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An accountability check-in? Looking for mates!

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FrancisdeSales Sun 12-Oct-14 13:15:59

Whichever way you are doing it if you are focusing on weight loss and fitness would you like to check in to make sure you are staying on track? I have a habit of letting other things take priority but I want some pals to spur each other on to greatness!

I'm slowing gearing up, actually went to weight training 3 times this week and have lost a few pounds. I am starting today at 151.5 lbs (10.10 stone). I would like to get to 135 (9.6) with muscles and less chub. My first goal is to get under 150lb and do some form of exercise each day. I have not been under 10 stone since I had my last baby (8 years ago!!)

Who wants mates for encouragement?

sunbathe Sun 12-Oct-14 13:21:03

I'm in. Stopped exercising about three weeks ago and I need to start again.

Are you dieting as well? I found that I was just putting on weight (hopefully muscle!), when I was just exercising. It gave my confidence in exercise a bit of a knock, tbh.

FrancisdeSales Sun 12-Oct-14 13:32:06

Hi Sunbathe - great, I'm excited already!

I am just starting with the dieting, although it's more trying to eat healthier but definitely less of the stuff that tends to stick to my lovely round bum and thighs!

I did watch my weight earlier this year and got down to 141 and then we moved and it all went to hell in a handbasket. I wasn't exercising then and I think I should because I do want to be strong and fit as well as hopefully less dimply.

Try and keep exercising and change what you are eating (or quantities) sometimes exercise makes you soo hungry but if you can resist attacking the fridge that burn will burn some lbs. Drink loads of water and eat protein before you work out.

I get so busy with life and kids that I let it all slid again. So lets help keep ourselves at the top of the priority list and get healthy x

sunbathe Sun 12-Oct-14 13:37:13

Sounds great. I'll weigh myself later on. Planning on a mile walk this afternoon.

Just enjoying a Lebkuche from Lidl right now, but it is the last one!

FrancisdeSales Sun 12-Oct-14 15:05:14

After weight training this week I can really feel this muscles in my arse when I'm running upstairs smile I am very unfit otherwise, need to start walking too.

HeySoulSister Sun 12-Oct-14 15:08:35

I'm in!

Had a September fitness thread where a few of us lost quite a bit. Need to motivate myself ( easy for me) and stay motivated ( the hard bit!)

FrancisdeSales Sun 12-Oct-14 15:37:25

Brill SoulSister how did you get on in Sept?

HeySoulSister Sun 12-Oct-14 18:35:20

Lost 12 pounds!!! Prob put a few back on now as I've got complacent

Was juicing and doing lots of exercise

Need 2 stone off, quickly!

efeslight Sun 12-Oct-14 21:28:17

Hello, I'm interested in sharing some tips and keeping each other motivated. And having to report to somebody...

Weigh 73kilos now, am cutting back on carbs, juicing and starting to exercise more. Been juicing a week and lost 2 kilos. (11 st 7 now)

I really need to just get on with some exercise, and stop finding excuses... Am aiming to start the Couch to 5k soon. Bought some new trainers today and am raring to go!!

I'm impressed with weight training 3 times this week - well done Francis

efeslight Wed 15-Oct-14 22:28:33

Still here, lost it a bit this week and eaten fairly badly...

How are you others doing?

My little girl goes back to playgroup next week so will have a bit more time.

sunbathe Wed 22-Oct-14 08:33:16

Gosh, I forgot about this thread! Just shows I need it. Will post properly later.

lauranorder50 Wed 22-Oct-14 08:57:05

I lost 1kg, that's 2lbs this week. (That 5km cross country obstacle course must have done me some good.) I'd like to lose one kilo a week until Christmas i.e. 8kgs. That will get me down to 100kgs. Then I need to address the rest of the weight.

Can't believe I lost seven and a half stone and kept it off for 7 years. Then I relocated overseas and it took a while to settle. As usual I ate my troubles away. That's how I put it all back on.

So.......better start the whole diet & weight loss cycle/process all over again. BMI 43.5 blush

I'm getting on top of my eating habits and getting into my low fat diet which is how I lost it last time.

sunbathe Fri 24-Oct-14 20:44:39

I've done 30 mins cycling this afternoon - managed to miss the postman while I was doing it.

Managing to walk at least 20 minutes a day, so I'm quite pleased with that. This evening I'm planning on doing some arm exercises. I keep reading that you have to do 'static' exercises to really shift the weight. I'm not sure about that, but my arms could do with, ah, a little shaping, shall we say! And they're not very strong.

