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Hockey, Dokey: OPTober is here! OPT-in, OPT out, shed it all about.

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FavadiCacao Wed 01-Oct-14 00:06:55

The OPT-ions are endless. We are all charged to go! grin If negativity is not for you...

Why not try the OPTism diet. Here is a little reminder for the fridge door. After all a woman can't live on bread alone at all.

For those in a hurry...OPT-I-fast
In an emergency rush: OPT1cal -the eyes have it 'cause the mouth can't. it shed stones

The Chocolate diet allows all OPTIONS flavour. smile

catimini Wed 01-Oct-14 03:08:09

i'm here!

no dinner last night but thanks to a large lunch i came in at 123 cal over my budget. but i think that's ok considering i have had a 400 cal margin the past three days.

i am still taking my once-weekly dance class, and will look for a yoga class to start next week after i move into my apartment. have been living in a hotel for a month...i'll miss having someone make my eggs every day!

TwoTonTessie Wed 01-Oct-14 05:46:48

Count me in smile
16lb's down in a little over 3 weeks after the Blue diet, eating a lot less and calorie counting.The weight is coming off slowly and steadily now so I hope it continues.
Good luck everyone.

frownyface Wed 01-Oct-14 08:17:28

Im in smile

Only 1lb down this week which isnt great considering i have been on a mostly liquid diet! Maybe im not eating enough?

Had a route canal yesturday and only managed 700 odd cals all day.

Im looking forward to eating some proper food this week smile

happygirl87 Wed 01-Oct-14 10:33:33

Does anyone on here do the soup diet? I could use some comrades....

Victrix Wed 01-Oct-14 13:12:47

grin I'm excited...and out of hospital. Still have my gallbladder for the moment but should be gone soon.

Gluten and fat free for me...booooo!

catimini Wed 01-Oct-14 13:15:26

Happy girl what is the soup diet?

TheHoundsBitch Wed 01-Oct-14 13:58:50

HEllooo... I'm in, I just need to have a word with myself and get the shopping in. I think I'll do the ol' cabbage soup again grin

catimini Wed 01-Oct-14 14:41:48

Poached egg on wm toast with some melon for breakfast, then a. Chicken tikka skewer, with aloo sag and mixed veg curry for lunch (small portions though). Dinner was a bag of rice bites with a few peanuts (weird Asian snack food). I'm in for the night at 200 calls below my budget.

How's everyone else doing?

What plans for exercise this week? I made enquiries about swim coaching for when I move into my condo pool...

FavadiCacao Wed 01-Oct-14 17:39:58

I love soups, especially Chinese and Thai style. grin

Tessie, that is amazing, well done. grin

Frowny, 1lb is still 1lb off grin

Vic, great news. grin How are the new babies doing? Can we adopt them as our mascots- they're good at shedding! grin

I took measurements and weighed my self shock...In Slimtember I've lost 6kg, 2" off the waist and hips, 1" off thigh and almost 2" off arms. grin I think I'll continue with the Scarsdale and the T.Anderson exrcises -I've come a long away from the old me grin

happygirl87 Wed 01-Oct-14 23:20:30

Nice work Fava di!

I have spent far too much time today reading the whole original thread and the whole Slimtember thread- just wondering where WhatsGoingOnEh has got to?! Also has Itsfab been around?- she posted a worried comment about a friend towards the end of Slimtember, and doesn't seem to have been back confused

Soup diet is probably the same as cabbage soup diet, although mine is tomato. The plan is here . Just tucking into a delicious bowl now and fantasising about having bread with it

happygirl87 Wed 01-Oct-14 23:20:55

TheHounds, is that what you're doing too?

catimini Thu 02-Oct-14 05:33:33

well i feel much slimmer today, although i haven't weighed myself. everything feels just a little less "pudgy", even my little fat roll underneath my waistband. we will see what happens.

i am really liking this no dinner approach though, no thinking about what to make, what to eat, if i'm getting enough protein etc etc. just no eating and that's that.

please breakfast is so delicious when you are really hungry!

