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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

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MrsLundyBancroft Tue 06-May-14 12:43:44

Has anyone tried this?

My BMI is 35.9. It's hovered around 33-35 for several years but it's rising and I feel utterly powerless to stop it. I know how weight loss works, I know the health risks of being overweight. But I'm such a terrible emotional eater and I can't seem to stop myself.

I was in a really abusive relationship for many years but I've been out a year and a half now. The damage is healing and scars are fading but I still can't break this emotional smothering with food that I do.

I tried Paul McKenna's emotional eating book and found it really positive, but with 4 dcs in the house finding time to commit to it was really hard. A fixed appointment once a week to deal with it fits my life much better.

Sooo I'm booked in to see a hypnotherapist on Thursday to discuss things. She seems really positive and made a lot of sense in the emails we've exchanged. She asked what my motive and aim was - I really feel like being slim would see me a happier person. Not because being slim would make me happy but if I was slimmer it would be because I am happier. If I'm not smothering my emotions with food I'm going to lose weight. She seems to think that 'fitting' a gastric band and then working on the emotional eating would be a good way forward.

Has anyone had a gastric band fitted in hypnotherapy? Or used hypnotherapy for emotional eating? Any feedback welcomed.

hellsbells99 Tue 06-May-14 12:53:53

watching with interest as I am also struggling to lose weight.

MrsLundyBancroft Tue 06-May-14 16:09:39

hellsbells I'll come back after Thursday then to let you know how I get along. smile

hellsbells99 Tue 06-May-14 18:31:50

Yes please - good luck!

TooBigNow Wed 07-May-14 11:05:08

I've noticed a few threads about gastric bands being fitted by hypnotherapists on this forum. Unfortunately people don't seem to come back and update beyond the follow up meeting with the hypnotherapist. Don't know if it is because they didn't work or not.confused

BindiBach Wed 07-May-14 11:47:56

Hi MrsLundy I use Paul McKennas Hypnosis CDs and find they really work for me. I listen to the Gastric Band CD and the Emotional Eating CD . I do it at least once a week and possibly every night in the beginning as hypnosis cds have a cumulative affect. I don't think it takes much to listen to the CD each night before you fall asleep....the GB is half an hour and the Emot one is 22 mins. You have to prioritise "you" if you are to get anywhere. Its so important. I sometimes sneak off to bed in the middle of the afternoon to listen. Lovely.

Other benefits of the CDs are that they are cheap and they also help you sleep and give you confidence. If you look on the Amazon website you will find many reviews. Did you use the CD with the Emotional Eating book?

MrsLundyBancroft Thu 08-May-14 11:07:10

Bindi I did use the cd. I don't have the option of going to bed in the afternoon and I was finding I was too tired to do it in the evening. I have four dcs, I work part time and I'm going through a very acrimonious divorce inc bitterly fought contact arrangements plus an ongoing police investigation into my ex's abuse. Making time for myself is very difficult! grin

£130 is a small piece to pay imo.

BindiBach Thu 08-May-14 16:46:50

Im not saying don't use the Hypnotherapist. They are very helpful and she will usually give you a cd to use at home anyway. So you will need to find some time during your day when you can listen to it in between sessions with her. Its not usually a one off session and your cured though, it tends to be ongoing and involves trying to get to the root cause of disordered eating and can end up being quiet expensive. I do know what you mean about finding time as we are all very busy with kids and businesses and family etc but its a case of putting yourself first
(because your worth it lol).

MrsLundyBancroft Thu 08-May-14 19:48:00

If I had long hair I would do the l'oreal swish... wink

So, no first appointment today after all as I ended up in court all day. I'm hoping I'll be able to get there next Wednesday or Thursday though so I will update then.

BindiBach Thu 08-May-14 19:50:55

Ok....look forward to hearing how you get on smile. Sorry your going through horrible times Mrs. Hope its getting better slowly.

MrsLundyBancroft Sun 11-May-14 22:01:25

bindi you were dead right. I couldn't get another appointment with the hypnotherapist for weeks so I thought as I have nothing to lose but my weight I should take the time to prioritise myself.

So at 15st 12.4lbs I am going to have my gastric band fitted by Paul McKenna tonight.

I'm really nervous but also very excited. I can't afford to delay any longer. I am absolutely not willing to see a 16 in my weight!

BindiBach Sun 11-May-14 22:22:58

Hi, don't worry about the cd. Honest. I was nervous but its nothing BUT I find it really does give you the edge to know when you are feeling satisfied. And when you feel that you could actually stop eating now....stop.

BindiBach Sun 11-May-14 22:24:02

It relaxes you I find. Just go with it. Try and do it every day for the next 7 days if you can as it helps to build it up in your subconscious.

MrsLundyBancroft Sun 11-May-14 23:07:22

I've just done it. I was going great guns when at around 20mins ds1 came down with earache. So I stopped briefly, gave him a tablet and he came into bed with me while I finished. Hopefully tomorrow night I will be uninterrupted for the whole thing.

Oddly I feel a bit tingly. The emotional eating cd just made me fall asleep - I would wake up several hours into the night totally unaware it had finished. I was pretty awake all the way through this.

I've done the nhs bmi calculator tonight and taken a screenshot of it. As well as a weekly weigh in and measurements I'm going to recalculate my bmi monthly. Can you tell I'm very visually motivated? grin

And so to bed. Expect more wiffling away from me tomorrow and over the weeks. I'm planning on using this as my weight loss diary....

BindiBach Mon 12-May-14 09:44:42

If you like you could come and join us on Paul McKenna thread . The new one is New Beginnings as we are all rebooting ourselves. There is great support there as we all chat quite a bit.

BindiBach Mon 12-May-14 09:47:33

Or stay here on your own thread, that works too. smile

MrsLundyBancroft Mon 12-May-14 09:53:08

Ah ok. I'll check it out now smile

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