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Cabbage soup diet - day three...

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Janstar Wed 31-Mar-04 13:21:55

Anyone else tried this?

Crunchie Wed 31-Mar-04 13:33:17


CountessDracula Wed 31-Mar-04 13:41:57

Does it make you guff a lot

Janstar Wed 31-Mar-04 13:42:51

No. I thought it would but that hasn't been a problem.

How did you get on, Crunchie?

Cod Wed 31-Mar-04 13:55:32

Message withdrawn

Janstar Wed 31-Mar-04 13:57:50

I quite like it. Put in some garlic and spices and it is a very palatable soup.

If he hates that type of thing in the first place it would just be miserable for him.

juniper68 Wed 31-Mar-04 14:54:36

Is there a recipe anywhere for this soup and how much do u eat? I made some non fat veg soup yesterday and it had lots of frozen cabbage in it. I had two bowls then had veggie lasagne and oven chips for tea. I've lost a couple of pounds since Monday night but that'll be water no doubt. I've had one bowl of it today as it's quite filling, and an apple

Janstar Wed 31-Mar-04 15:09:19

I just googled for it.

The soup contains carrots, mushrooms, onions, peppers and stuff as well as cabbage.

You can have other things to eat - it's different for different days. Try googling as I don't know how to do links.

I had a lovely strawberry and peach fruit salad before my lunchtime soup.

juniper68 Fri 02-Apr-04 14:14:03

thanks for that janstar x

squirmyworm Sun 04-Apr-04 11:52:05

I tried it and at first it felt wholesome and lovely but after a week the very sight of the stuff made me want to throw up....worked ish though

Janstar Sun 04-Apr-04 12:07:08

Well I sort of stuck to it for nearly a week. I did cheat with wine towards the end of the week. And one night I had a normal dinner because I felt faint. And a bit of chocolate .

Oh well, I lost two or three pounds and I got below 11 stone which is all I was aiming at for this week. Now I can eat my easter choc and start again after the school holidays on my long journey to below 10 stone.

I lost over a stone this year so far so fairly pleased with progress.

driver Sun 25-Apr-04 18:57:49

i have printed it out but the idea of the smell in the sunshine threw me off a bit. I am looking at hte cabbage going very slowly brown in the kitchen.
So I have tried the old 4P's, which is no potatoes, no pain(which is bread) no patisseries, no pasta, and i can now fit into my trousers, but not yet the pretty ones, so has anyone tried the whole week of this yummy liquid?

sexgoddess Sun 25-Apr-04 19:00:37

I tried this in 1999 and stuck rigidly to it but now the sound of it makes me want to heave. I also remember getting a crashing headache on about day 3!!!!

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