Victrix Thu 02-Oct-14 15:01:56

Well in addition to being gluten free as standard, I am currently also dairy and fat free grin

This is irritating but at least I will be dead thin.

TheHoundsBitch Thu 02-Oct-14 15:47:14

Yes happy, I did it last month and lost 9lb in a week! I moved onto v low cal and lost a stobe overall. I think I've put all the weight back on now as I've been mainlining chocolate ice cream and take always blush

FavadiCacao Thu 02-Oct-14 16:33:39

Oh, the unmistakably empty feeling, the longing for...It start sounding like the Hunger Games Diet! grin

Vic, it doesn't leave you much!... pompom, mmm! Hey! Got any grapes? ^pompom, mm... for the the grapes diet?! <waddles, waddles>

Down 0.6 kg. smile

Victrix Thu 02-Oct-14 17:00:17

Hmm, I can still eat grapes. Might give it a go grin

TwoTonTessie Fri 03-Oct-14 05:45:25

Blimey! I thought the weight loss was slowing down so upped my calories a bit as I heard that might help. Weighed myself this morning and did a double take - 3lbs down! That's 19lbs since 8th September shock.

This has been my first attempt at dieting - wish I'd done it years ago now. I am hopeful I can keep on eating healthily now as it's really not been difficult. I couldn't have done it without the encouragement and advice here - thanks everyone.

FavadiCacao Fri 03-Oct-14 08:34:43

Fantastic, Tessie! It's down, down, down from here. grin

Down 0.2kg today. smile
Yesterday was a bit depressing, in a good way. I am desperate for clothes. other than the skinny jeans I bought the other weekend and a jeans skirt, everything is falling off/down or I can't fit into yet (apart from a couple of trousers, extra-extra-wide bootleg). I popped into a couple of shops and they just don't sell the in-between sizes, I asked. smile I am still amused by the random sizing between and within shops: I tried 4 pairs of jeans in one shop, all of them labelled with the same size: one I didn't need to undo the button, it was so loose; one was fine on the legs but was a handspan too wide on the waist; one was pinching on the waist; the last one was so small, the label must have referred to age. confused

TwoTonTessie Fri 03-Oct-14 12:13:18

I know what you mean*Fav*. I've had to buy new work trousers as the others were practically falling down. With jeans my belt is now tighter by another 2 notches . I don't want to spend too much on new clothes at the moment though as I want to keep on losing. I must have list some weight from my wrists too as my watch mow keeps slipping around which is annoying.

WyrdByrd Fri 03-Oct-14 12:55:00

Just marking my place before I get properly underway on Monday.

Having a carb free lunch by default as we haven't got any nice bread in and I CBA to go shopping.

2 boiled eggs with bresaola it is then!

Meet my mum for coffee this morning and resisted cake although somewhat calorific dinner planned for tonight.

Not looking forward to getting on scales on Monday, although I went back to who yesterday and several colleagues said I looked slimmer. Thinking I might just go by measurements and clothes size instead as my scales are so erratic.

Faacksake Fri 03-Oct-14 13:47:44

Can I rejoin iv namechanged I was matildasmam on the old Fred till I got mistaken for a nethun grin

I saw itsfab posting yesterday.

Haven't seen whatsgoing for a while though.

Victrix Fri 03-Oct-14 14:06:33

When I weighed myself this morning I was 10st 2lb.

I'm going to see a single figure for stones for the first time since primary school this month grin

FavadiCacao Fri 03-Oct-14 18:35:36

Tessie, I still have a watch with the broken glass, because it kept turning on the inside of the wrist! Wait 'till you start loosing shoes as you walk. grin

Byrd, you got to love Rrrandom Scales! My old ones integrate exercise for me as I 'op, 'op, 'op, 'op, 'op (on them) Gangnam style . grin

The more the merrier, F'sake. smile

Woohoo, Vic! How does it feel, being all dainty?! grin

WyrdByrd Fri 03-Oct-14 18:43:14

Erratic scales and 80yo uneven bathroom floors do not mix. I can weight half a stone different as I move the bloody things round the room.

I'm currently wearing loose trousers - when they actually start falling off I'll know I'm making progress!

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