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Mumsnet Slim Mamas Week 13

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Demented Fri 26-Mar-04 19:51:10

Here's the thread for the week ahead!

CountessDracula Fri 26-Mar-04 19:52:08

Let's hope this bard
will banish our lard

Demented Fri 26-Mar-04 21:39:38

applepie Mon 29-Mar-04 10:20:34

Demented, sorry I did not report in last week - had a few days away with my Mum and sister in Budapest and had a spectacular break from my usual diet, so do not expect much of a result this week - will report in as usual though, got 2 get back on track

Earlybird Tue 30-Mar-04 14:54:31

Hi Demented - I didn't report in last week, as I didn't make it to a meeting to be weighed. Had out of town guests for four days (left only yesterday), and while I wasn't AWFUL, I'm not looking forward to this week's weigh in. I've been averaging 1-2 lbs loss per week when I've followed the diet to the letter, so don't anticipate results when I've improvised when out at restaurants, dinner parties, etc. Haven't mastered how to stick to the diet when I'm outside of my regular routine.

Now here's an area where I could use some suggestions from successful dieters. I find I will do very well all day - getting in the proper number of points with all needed diary, protein, fruit/veg, etc. But after dd goes to bed, I completely lose my willpower. I find the hardest time is evening when I've got the telly on, or when I'm on the computer. That is when I blow it. Not badly, but will sabotage myself by eating a few biscuits, some crisps, a bit of chocolate, etc. End result, is instead of having my designated points, I end up 5 points (or so) over from completely empty junk food.

I've tried eating carrot batons for the crunch, or microwave popcorn, or even raspberries/blueberries. But, find that my sweet tooth often gets the best of me, with the end result that I feel disgusted with myself for being so weak. I realise that my impulses at night are not due to hunger. I've even tried the trick of brushing my teeth so that the junk food won't taste the same/as good........!!

Any wise tips/suggestions from those who have mastered this tricky time will be much appreciated.

CountessDracula Wed 31-Mar-04 09:40:36

Earlybird I take it you are on Weightwatchers from the points comment.

You could just eat less in the day so that you have 5 points spare in the evening! I do that sometimes so I can have half a bottle of wine.

They do make sweet microwave popcorn (but it's hard to find)

Other sweet things I find good

Caramel snack a jacks - 2pts a bag
Iced Gems - 1.5 points a bag (small bag from pack of 6)
Mini chunky kit kats - 2pts
Diet coke - no points!
Someone said Fab ice lollies are only 1 pt

I don't eat crisps or normal cheese any more as I find it doesn't fill me up and wastes my points.


miranda2 Wed 31-Mar-04 09:42:15

Earlybird - I have the same prob! A few things I've found help a bit -
1. keep some points from the day to plan in for the evening binge! tehn eat healthy, filling things like toast or crumpets or cereal in the evening.
2. Some sugar free jelly made in little bowls can be quite a good nibble that is no points, as is drinking diet coke or something.
3. Find low-point snacks that you like - I love meringue, so discovering meringue nests are 1/2 point was great, i really feel i've had a treat. Also fruit is quite good. Plus discovered Asda low fat 'icecream' stuff last night - two big spoons with lashings of maple syrup is only 2 or 21/2 points, which you can easily save by having a frugal lunch.

CountessDracula Wed 31-Mar-04 09:54:49

miranda2 didn't know about meringues - thanks for that!

I do find it easy in the day too - often have muesli 2.5 pts for breakfast and a huge chicken salad sandwich for lunch with piccalilli (4pts). Plus 3/4 of a pint of skimmed milk in coffee/tea 1.5 pts - so that's 7pts in the day, leaving loads for the evening + wine or snacks.

Demented Wed 31-Mar-04 13:47:58

I'm always nicking a Milkyway from the kids in the evening, someone said they were 2 points, that and a cup of tea, I don't take sugar, just a splash of milk so that's quite low.

Toast with honey.

Creme egg - 3 points.

WW Deserts, I had a really nice one the other week, belgian choc only two points, so I had both of them!

Demented Wed 31-Mar-04 19:41:14


JanHR Thu 01-Apr-04 13:50:36

I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I promise I will do it tomorrow.

CountessDracula Thu 01-Apr-04 14:09:09

oh sorry I thought was Fri. Will post mine tomorrow too

Demented Thu 01-Apr-04 16:45:08

No problem as long as I have your e-mail by about 6pm tomorrow that's fine. Announcement should happen some time in the evening, hopefully before 9pm, two little people permitting.

Demented Fri 02-Apr-04 19:57:37


Demented 1 19
Beccaroll -1 2
Miranda2 -1 9
Applepie -4 9
Allegra 1 4
Lisa78 1 6.5
Janhr 0 -1

Total -3 48.5

Something tells me we may be lacking slightly in motivation this week! Just think how close it is getting to summer and how much weight we could shift with the next 6-8 weeks and how fabulous we will all be looking in our summer stuff, think pale coloured trousers, shorter skirts or shorts, sleeveless tops, maybe even a bikini.

It would be quite possible for us each to lose between half a stone and one whole stone in 6-8 weeks, let's do it!

Can I tell you my own personal achievement this week? Now this involves admitting my weight deep breath I am now 11st 13lbs, I am below 12st (and only technically 7lbs overweight), yippee!!!

TheCODERATOR Fri 02-Apr-04 19:59:21

god well done you demented!

Demented Fri 02-Apr-04 20:01:37

Thank you Coddy. Do you have some encouraging words, as someone who has met their target, to get us all back on track again?

Beccarollover Fri 02-Apr-04 20:03:24

lol don't tempt her!!

I can bet she will say


TheCODERATOR Fri 02-Apr-04 20:03:36

yes. MMM now think

1. all the food you miss will still bet here when youa re thin!

2. would you describe yoursefl as a fat peron? do you want to be described that way? No? then lose it!

3. Imagine putting on clothes and not having to look at your arse or cover it up

4. If you dont fancy a carrot you a re not really hungry

trite but true

Allegra Fri 02-Apr-04 20:19:00

I think I'll stick words of wisdom no.4 on the fridge!

Hulababy Fri 02-Apr-04 20:21:34

Well done Demented

Demented Fri 02-Apr-04 20:32:40

Oh, I'm never hungry then.

Hulababy, have I missed your weigh-in this week?

Also Wintye, our new member last week, I don't seem to have have received your mail this week either?


Hulababy Fri 02-Apr-04 20:33:54

No. I posted on Week 14. I am having a couple of week's off - too many social things and DD's birthday party. Hovering around same weight anyway at moment so hopefully won't be too bad. Not going to weigh this week and next though, and will be back on track after Easter.

Demented Fri 02-Apr-04 20:36:13

Hula, just noticed your post on Week 14, have fun, see you back with us in a couple of weeks!

CountessDracula Fri 02-Apr-04 20:36:31

oh bum forgot again. I will leave it for this week and do next. Sorry

Demented Mon 05-Apr-04 19:10:08

A late addition to last week's result:-

Earlybird 3.5 8.5

Congratulations Earlybird on losing your first half stone!!!

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