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Ridiculously big tummy

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Llareggub Sun 27-Apr-14 12:39:22

I have always had an overhang, even as a teen when I swam daily. I'm now 38 and have had a c-section (7 years ago) which hasn't helped.

I really want to tackle my tummy before it gets out of control. I'm sure it is contributing to my lower back pain.

Has anyone managed to reduce their overhang without surgery? I need to lose weight, for sure. My biggest problem is now the apron of fat has moved upwards and I swear I look bigger than I did when I was pregnant.

I love exercise but the weight has crept on since I became a single parent (little time for exercise and frankly I'm knackered,) and I'd love a concentrated effort at losing some weight quickly to get me going.

I've thought about booking in with a trainer for some advice but wondered if anyone had any tips?

Llareggub Sun 27-Apr-14 12:41:01

I should have said - I am currently a size 14/16 and stupidly apple shaped. All my weight is in the front. From the back I look slim - small bottom.

I was a size 12 but it has all got a bit silly weight wise.

Biscuitsneeded Sun 27-Apr-14 12:47:00

I'm that shape too. Slim arms and legs, bum not wobbly (although widening) but all fat goes on my tummy. If I exhale I always look 6 months pg. I find it really hard to shop for clothes. I'm currently about a size 14 but am a bit of a yo yo dieter and can often be a size 10 - but I still always have rolls of fat on my tummy. I guess only sit-ups and extreme exercise regimes would solve that, and I hate exercise apart form swimming. I am just resigned to having a tummy now...

BumgrapesofWrath Sun 27-Apr-14 13:31:04

Very apple shaped here! I've just lost four stone, and I've got to say it has made a huge difference to my overhang. I mean, it's always going to be there, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was. I assumed that losing weight wouldn't matter too much to the overhang, but it really has. So that's all I can recommend I'm afraid!

spatchcock Sun 27-Apr-14 13:38:30

I've got a similar problem, although I've recently lost 25lb and it looks much better. But it still juts out, even though the rest of me is proportion. I've started pilates in the hope I might tone up a bit there.

Llareggub Mon 28-Apr-14 11:53:17

Diet it is then. I've dug out the shred so I will start that today. I might take measurements too.

I have a feeling that it has become more pronounced in the last year because of alcohol. I used to live with an alcoholic so stopped drinking for around 6 years and lost weight.

I'm now divorced and drink occasionally so think it has had a negative influence on my waist. Perhaps time to cut that out too!

YesAnastasia Mon 28-Apr-14 13:06:18

I'd check if your muscles are together. There are a few Youtube videos that tell you to lie on your back & tense or raise your legs to feel if there is a gap there.

I had Diastasis recti & my stomach was ridiculous. The doctor fobbed me off for a long time but I knew something wasn't right. And it wasn't. I ended up with a massive hernia & I had to have surgery (3 actually).

If it isn't bad, there are exercises you can do... if you don't have it then I don't know what to do about this unfair distribution of weight. I could do with some on my boobs.

spatchcock Mon 28-Apr-14 13:40:03

Llareggub I might have this wrong but I think sugar contributes to a larger tummy? Alcohol would do that. I barely drink now and I'm sure that's contributed to my weightloss. Good luck!

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