Still haven't got round to weighing myself. hmm

sunbathe Sat 25-Oct-14 21:04:13

K. Well I've weighed myself and I can see that all the lovely German food I've bought lately, has now made an appearance. shock 12 stone 10 lbs.

So, I've walked a mile today and I'll be leaving more of the treats in the cupboard than putting them on my plate! grin

orangegroves Sat 25-Oct-14 21:24:04

Count me in! I lost loads on ww 3 years ago & was really happy, but then have had 3 years of frustration and it steadily creeping back on. Gahhh! I'm 11.9 now.

orangegroves Sat 25-Oct-14 21:25:31

Anyone know a good 1 or 2 day detox plan? We could do it together on Monday & start next week with a bang.

lauranorder50 Sat 25-Oct-14 22:30:31

Nah, I'm not a fan of detoxing. Just plain straightforward dieting for me. That in itself is a detox. No offence meant, orangegroves.

I went for an hour's walk last Thursday. All day Saturday (I live overseas, it's Sunday morning right now) I walked over mountainous terrain with my husband - 19.6kms, it took us 8 and a quarter hours. I've got have burned hundreds of calories ! I was even mindful of the food I took to eat e.g ham and tomato rolls, water, peanuts, small bar of chocolate, garibaldi biscuits.

orangegroves Sun 26-Oct-14 09:05:48

No worries Lauranorder. It was just a thought. grin That walk sounds amazing! Well done.

5446 Sat 01-Nov-14 09:22:51

Need to give myself a kick up the arse before Christmas.

Somehow managed to convince myself I was 11st 4 when I am actually 11st 11. That was a shock to the system.

I would love to be under 11st by Christmas, although will settle for 10lbs.

Goal weight where I feel comfortable is 10st 2. I am 5ft 9.

I have got no idea how to do this. I just eat and eat.

efeslight Tue 04-Nov-14 20:21:05

Started my couch to 5k run tonight. Went in the dark so as not to look too fat/hot/flustered/out of place.
It actually went well, and even in the dark rain, I enjoyed it.
Just need to get some better music.
I'm also juicing a bit and trying to cut down on sugar and carbs.
I've started going along to an aqua fit class on Saturdays. Can leave the kids in the crèche and its free with my husband's membership-why didn't I do that 4 or 5 years ago???
Trousers don't feel any looser yet...
Anyone got any news?
do you live in Germany sunbathe?

AnnieLobeseder Wed 05-Nov-14 16:50:53

Hello everyone. Have you got room for another? I've been hovering on the brink of getting my brain into the right place to lose weight for ages but can't quite seem to get there. Perhaps an accountability thread will help.

My overall diet is good and I like to exercise but crave sweets when I'm stressed and binge on chocolate and other crap. I've been binging big-time recently and am about 3 stone overweight. Which of course makes it harder to exercise and harder to be motivated.

I'm currently house-hunting, job-hunting (so unemployed) and in 2 weeks have the big final exam at the end of my degree so I'm still rather stressed and binging. But I hate it and really want to stop.

I have used SW successfully in the past but recently I've done best with using MFP, because I enjoy scanning the barcodes (I'm easily pleased!) and I like that it syncs up the calories burned from RunKeeper (not that I've run for ages) and my FitBit, so I can get a full and accurate picture of calories in and out.

efeslight Sun 23-Nov-14 13:17:09

Hello and how is everyone doing?
Did aqua fit class yesterday and then a c25k run today, but am only averaging once a week, and 3 times is recommended.
Might try to use some of the fitness dvds I've got, as its gets darker and colder.
Is anyone interested in a big push on diet/fitness in the run up to Christmas?

efeslight Tue 25-Nov-14 19:28:13

I did another c25k run tonight, actually after my aerobics class and didn't feel too bad.
But still don't seem to have lost any weight.
I am also listening to an easy loss hypnosis app whenever I can. Its quite relaxing, am drinking more water, but still eating too much...

efeslight Wed 03-Dec-14 08:31:39

Got into my size 16 jeans today, so am feeling good-they have been too tight for a long time.
Still doing classes, running, aqua fit, when I feel like it, but not really taking it too seriously at the moment... but obviously something is working, if my jeans fit again smile

efeslight Thu 18-Dec-14 20:50:13

Have eaten too much chocolate recently and not doing too well-might try to cut down heavily over the weekend in prep for travelling over Christmas-hope everyone else is doing well...

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