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To late for regrets now - binge weekend

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bevy2603 Sun 11-May-14 07:55:52

Oh dear - been weight watching since Jan 7th 2014 and have lost 22lbs - been to Vegas and back and managed to stay the same!!! Weight loss has slowed down a bit (not lost for a few weeks not gained either!) I go to the gym every lunch time and do body pump/spin/body combat/total body conditioning and another spin on Fri! I also run on my treadmill on Sat and Sundays I do 40 mins of interval training! Anyway on Friday I went to a Turkish restaurant after work with the girls and ate hummus,bread and chicken kebab with a sour cream plus 2 glasses of Prosecco and then yesterday I had an Indian takeaway! Curry rice half a naan and a glass of red wine! I feel pretty sick and uncomfortable this Sunday morning not to mention the guilt!!! What the hell happened me I think I lost the plot this weekend! And my god I have weigh in on Tuesday!!!!! Very scared of that!!!
Today I plan to eat clean and get back on track, I still have another 2 and a half stone to lose by Christmas x

fairywoods Sun 11-May-14 08:26:48

First of all congratulations on your brilliant weight loss!! That, combined with the fact that you exercise regularly, shows you have incredible discipline. And honestly, I wouldn't say what you have eaten this weekend is a binge! It's more like you have relaxed after over 4 months of constant dieting. You obviously don't over indulge with alcohol (total of 3 drinks Friday/Saturday), so have no guilt there.

My advice would be Do Not Beat Yourself Up and do not feel guilty! Think of how far you have come and make sure you go for weigh in on Tuesday - hopefully you will have good support there. At some point, real life and problems can mean you eat more than you would ideally like and you need to accept and learn how to deal with it.

I lost 2 stone and have now put 1 stone back on and I am so fed up with myself. I fell into the "On no, I've put on a pound or two, I am a dreadful human being" and then spun out of control. Don't let your weekend dictate or spoil what happens next.

What diet have you been following? And remember, you have done so well smile

bevy2603 Sun 11-May-14 10:10:25

Thank you fairywoods - been following weight watchers counting points and managing calories on fitness pal app - pretty much got in down to a tee can count points in head!
I hear what you are saying and it makes sense - probably would not have worried if it was just Friday but to do it again on Saturday!!!! Lol
I am going to accept that I let my hair down big time what worries me is that I am still able to eat like the good old days I had no problem stuffing my face - did feel full half way but that little voice was way too quiet!!

fascicle Sun 11-May-14 14:36:54

I agree with fairy - please don't feel guilty. The potential problem is not what you ate, but your negative feelings towards it afterwards. It's perfectly fine to enjoy meals out/takeaways every now and again.

Re: 'stuffing your face' - next time, take your time, try and enjoy every mouthful, and you might find that you are less likely to eat beyond the point of feeling full. The problem is seeing your meal out/takeaway as some sort of illicit experience, rather than something that you are entitled to enjoy.

Please don't be apprehensive about whatever the scales might say on Tuesday. It's just a number, an indication of your weight on a particular day. What matters is your overall approach relating to eating and exercise (your exercise regime sounds pretty impressive, by the way). It's the longterm picture that counts.

bevy2603 Tue 13-May-14 20:10:44

Tuesday is weigh in day.....and I actually lost 2.5lbs!!!! Phew

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