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Always been a slimming world fan - thinking of trying weight watchers!

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EvaBeaversProtege Tue 29-Apr-14 16:09:43

Hiya, just as the title says really! I've followed slimming world for about 5 years all in and lost a total of 4 stone.

The past year has been up and down and I've gained 20lb.

I haven't been following the sw plan as tightly as I was (not at all if I'm honest) and feel disheartened.

I do need support and the thought of a weekly weigh in,

A weight watchers leaflet came through my door today and I have been looking at their plan online.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Tansie Tue 29-Apr-14 19:25:04

Eva - well done on a 4 stone weight loss. That is, in MN-land (and in RL!), bloody amazing!

Can I ask- why do you feel the need for a guiding hand in your on-going journey towards further weight loss? And I mean that kindly.

If you've pretty much managed SW for 5 years (well done!), you will already have ingrained what you should and shouldn't be eating in any quantity. Maybe you need to a) Trust Yourself and b) Listen to your informed self- you know the drill now!, and c) Get back into SW style eating? The 'up and down' of which you speak is The Elephant in The Room! grin. I'm not SW, I'm PMK, but it's my understanding that modern SW is 'sensible' and 'non-faddish' thus could be an ongoing blue-print for ongoing weight-loss/control. Why have you been 'up and down'? Why did you stray? All questions I don't need you to make a public declaration about!! Just something to maybe ask yourself.

Why not weigh in with us here, along with typing out what went right, what went wrong. I find that detailing it, typed out, actually helps me understand what I'm eating and why. Look at the £ of membership of either scheme and, instead of spending it on membership, transfer that into a bank account every week/month, and treat yourself to an item of clothing to celebrate your weight loss.

Don't chuck away such an amazing weight loss on being 'disheartened'! Step away from this last, weight re-gaining period and draw yourself a new line in the sand.

And my very best wishes to you for your ongoing success!

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