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Paul McKenna's 'I Can Make You Thin' Thread #15...The New Beginning!

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Solo Mon 05-May-14 11:53:16

Welcome to thread #15 of the Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin weight loss system.

The Golden Rules that will aid you on your journey with our like minded friendly support system are:

1. Eat what you WANT
2. Eat when you are HUNGRY
4. STOP eating when you are satisfied and full

Lots of chewing; at least 20 chews per mouthful.
Ask yourself "am I really hungry?" Listen for your 'full signal' and leave at least a mouthful on your plate at every meal. Eat your favourite thing from your plate first so that if you get to the full signal, but have your favourite food still sitting there, you aren't going to 'make room' for it because you love it, it will have already gone.
Admire something about yourself every day in the mirror.
Try to move more; dance around the living room or walk to school...use the stairs...small things, but good things!

This weight loss system is about re-educating your body; learning to listen to it and in doing so losing weight and inches. After all, eating a meal is not a competition, it's about enjoying what you are putting into your mouth and body, but not feeling bloated and uncomfortable (or guilty) afterwards!
Many people have issues around food. Many of us have been brought up by the 'clear your plate' parents of yesteryear which leave us feeling guilty if we leave even the smallest morsel of food, but we are working through this guilt or any other hang up we may have, and we are learning to leave a bit on the plate; return to it another time if we really want to or even feed it to the dog or the bin!
So!! forget diets; they may work for a while, but they aren't permanent solutions. This is a new way of living for your brand new life!! Let's get lighter for those summer outfits!!

The Paul McKenna system really works and is easy to maintain.

I've C&P'd our previous threads links as they are helpful.

Here are the book choices on AMAZON which is all you need to get started! they aren't compulsory, but they do help! it's something to refer to and listening to the cd's can really focus you.

This is the tapping technique EXPLAINED - this can be useful to combat cravings.

You don't have to buy the book and CD, but we have found that they do help and somehow they keep you on track, so it would probably be a good investment and will cost you far less than a couple of trips to WW or SW meetings, so do consider having them in your life.

Please feel free to join us, whether it's 10lbs or 10 stones you want to lose.
We are friendly, supportive and successful, but we're not hungry and that is a great way to feel when you are dropping dress sizes at the same time!!! so come on in and start living your new life today and make 2014 your year to drop a dress size or several...if we can get those lbs off a few at a time, just think how we could look and feel for the sunny summer time!!!
Some of our thread members are also doing PMK's Virtual Gastric Band and although this thread is not about this avenue, we will still be supportive of our friends partaking of this, so don't think we won't be there for you. I'm pretty sure that the Golden Rules will be just as helpful in this process as the I Can Make You Thin process smile so get stuck in smile

Here is a link to From Emotional Eating which may give some insight into why we do this and help us beat it.

Ps. Could we all try to sign in at least every few days so that someone is there? We have established that it's no fun talking to ourselves and also that if there is a new joiner, it's good to say 'hello and welcome' to them too.

Ok! Let's Focus and See Ourselves wearing that body we desire! learning to love ourselves is an important daily step, so let's become LOSERS in order to be WINNERS!!! smile

BindibachMilly Mon 05-May-14 12:08:47

And look who is first....."Me"......Yay!!! Thanks Solo
I posted on the old thread so have added it to here. Hope that's ok.

Thanks Solo. Im glad you understand. As BBB said, this thread is really helpful for keeping us all "doing it" so maybe we could all make more use of it. You set up the threads full of inspiration Solo so its a shame to not really use it as a tool to help us all. I can do Tuesday or Wednesday too.

Sorry to hear about your poss diabetes. Have you had it confirmed? My friend had it for years and she lost 7 stone and her diabetes went with it. She did this about 3 years ago and has managed to maintain. Lots of health problems are created by being overweight aren't they. Another reason why we all need to make this work. We all know we can do it cause we have done it before. Its just about remaining totally mindful I think and not thinking "O I will restart tomorrow".

Solo have you read the emotional eating book? Could we all perhaps read the same book together at the same time too, would that help.
We are all hear for each other and we all want to get rid of this "fat" so very badly.

BindibachMilly Mon 05-May-14 12:16:40

that should be "we are all here for each other but strangely "hear" works too cause we are here to hear.....O God.....I shall shut up now!!!.

Solo Mon 05-May-14 12:33:41

No, not been confirmed yet, but I should get results this week. I hope it isn't, but all the signs point that way...and I feel it's my own fault.

