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Recommended books on the psychology of overeating?

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Saracen Sat 25-Oct-14 23:39:46

So, I've been on the diet for a good many months now and have lost a lot of weight, which is great. But I've done this twice before and each time when I decide I've lost enough, I pretty much go straight back to my old eating habits. Soon I'm back where I started. "Moderation" doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary. I need to find a way to maintain a healthy weight.

Clearly I have to tackle the reasons why I overeat. I still have a long way to go in terms of weight loss, so this seems like a good time to start changing my attitudes. Can you recommend anything for me to read?

PinkyAndTheBump Sun 26-Oct-14 00:00:40

"The end of overeating" And a couple of others. I've got them downstairs. I'll tag this & get the names tomorrow.

Isabeller Sun 26-Oct-14 00:05:44

Gillian Riley 'Beating Overeating' and I think one called 'Ditching Diets'

lucjam Sun 26-Oct-14 03:05:03

There is one by Brian Wansink but can't think of the title.

Saracen Sun 26-Oct-14 08:28:24

Thanks, guys!

Is the Brian Wansink one "Mindless Eating"?

MatildaMay Sun 26-Oct-14 12:51:07

I watched a really inspiring video on YouTube - How to lose weight without losing your mind, a lecture by Dr Doug Lisle. He is a psychologist and author of The Pleasure Trap. What he said really makes sense to me. Definitely worth watching.

lucjam Wed 29-Oct-14 20:33:40

yes saracen that is the one.

dolphin17 Sun 02-Nov-14 20:34:55

Brill book Stop Overeating; A 28 day plan to end emotional eating, written by qualified psychologist and one of us - a normal person who's struggles with weight and emotional overeating, so you get the best of advice from both angles.

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