.

So, porridge/weetabix with banana or scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast sound ok? Any good porridge recommendations? I'd like something quick easy and cheap as on a budget too.

Lunch, have had beans on toast today. Not really sure what to have here as again needs to be fast and easy. Maybe omelet? What else?

Dinner is fine, I'm happy with that and will add more veg and sub brown instead of white.

What about the snacks though? Should I or shouldn't i? I feel like if I snack things get out of hand quickly. I'm quite a 'fuck it' person if I fall off the wagon I'll scoff myself stupid hmm

Not sure I want to be eating fruit. Maybe nuts? Or seeds? What are these oatcakes?

juliascurr Tue 04-Nov-14 14:16:04

cheap, filling, low calorie
soup is your friend

ButterflyOfFreedom Tue 04-Nov-14 16:44:41

My DD is nearly 5 weeks and Im ebf-ing too.
I put on 3 stones during my pregnancy - 1 stone 'came off' after the birth so 2 stones to go!!
For the first couple of weeks I just ate anything & everything as I didn't have the energy to think about it but now I know I need to get rid of the excess weight, wobbly belly and start cutting out chocolate, cake, biscuits & crisps!!
I am constantly hungry tho so definitely won't stop snacking - will just try to be healthier.

So far today I've had:
Breakfast - bran flakes
Lunch - boiled eggs & soldiers
Dinner will be - chicken chausseur, roasties, carrots & broccoli
Snacks - brunch bar, raw carrot, bag of crisps (oops!)

I tend to have some sort of fruit every day (usually apple, grapes or tinned pineapple), yogurt, maybe breadsticks.
A bowl of cereal (whatever time of day) is a quick & easy snack too.
Oh and crumpets!! smile

CiderwithBuda Tue 04-Nov-14 19:20:04

I find weetabix makes me starving later. But if it works for you then it works for you.

Oatcakes are with crackers in supermarkets. They are slow releasing and filling. I like them with peanut butter.

Soup is great. Make a big pot and have some for lunch every day.

If you decide to have bran flakes check the sugar content. They can be surprisingly high in sugar!

LingDiLong Wed 05-Nov-14 10:35:12

If you're hungry and shakey then you're going wrong somewhere! It's simply not sustainable. And getting yourself into the mindset of being 'good' or 'naughty' is all wrong. There is nothing 'good' about starving yourself and nothing bad about having a snack when you're hungry.

I aim to eat every 2 hours or so because that keeps me from getting starving and craving junk food. I usually have a piece of fruit and some nuts in the morning, hummus and pitta bread is good if I'm having a particularly hungry day or if I'm going to be exercising before I have a chance to have dinner. I know some people say don't snack but that really doesn't work for me. Totally agree with swapping white carbs for brown though, low GI food keeps me full for longer and I don't get that intense craving for sugary stuff now I'm eating it.

tobysmum77 Thu 06-Nov-14 17:33:08

you need to eat plenty of good food being hungry all the time won't work shock - have you thought of completely cutting out refined sugar?

tobysmum77 Thu 06-Nov-14 17:34:42

yeah I don't snack much but eat plenty at mealtimes. everyone is different.

SparklyReindeerShit Thu 06-Nov-14 19:32:38

Yes I'm aiming to eventually but find if I just go cold turkey I tend to binge on sugar? So I'd rather cut down gradually.

tobysmum77 Fri 07-Nov-14 17:02:34

can't you eat something else instead? Its just a way of avoiding eating rubbish rather than denying your body food smile

sgood2412 Fri 07-Nov-14 21:37:06

Why not try homemade smoothies..even just one a day instead of a solid meal would help maybe? My favourite at the moment is a spinach and banana one, I use a handful of spinach leaves, half a banana, handful of blueberries, cup of coconut water and honey to taste. Can even add Greek yoghurt to make it a tad bit creamier. I'm also ebf and my LG is now 16 weeks. I have two smoothies a day and have cut right back on snacking. I have tons more energy and just feel overall better about myself. Also try snacks like veggie sticks with hummus or some other low fat dip. If you have a sweet tooth then fruit is always the best option, or even a couple of cubes of dark chocolate I find helps. It's just trial and error with a lot of things and trying out new foods and recipes doesn't hurt either smile You just need to be motivated and determined. And also have the willpower. It's difficult but doable. Good luck!

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