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If Star-Lord can do it, I can do it. A little bit. Maybe.

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ArcheryAnnie Tue 26-Aug-14 16:16:29

Okay, I'm never going to be ripped, but really, really need to lose weight, as it's crept up and up, and it's making me really tired.

I was feeling very down about the prospect of it - it seems so hopeless - when I saw this pic. That's Star-Lord, before he lost the chub. He's kind of cute there, but barely recognisable to how he is now.

(TBH Chris Pratt isn't my idea of what good-looking really is, slightly chubby or totally chisel-jawed and ripped, but the transformation is quite motivating.)

I'm keeping it open on my desktop to remind myself that I don't need to transform myself into a superhero, but losing a few pounds should be possible.

ThehighcostofLying Sun 08-Feb-15 22:43:04

Not really motivated by Chris' transformation from 10 Years to Guardians of the Galaxy in any way ArcheryAnnie (though I probably should be)...just enjoy the view! Chuffed that my children love the action while I admire his acting skills, he does do a lovely retort to be fair - too many to mention - and the soundtrack does hook you in. When's the sequel due? Fit like Pratt by Summer 2015? Challenge accepted smile

whothehellknows Tue 10-Feb-15 08:23:19

Actually, I can get on board with that. I need to lose a fair amount in a similar timescale.

From his Comic-con interview: "Basically, I cried 40 pounds off, and the rest was being hungry and running a lot."

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