Anyway, I'm going to eat more apples, grapes and fresh veg. I love them all, but it's the cost from the pocket...they should tax sugar and sweets, but reduce the cost of fruit and veg.

Right! I'm going to take Dd to Greenwich I think. A bit of walking!

Solo Mon 05-May-14 12:36:27

Meant to say that I've not yet read the book, but will do so as soon as I can.

TooBigNow Mon 05-May-14 12:58:43

Hi, I've been doing the PMcK Emotional Eating book for a month now and have lost 13 lb. Amazing difference on how I view food, and was very surprised at what came out regarding emotional triggers.

BindibachMilly Mon 05-May-14 15:25:02

TooBigNow that is brilliant. Well done you. I have started reading the book but keep getting sidetracked. So many books on the go and Im starting my own business. You have inspired me afresh so thankyou. grin
Solo It has been said in many books that one of the main problems with carbs and refined sugar is that they help to create our modern day illnesses. Doesn't mean that low carb is necessary but if we do this woe then hopefully we become used to a very smaller amount of something to satisfy us. ie....instead of a bar of chocolate we learn to put each square into our mouths and let it melt and savour the taste and texture. Really make it last. Same as bread and cakes, if you eat them consciously you should eat less but they have to be amazing cakes. If I put anything in my mouth that doesn't taste absolutely amazing then I spit it out (politely and discretely of course) into a bin. My body is not a bin. Like BBB I consider other ways of eating sometimes when feeling desperate but I know that if I start any diet or fast that I will only end up three days later bingeing on all and any food. I think that's where the emotional eating aspect comes into it don't you? Why do we overeat. Its not for true hunger ever is it, its because we are trying to fill something. The first taste of amazing food is delicious but with each mouthful the amazing taste disappears little by little. That is your body starting to tell you it is satisfied.

BigBoobiedBertha Mon 05-May-14 18:39:52

Do we have a new thread then? wink

Nice to 'see' everybody. Bindi, good to see you back. I think we all need a bit of a break sometimes. I know I did. It felt like I wasn't getting anywhere so I stopped posting last year but on the other hand, even if I'm not getting anywhere, at least if I keep posting, I can't pretend I have forgotten about the rules or what I am trying to achieve. Hopefully we will all get back on track together.

Tuesday and Wednesday are OK with me. Are we all happy to weight in once a week? I know that some don't believe it should be that often although for me it is about right.

Shall we make a start tomorrow, strike whilst we are all feeling enthusiastic, have an initial weigh in and then we are off!!

TooBigNow- well done on your 13lbs. That is a very encouraging way to start the thread. smile

So should I buy the emotional eating book then? I am not sure that I am an emotional eater, more of a bored, tired one but maybe I need the book to find out for sure. Perhaps I am kidding myself.

Been out for lunch today which was very nice. Sat out in the garden of a nice pub we sometimes go to. DS2 wanted to take the dog so it was just as well it wasn't raining because we couldn't have gone indoors if we wanted to! Afterwards we went for a walk to burn off some of the excesses. I have lived in this town, on and off for over 40 years and we found a place I have never been to this afternoon which is all very exciting. Unfortunately, our 'excellent transport links' mean that some of our best open spaces are very close to noisy roads which is a shame. We weren't quite going for the country walk it would have looked like we were taking, if the sound could be turned down! smile

Anyway, good luck everybody!! grin

ALittleFaith Mon 05-May-14 19:32:20

Er, did someone say new thread?!

Hello all!

Well done toobig, that's brilliant.

Hello Bindi. I know what you mean about us being stop-start but hopefully we're all committed now. I can't promise I'll post daily (find it difficult when I'm working) but I will re-commit. I think I'll weigh myself monthly because I find that more helpful.

Well I am up and down. I'm pretty much off my antidepressants now. I thought I was ready but I'm finding the reality of feeling everything quite overwhelming. On the plus side, we are on holiday in the Lakes and today we did a four mile in the sunshine which has brightened me! I am looking forward to breaking the sugar addiction. I think in ready.

BindibachMilly Mon 05-May-14 21:24:26

Hi BBB. Thanks. I would think that if you eat because your bored and tired then that is emotional eating as you are trying to fill a gap by using food to entertain you and change your mood and trying to increase your serotonin levels by eating more food when your tired. If you are eating for any other reason than genuine hunger then there is usual an emotional context to it. Well that's what I have read anyway.

