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Something has got to change...

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ChesterDrawers Fri 22-Aug-14 19:48:05

...but I don't know what.

I am sick of being on a diet, off a diet, on another diet, off that diet to, ad infinitum.

I desperately need to lose the two stone I put on while pregnant four years ago, but I can't seem to stick to anything. I am currently falling off the slimming world wagon, having previously tried most things out there - WW, low carb in various guises, hypno, cal counting...

Not sure what I hope to gain from posting this. I am just so fed up of it all and so fed up of being fat and needed somewhere to rant.

As you were.

ChesterDrawers Fri 22-Aug-14 19:52:43

And do you know what else? I'm bloody confused too. I have genuinely lost sight of what healthy eating is. I think all the different conflicting diets are swimming round in brain so I don't even know which way is up anymore.

cleanmachine Sat 23-Aug-14 06:43:08

Chester I'm in a similar position. Need to lose 20lbs and always start lost half a stone then regain it.

And I get you as well about the many diets. In fact currently I am low carbing and thinking of 5 2ing at the same time whilst trying to count calories! ! It's absurd.

I lost 6 lb this week though and am hoping to switch to proper 5 2 this week. It's hard work but I already feel a thousand times better. Maybe we can help each other?

mintbaileys Sat 23-Aug-14 06:47:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrselizabethdarcy Sat 23-Aug-14 06:51:19

Im in the same boat and was going to post a similar thread. Keep joining sw then giving up and tried ww but didn't even last a week. Hopefully someone will have some great advice.

ChesterDrawers Sat 23-Aug-14 08:07:15

Good to know I'm not alone.

I really enjoyed low carbing when I did the bootcamp on here but as soon as I fell off the wagon I couldn't get back on. I also think I overdid the cheese and drank too much wine. I struggled with 5:2, as I ended up bingeing on my eating days. Loved the idea though.

WW was always my diet of choice pre DS, but I've tried it several times since and just can't face the counting. SW seems like a sensible, sustainable option but I can't seem to stick with it.

I do excercise but not consistently. I usually run and did a half marathon last summer but I got injured training for it so have not done much since and have found it difficult to get back into a regular schedule.

Sigh, I just wish someone could tell me what to do sad

EmpressOfBedlam Sat 23-Aug-14 08:21:02

Ahhhhhh me too!!! So we all (roughly) want to lose 2 stone. Why don't we set up a little group? We could do a weigh in each week and support each other?

I did this a few years ago with some lovely MNetters and lost a stone (gone back on now).

My problem is I feel like I need to eat as much as I can each time.... God knows why I have this weird thing. I am not vastly overweight but I don't look or feel as good as I used to.

ChesterDrawers Sat 23-Aug-14 09:07:00

I would be up for that Empress. Planning on getting back on something on Tuesday so will WI then. Anybody else fancy it?

Still no idea what to do diet-wise. Any advice on that?

mintbaileys Sat 23-Aug-14 09:17:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChesterDrawers Sat 23-Aug-14 09:35:31

Sugar is a weak point for me too Mint and wine. When I did BIWI's bootcamp I felt great but I wasn't losing as fast as I'd like and gave up. I also found it hard when eating out but possibly I am making excuses, again!

I am seriously thinking of LCing again. I would love to be 9st for Christmas, although I'd be thrilled to be 10st again if I'm honest.

I found if I bought cheap cuts of meat and slow cooked them and shopped at Aldi/Lidl I wasn't spending any more than usual.

Just had a low carb breakfast of scrambled eggs and butter. Off to a kids party in a bit though so the rest of the day is not going to pan out well.

mintbaileys Sat 23-Aug-14 09:45:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mintbaileys Sat 23-Aug-14 11:53:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mintbaileys Sat 23-Aug-14 15:51:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChesterDrawers Sat 23-Aug-14 16:08:15

17 weeks, that's bloody terrifying! 28lb would be marvellous. Tuesday it is. I'm going to have a read through Briffa this evening to remind myself why sugar is eeeeevil.

mintbaileys Sat 23-Aug-14 16:41:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

antarctic Sat 23-Aug-14 17:27:14

I'm the same, OP. I've tried WW, 5:2 and low carb in the past with some success, but can't face trying any of them again.

Earlier this year, I did really well for a while after reading Eating Less by Gillian Riley. It's not a diet as such, but has some great tips for avoiding overeating. But then I had a really stressful time for various reasons in May / June / July and went back to my bad old habits. It's emotional eating which is my main problem and crisps.

I'd love to lose 2 stone. That would take me to a BMI of 23 (it's currently 27).

I think low cal is what works for me so that's what I'll try.

EmpressOfBedlam Sat 23-Aug-14 19:04:32

Ooh so we have a target! Christmas it is and with a Tuesday weigh in!!?

I am going to take a deep breath and measure myself scared

So are we;
And me. grin that would be 12 stone between us!!!!

I am going to set a start date (1st full week of term)

cleanmachine Sat 23-Aug-14 22:42:36

I'm in . I started this week so next week will be week 2 for me. I know if I could stick to clean eating until Xmas I would feel amazing.

ShoopShoop Sat 23-Aug-14 22:45:53

Count me in too! Just joined SW for the 2nd time after failing at VLCD and a million other diets. Two stone by Christmas would be awesome. I start a new job in November and I want to be worrying about work and not how fat I am by then smile

EmpressOfBedlam Sat 23-Aug-14 23:37:56


So are we;
And me. that would be 14 stone between us!!!!

ChesterDrawers Sun 24-Aug-14 08:09:43

Wow, 14 stone!

It's lovely to have support from you all. I am still unsure what plan to follow. I really love low carb and totally agree with the science behind it but I struggle to stick to it. SW is the obvious choice as it's flexible but I just don't know.

kaylacrackers Sun 24-Aug-14 16:26:08

can i join too please? i want to lose 2 stone by new year which will take me out of the obese category and into the overweight category. good luck everyone. do people have a plan?! ive been trying different classes etc to see what suits me.

nutribullet Sun 24-Aug-14 16:39:26

Am I too late? 2 stone is just what I need to lose, although half that would lift this cloud that I am feeling over my head. A 50th birthday invitation arrived yesterday. I was thrilled. Then I remembered how fat I am and now don't want to go!

I can do 4lbs, sometimes 6lbs then I lose all willpower and buy a Crunchie with my petrol. In 3 mins it's gone and I barely noticed!!

I agree low carb shows quick results but not good for you long term. But then neither is being fat!

sassytheFIRST Sun 24-Aug-14 16:47:08

I'd like to join too, please. Anything between 1-2 stone would do for me... Just need to shift the flab which has gone on in last 3 years or so. Will watch cals as that does suit me, plus try to run 2-3 times weekly. Have bought a pedometer so will aim for 70,000 steps per week as well.

EmpressOfBedlam Sun 24-Aug-14 16:53:47

I have a couple of things that help me to keep in the zone when I am really trying - maybe we all do, why don't we all post what those things are and maybe we will then have a kind of mini MN thread bible that we can turn to if tempted?!

chester I feel like I am taking over your thread..... Do you mind me posting organisational stuff?!?! grin confused

sassy nutri and kayla I think the more the merrier!

The thing that helps me sometimes is to think of my very thin two best friends and think 'would Bob eat that?' And if I think they wouldn't then I don't eat it.
Also doing that app where you log what you eat helps me too as there is. Ow here to hide and it makes me face up to the reality of what I am eating.

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