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When's it due? :(

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juniper68 Wed 31-Mar-04 14:58:32

Yet again I was asked last night (by a stranger) when's my baby due? I'm 5' 8" and was 11st 13 on Monday but have been cutting down and have gone to 11st 10 which I know will be water. The trouble is I do stick my tum out and don't do enough sit ups. Well, she did me a favour last night cos I'm sick of being asked. I did a few sit ups whilst watching tv and am determined that's the last time anyone asks.

BeckiF Thu 01-Apr-04 18:52:05

Jeez girl, at your height that's hardly obese is it! Try sorting your posture out too! Chin up, chest out, tummy tight and walk proud!

Fat my ass!!

michellefromlakeland Thu 01-Apr-04 19:07:21

WIll this motivate you to lose Juniper?
I would say that there is little room for manoevre at that weight and height!

juniper68 Fri 02-Apr-04 13:20:04

thanks for that x I know but it's always the skinny ones that say stuff like this. My mam said to me 'you look slim though sometimes' Arghhhh She always comments on ppls weight and I go mad at her. It's dangerous to and not very supportive. Sign of low self esteem methinks

TheCODERATOR Fri 02-Apr-04 13:23:06

I think you have misunderstood me J - why not lose a bit and we will help you on Big mamas!

Fio2 Fri 02-Apr-04 13:23:12

juniper do we share the same mum? Mine is right insulkting to me, it makes me worse!!!

she says things like ' you could do with toning up a bit'

or 'those trousers will never fit you' last week it was 'that skirts too narrow' grrrrrr

Fio2 Fri 02-Apr-04 13:30:48

weight doesnt = clothes size. It is true people carry weight differently. If juniper is happy within her normal weight range what is wrong with that

juniper68 Sat 03-Apr-04 13:25:23

I know Fio, I'm glad I only have sons in case I turn into her
I used to be very skinny when younger and would hate to be like that again. You're right about peeps carrying weight differently, my arms and legs are quite slimish (is that a word???) so it makes my tum look big.
What's Big Mamas? I'll have to take a looky

Demented Sun 04-Apr-04 10:55:59

Hi Juniper, MN Mamas is our very own slimming club! You can join by emailing me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net, if you give me your starting weight, goal weight (if you have one) then email every Thursday with your loss and it will be announced on the MN Mamas thread for the week. Those who are alreading attending the likes of Weightwatchers/Slimming World etc are very welcome to join. We celebrate milestones, first half stone etc. As others have said it is obviously completely up to you, if you feel you want to lose a few pounds then we are here for you.

juniper68 Sun 04-Apr-04 15:51:44

Ooh yes that's just what I need to motivate me.
thanks x

sassy Mon 05-Apr-04 10:18:37

Can I join too please? Anything to lose this last stone...

Demented Mon 05-Apr-04 14:14:03

sassy, everyone is welcome, just mail me at the address in my post below.

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