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Since I was 10, my dress size has matched my age

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ReverseTheTrend Thu 02-Oct-14 13:19:51

Now I am 27, and something has to change!

I have had a bit of a revelation today, soon I will be 30, I do not want to greet that milestone as a dress size 30, and frankly if we carry on that trend by 50 they will have to cut me out of the house, not what I want for myself.

I don't know how much I currently weigh, but it is around the 22 stone mark, I am 6ft, so this puts my BMI very firmly into the seriously obese category.

Tomorrow I have to go to a business meeting at a theme park, last time I was there I couldn't go on any of the thrill rides as the overhead restraints don't fit over my chest, I really don't want that embarassment in a business setting.

Also DH and I have been TTC #1 for 8 months now, and not so much as a late AF. I can't believe being so overweight is helping at all, and of course at my weight there is increased risks of all sorts of complications.

So I have decided it is time to reverse the trend, hence the namechange. Today I have been for a swim in my lunchbreak, and it was great. Will also have a chat with DH tonight about dropping the take-aways and cooking a bit more.

I have signed up for membership at my local pool so I can now drop in whenever. I plan to keep my swimwear, towels and easy clothes to change into in the car, so I can go on a whim. I know if I have to go home and collect my things, I will just stay at home on the sofa.

I only planned to do 10 lengths today, but once I was in there got to 25, so pretty pleased.

Anyway, thank you if you made it through that essay! I am mostly posting this to keep myself inspired and remembering why I am doing it, but if anyonw has any tips, inspiration or wants to join me on my journey I will be super grateful!

TheSpottedZebra Thu 02-Oct-14 13:22:33

Congrats on making the 1st steps.
I joined an October Challenge thread in this topic - there's plenty of others there too -come join!

TheSpottedZebra Thu 02-Oct-14 13:23:32

Ooh, do you like apps? I'm using my fitness pal to track cals, and ore me more importantly portion sizes and finding it really useful.

ReverseTheTrend Thu 02-Oct-14 13:36:22

MFP is a good idea thanks.

I already have it on my phone but haven't used it for a while.

I have massive control and emotional issues around food, so was using it to work through that with my therapist, and haven't used it since stopping therapy.

Fourarmsv2 Sun 05-Oct-14 07:46:12

How's it going RTT?

Are you following any particular plan for losing weight? I low carb following the Harcombe Diet but I'm sure you'd do well on the Low Carb bootcamp because you don't go hungry, you just change what you eat.

Dowser Sat 03-Jan-15 00:38:31

Yes, how are you doing rtt.

Are you on your way to success or have you fallen off the wagon a bit?

Do come back and tell us.

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