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starting slimming world tomorrow, any advice/inspiration/words of warning?

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TerraNotSoFirma2 Mon 12-May-14 16:59:18

I recently discovered I had managed to become 14 stone, meaning I have 2.5 stone to lose.
I've never been to a group/class thing like this before but I think I need the motivation of standing up and getting weighed each week.

Have any of you had/having success with slimming world? What did you think of it overall?

Any advice for a newbie?

Tansie Mon 12-May-14 18:36:40

Not me but a close mate has been using this successfully for about 3 months. She wants to lose 1 1/2 stone though she's unusual in that she's 5' tall and has very long legs! I think she started at 10 stone?

She likes the 'syns' idea (I think that's how they spell it), and another mate noted that she was able to eat a lot of allowed food as we sit together at lunch time.

She abandoned the group meetings early on due to time constraints (and, if I'm honest, she was a bit hmm about the odd element of hokey weight-loss 'science' the leader was peddling -she's a HCP and knows what's what) so now does it online. I don't know what her loss is now but she'd lost 8lbs in 7 weeks when we last compared statistics.

Personally, and here I can speak for myself, I am never entirely sure about The Group Thing. I think it's very dependent on whether you care if a bunch of strangers cheer weight loss or commiserate that week's 'failure'. I attended, in support of a very much larger friend (though I could have lost half a stone myself), a WW group in London 25 years ago. I am going to be a complete snob here (sorry!) and say that I could not identify with these vast, not-very-well educated women who, in no time, had formed a coven of solace about how 'bad' they'd been this past week, titter, titter, what-are-we-LIKE?! They sought and got comfort in the fact they were all as crap as each other at sticking to a diet. There was the merest smattering of applause if someone actually showed a loss! But I only speak of a specific group a long time ago. Yours may well be different and full of genuinely supportive people all set on serious weight loss.

Anyway, in SW, the food that they recommend seems entirely reasonable although, to me, oddly, they allow loads of pasta but very limited bread? However, I guess they've done the science and know! It's working for my friend!

MrsDiesel Mon 12-May-14 18:42:46

I am a member of slimming world and if you stick to the plan it does work.

My advice would be to try lots of recipes so that you don't get bored and be true to the plan. You never have to go hungry which is why I love it.

All groups are different and ours is brilliant, loads of fun and very supportive.

Good luck!!

AnonButRegular Mon 12-May-14 18:48:26

Please, as tempting as it will be, do NOT try the mushy pea curry.

MrsDiesel Mon 12-May-14 18:56:34

Loads of our group rave about that Anon I haven't tried it, is it bad?

TerraNotSoFirma2 Mon 12-May-14 23:25:05

I will certainly avoid the mushy pea curry ;-)

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 12-May-14 23:30:35

I quite like mushy pea curry! grin

Avoid eating several bananas each day because they're super free, you'll get constipated (luckily I do these things so others font have too) blush

The recipe books are good, if you want any recipes I can put some up to help.

If you have any questions, ask away smile

TerraNotSoFirma2 Mon 12-May-14 23:32:51

Tansie, I would never last if the group is like that, would switch to the online vetsion .

I'm a wee bit worried about all the sweetener that seems to be used in a lot of the recipes. Also mullerlights seem to feature heavily, aren't they full of crap?

Still am excited to get started, I really don't want to stay this weight any longer.

You can't call it baby weight when the 'baby' is three.

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 12-May-14 23:37:20

You get a scale on slimming world,

One end is the people that are using cups and cups of sweetener with egg whites and 4-5 muller lights to make cake, the other end are people using the plan but not having all the tweaks and artificial crap. << I stick to the latter end of the scale! I use fry light and have a very occasional muller but apart from that it's all fruit/veg/meat unprocessed stuff.

Our group is alright, sometimes I stay for the whole thing sometimes I weigh in and leave.