Faith Hope your having a lovely break. I have never been on antidepressants but it sounds quite difficult adjusting for you. Have you come off them slowly? What about trying St. Johns Wort which is used in Europe instead of certain antidepressants and the results can be just as good. You need to check with your GP though if you are taking any other medication.

BindibachMilly Mon 05-May-14 21:32:53

Sorry Faith didn't mean that your finding it difficult just meant that it sounds like a bit of an adjustment.

ALittleFaith Mon 05-May-14 22:03:50

The problem with antidepressants is they numb everything. Good for the depressive moods but also numbs anger, frustration, happy moods. Takes some getting used to when you stop! I've done it very slowly. I am on other meds but will look at St John's Wort.

Solo Mon 05-May-14 23:03:46

smile Well hello there everyone! It's a new thread!!! Welcome and well done TooBigNow! that is just brilliant! that's basically a stone in a month. Wow! grin

Yes, I tend to agree that boredom eating is a type of emotional eating too.

Well, I have not felt at all well today, but I took Dd and a friend of mine to Greenwich anyway. I parked up near Blackheath and we walked down through the park and down to the market. I grew up right there in the flats on the riverfront and the changes are incredible! I probably bored my friend to death talking about everything that had changed and what used to be where etc...still, we certainly did some walking, which is no bad thing. All I've eaten today are a couple of toasted brioche a total of 5 digestive biscuits and half a bacon and egg baguette and a babybel. Oh and a small Mr Kipling country slice.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning and I will really try to read the Emotional Eating book if I can find it!! and make time to listen to a cd.

Faith I have been on anti d's many times on and off from age 15 until I was pg with my Ds (aged 34) and for a while after having had him for actual depression. I also was on SSRI's for some of the symptoms of my ME around 12 years ago. It's very scary coming off them and feeling and facing life 'alone' again, but hopefully, you are ready to do that and strong enough now to take back your control and power! well done and good luck! smile we are right behind you!

Good luck everyone! this is it! losing dress sizes time!!!

BigBoobiedBertha Mon 05-May-14 23:57:16

Just tried to get the emotional eating book on Amazon and all they have is the CD/DVD. There is a book isn't there? I will try elsewhere but just wanted to check with you all that it does actually exist. confused

Been thinking about the emotional eating though and I am not even sure it boredom. I just like the taste. It is more habit than anything. If I give something up for Lent, I don't have a gaping hole in my life, I just don't indulge in the habit. It is weird, because I find it quite easy to give things up so you'd think I could cut back easily too but apparently not. I am an all or nothing kind of girl obviously! Doesn't PMcK go through the different styles of eating in ICMYT? Perhaps I should refresh myself if I can find the book.

If anything, stress, anxiety etc make me stop eating not eat too much. Sadly I was at my slimmest when my anxiety was at its worst so I don't think emotional eating is my problem but I could be just kidding myself. confused

Two confused 's in one post! Do I need to understand my psyche in order to follow the rules do you think? I do wonder if I just think about it too much tbh. Surely, I should just say, am I hungry, yes/no, eat/don't eat? Simples!

Feeling a bit weird this evening. A friend of mine who I met at school, then again 9 yrs later in a past job, has been working for DH for the last few years. DH saw her on Saturday at the local shops getting some things in for her sister whose husband had been taken to hospital with a bleed on the brain. My friend sent DH an email this evening saying she won't be in this week as her BIL died on Sunday. I didn't know him but having looked on FB it turns out I remember him from school. He was in the year above me. 49 yrs old and gone, just like that. Sort of focusses the mind. Poor, poor family. sad

Solo Tue 06-May-14 00:52:20

Yes, it definitely exists!

Solo Tue 06-May-14 00:56:39

BBB the link in my OP for the emotional eating is a book; the cd and dvd are included in the book smile

TooBigNow Tue 06-May-14 00:56:47

BBB it is a book that includes a DVD and a CD.

I don't think emotional eating means that you need to be sad or depressed for it to be emotional.
When I worked through the CD some of the things (I think he said unacknowledged, but can't remember) turned out to be things that happened when I was around 14. Certainly not something that I ever thought about now. With the DVD, you do a technique called Havening which changes how you react to the triggers that make you eat. You don't need to know why you do it, just put the feeling into your head that you get when you want to eat too much or something naughty. Then doing what he tells you to do retrains your neural paths to stop it happening. It is repetitive (and can seem a bit silly), but if you do it for the 5 days he tells you to do it and again a few more times it does work.

