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Best list of calories in booze?

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scarevola Fri 31-Oct-14 07:08:27

I was wondering if anyone had a favourite (either for ease of use, or what's included on the list).

I'm not after something which lists eg every single type of wine in oenophilic detail, but would like something reasonably comprehensive.

I think the difference between maintaing healthy weight and seeing it creep back up somewhat may well be the booze (it's own calories, and the nibbling that goes with it). I'm seeking motivation to tackle it!

possomcandle Sun 02-Nov-14 19:09:54

I would love this too.
100% behind the new proposals to include calories on alcohol labels.
Even though I know that extra glass of wine is many empty calories, I always down play it in my head at the time. If the calories were written there right in front of me I would be much more likely to resist!

rusmum Sun 02-Nov-14 22:10:24

Watching xx

Mitchy1nge Sun 02-Nov-14 22:16:59

MFP has quite a good database

(I don't drink very often but whenever I do I can find it on MyFitnessPal)

TalkinPeace Mon 03-Nov-14 13:10:23


rule of thumb :
bottle of red = 650 calories
bottle of white = 600 calories
bottle of fizzy = 550 calories

bottle of beer / cider = 250-300 calories
spirits = 50 calories a shot

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