MummyPigsFatTummy Mon 12-May-14 23:53:28

I have been going to SW for 12 weeks and lost a stone, so slow but steady. But then I have been a bit slack for most weekends so I expect if you really follow the plan it may work quicker. I loathe most mullerlights with a I can confirm you can follow the plan without them.

If you join, avoid all the fake cakes and brownie ideas. Vile without exception. But the plan itself gets you eating lots of fruit and veg so really not bad. Personally since I stopped using my syns for wine on weeknights I have had better weight loss. No idea why.

Good luck. I definitely prefer it too WW but the meetings can be interminable. Probably worth staying for a few though.

Tweasels Mon 12-May-14 23:58:50

I totally agree with Titsalina. You don't have to eat any processed food or sweetener ladened shit if you don't want to. I think if you try and reproduce junk food with equally crap food you're kind of missing the point anyway. (Pizza base made with Smash hmm)

Obviously this is just my opinion but I have done every diet known to man and I find SW the best. I do think you need to tinker with it a bit and work out what suits you. Don't tell the group leader this though or you get wrong! I can't eat unlimited pasta rice or potatoes. I wouldn't lose weight if I did that even though the plan says you can. I know some people who can't get away with lots of fruit.

The meetings depend on who goes and how good the leader is at shutting the twats up managing the meeting grin

TerraNotSoFirma2 Tue 13-May-14 09:37:23

I am aiming for your end of the scale titsalina :-D

Thanks for all the advice everyone.

Okay so today is dday, hoping to be at least 2 stone lighter by the time DD starts school in August.

MrsDiesel Tue 13-May-14 13:30:30

GOOD LUCK today Terra!!

TerraNotSoFirma2 Wed 14-May-14 10:39:37

Thank you Mrsdiesel.

Was very encouraging , all group seemed lovely.

Think it will take me a while to get my head round it all, different types of days, syns etc.

Feeling very positive.

MrsDiesel Wed 14-May-14 20:02:51

Glad it went well. There's a lot to remember at first, I stick with the extra easy plan, just make sure a third of your plate is always fruit and veg.

It is great if you can cook but can get boring otherwise.

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 15-May-14 14:01:35

Glad it went well too. I did struggle at first as had become a bit reliant on convenience foods and they are generally really heavy in syns. One meal I love which is quite easy is gammon with a fried egg on (use fry light) and potato wedges. Par-boil the wedges and then put them on a baking tray and spray them with fry-light. Stick them in the oven until they are lovely and brown and wedgey looking and add to the plate with loads of veg.

Astonishingly (to me) that is a free meal and the wedges particularly are delicious. DH loves them too and we now have them instead of roasties with a Sunday roast too.

TerraNotSoFirma2 Thu 15-May-14 21:49:44

Those wedges sound delicious, thank you.

mswibble Tue 20-May-14 23:16:29

Some good advice here already. Whilst there a a few wierd recipes that are good the majority are a no no. Doritos made from lasagne sheets spring to mind! Big Mac in a bowl is lush though!

My tip is if you choose to use Frylight (which I admit I do, especially for homemade wedges and chips) do NOT use it on your best pans and frying pan. It will ruin them. Obviously if you have good non stick anyway you're fine without anything but I would always recommend using proper olive/sunflower oil if you need to, just syn it or use a tbsp of olive oil as your HexB. Or get yourself a cheapo frying pan you wont mind replacing every 6wks or so if you go with Frylight.

mswibble Tue 20-May-14 23:21:55

The SW wedges are brill actually. I sprinkle mine with cajun spices - delish. Better than McCains in my humble opinion!

TerraNotSoFirma2 Wed 21-May-14 10:03:15

Thanks Mrswibble, am considering a ceramic frying pan so that I don't need to add any oils, well that's the thjeory .

Down to 13stone9lbs :-)

TerraNotSoFirma2 Wed 21-May-14 10:04:06

Thjeory? ?? Theory I meant.

TerraNotSoFirma2 Wed 28-May-14 00:24:26

Lost 1.5 lbs :-) slowly but surely.

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