For the first time ever, I had an Easter egg in the house for over a week without finishing it. I didn't have the intense cravings that I would have had before. In the past I have eaten my daughter's chocolate (Christmas/Easter) before the day and had to replace it, sometimes more than once. blush

I have had to remind myself that I am not hungry a few times as it does become a habit to eat for the sake of eating.

He does say in the Emotional Eating book that some people can't lose weight and keep it off with his other book because they have the self destruct button and the emotional triggers. I didn't try the earlier book, but know that I have had a bad relationship with food for most of my life.

TooBigNow Tue 06-May-14 01:04:18

Solo you don't need to do the whole of the CD at the same time.
There is a track called Overcome Emotional Eating Trance, which I listened to quite a few times. That one lasts for 22 minutes. The second track is for playing while you are eating to remind you to chew at least 20 times for each mouthful and to put your knife and fork down. I have found that if I play it, I do eat better and feel full sooner than if I don't.

The other two tracks are only 4 minutes each and can be done on their own. They are both very good.

I also found that they worked better for me if I listened to them in stereo on a headset, either with my computer or an iPod. They don't work the same for me with speakers.

BindibachMilly Tue 06-May-14 01:28:19

I second what TooBigg says. You don't have to be sad or upset or stressed to eat emotionally. But if you eat for reasons other than true hunger then there is usually an emotion there somewhere. Otherwise why would you even want to put food in your mouth if your not truly hungry. Putting the food in your mouth just for the taste is "using food".
I was lying in bed just now and couldn't sleep which is when I caught up with the posts on here. I was thinking that when I eat without feeling really hungry now then I just don't enjoy the food. I haven't overeaten today but I haven't eaten only when truly hungry either and I just don't enjoy food as I do when I really need it.

BBB your post about death made me think too . I though back to how many years I have spent not liking myself (hating myself) because of how I perceived my body to be. Do you know its actually not that bad. Im not huge but I have spent my life feeling so bad about myself. If I don't change that inner feeling then I will never like what I see on the outside. Tomorrow I will begin again. I will continue my weight loss and will do a half hour walk round the mountain each day. Plus I will do weights in my gym and start yoga because I love it and it will keep me supple. I will make a conscious decision to only put really good food in my body and will do work on me to heal my inner self. ( I can be very new agey at times). smile. Night everyone.

TooBigNow Tue 06-May-14 09:15:10

Bindi, I ordered this book a few days ago, can't remember how I arrived at it, but looks interesting. I've never had very good self esteem and love what has happened with the PMcK so far. Wondered if perhap I could go further with healing myself. Who knows, I think it is worth a try. Will let you know when I read it.

BigBoobiedBertha Tue 06-May-14 09:22:11

Whoops didn't see the link in the OP! blush

Weirdly I went back to look and there was the paper back, laughing at me for being a twit. Having had a quick shop around for a cheaper version, I went back to Amazon, found I had shut the page and so searched again and got the same thing as I did the first time - no paperback and just the DVD/CD and second hand ones going for £20+!! Not sure what happened there but I had it on my wish list that time so I bought it before it disappeared again.

And I forgot to weigh this morning. What a great start to our new initiative. I simply did not hear the alarm so there mad panic to get everybody out the door. Thankfully DH gets the boys up so it was only me who was dead to the world or we would have been stuffed.

BindiBach Tue 06-May-14 16:15:37

Well I did it. I have re inserted the gastric band and I have listened to the Emotional Eating CD and will do the "Confidence" CD later. Im on a roll ha ha. Have been feeling out of sorts and a bit down since Christmas with one thing and another so as of today I am taking control again. Solo has made me think again too. Hope its not diabetes Solo but if it is you can totally get it under control through eating.
Faith I take St. Johns Wort tincture and wouldn't be without it. Gets me through when things are a bit rough.
Had a look at your link TooBig. Will be interesting to see what you think of the book. I know that I have met you on another thread regarding "eating" in the last month but cant remember which one it was?
BBB ha ha.......sleeping through the alarm, that must have been a bloody good sleep then? Glad you managed to order the book in the end.

BindiBach Tue 06-May-14 21:42:20

Solo BBB did you listen to your CDs today to reboot. ?

BigBoobiedBertha Tue 06-May-14 23:35:00

Hi Bindi, not yet. I plan to do it at bedtime. Hectic week this week so no chance to do it in the day time.

BindiBach Tue 06-May-14 23:52:25

ok....please try to do it cause I know how much you want this, just like me. I felt the affects of the CDs today. Didn't eat much and didn't finish meals. I know time is difficult but you need to prioritise " you". smile

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