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So down about my weight, need to sort myself out. Pronto

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prawnypoos Mon 12-May-14 14:50:18

Hi all I used to be a size 10/12 and that was perfect got me - I still had my boobs and a bum! Anyway, had a baby 9 months ago, struggled with mild PND and the weight has crept up.

I am not going to delude myself, or anyone else for that matter. I eat too much and sometimes I eat too much of the wrong stuff. My habits seriously need to change but I have lost all motivation.

I think I have at least 5 stone to lose and it makes me feel so overwhelmed! I am a good cook and for evening tea I usually do loads of veg with it - I try and make everything from scratch if time permits.

As a very young child I remember being told I was fat, I had very low self esteem as a result and would take food into my room, eat it and hide the wrappers. I lost about 4 1/2 stones as a teen and kept it off until DD was born. I lead quite an active lifestyle with one thing and another.

I would love some motivation and success stories. I am flagging so badly and feel like a failure every day

HowLongTillBedtime Mon 12-May-14 14:53:09

I have no idea but me too and my youngest is an awful lot older than nine months .

I will be reading !

Fillybuster Mon 12-May-14 14:54:48

Oh dear sad You're not a failure, so stop beating yourself up: it doesn't help you to lose weight (in fact, probably has the opposite effect) and it just isn't true.

I think you may need to show yourself a bit of love, instead. Tell yourself you deserve better and you know you can do it.

And you really can.

There's lots of ways to skin this particular cat, and there's loads and loads of fantastic support on MN, so come on over and find a process that works for you.

I can massively recommend the 5:2 approach, from personal experience: the threads are brilliant, supportive and definitely kept me sane when I attempted to lose weight properly for the first time after dc3. And I love the whole 5:2 way of eating as I don't have to be 'on a diet' the whole time: I just have to limit my calorie intake twice a week and be vaguely sensible the rest of the time. Joy smile

Good luck - you really can do this smile

prawnypoos Mon 12-May-14 15:06:57

Thank you! I don't own a pair of scales if I'm honest. I started slimming world a few months back by I just felt it wasn't for me. I didn't feel motivated by my class.

Sometimes I just habitually reach for the biscuit tin instead of the fruit bowl and don't realise until I'm half way through my biscuit lol. I've done well today, it's just so daunting but I really don't want to be any bigger. I look and feel like such a mess, I'm starting to dread going out

Fillybuster Mon 12-May-14 15:18:59

Ok, you really need to come on over


There's lots of good things about 5:2, quite apart from the brilliantness of the MN threads - you don't need a class, a book or any special stuff; there's no foods you can or can't eat; you don't have to stop eating cakes/biscuits/cheese from here until eternity; you can start tomorrow with absolutely no preparation at all.

Come really can do this smile

Sleepwhenidie Mon 12-May-14 19:08:25

Or - don't diet but choose small and sustainable changes that will get you to where you want to be without depriving yourself and you'll have a WOE you can stick with for good. More in line with the Paul McKenna method, Eating Better - where we try for conscious choices, mindful eating, caring properly for ourselves, nothing banned and no guilt.

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