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Cambridge Diet - anyone for buddying up?

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broodylicious Fri 25-Apr-14 19:52:17

Got my first consultation tomorrow morning and am absolutely cacking it! I know she won't be judgmental and she will want me to succeed but I hate weighing in (err I'm a fatty!) so just nervous about getting started.

Is anyone else on CD? Or starting soon? If so, let's support each other here! No pressure to share starting weights etc but I think I might because it'll shock me seeing it written down and chivvy me along! Will update tomorrow.

Fatmummythin Fri 25-Apr-14 22:22:00

I started on tuesday. started at stage 3 though as didn't want to give up food completely.
ive already lost 2 stone 4 since October but it had stopped so wanted to shift a few more pounds to motivate me again. I've another 2 stone to go.
I'm currently 15stone 7lbs and 5ft 11.
happy to be your buddy.

lilypie13 Fri 25-Apr-14 22:43:53

Hi, lurking around here...been thinking about it for a while...

broodylicious Sat 26-Apr-14 12:54:09

Back from my meeting. Weight appalling (14st 11) and so bmi also high as I'm 5ft 3". I knew it'd crept on more than usual since my mc eight weeks ago but yuk, vile, fat.

Anyhow, I'm focused on shedding this lard and I've got all stocked up on shakes, soups, porridge. I'm on sole source plus so I'm going to have a 200 cal meal as well as my four cd products a day.

Let's do this!!!!

EdgeofGlory Sat 26-Apr-14 17:19:26

I started on Tuesday, day 5 of sole source today, feel ok and sleeping really deeply. Off to a BBQ party later that'll be tough but I'm focused - holiday in 4 weeks. My starting weight is 15st10lb and I'm hoping for a good stone by 23 May.

I have done the cambridge before, about 6yrs ago and it does work.


broodylicious Sat 26-Apr-14 19:42:31

Good luck with the BBQ edge, I know that would be a struggle for me too. We have a christening to attend next weekend and I'm already dreading the buffet table blushsad I've got to be focused though and this will get me healthy - I've a 2 yr old daughter and I so desperately want to be around to see her get married and have kids and I'd love to have another baby soon to ensure she's got a friend for life. Of course, I also want to be slim so I can wear skinny jeans, little floaty summer dresses with thin belts and a denim jacket over the top....yeah, I've overthought this haven't i?!

realitygone Sun 27-Apr-14 19:26:46


I am on day 10 of Cambridge diet. Had some difficult wobbles but have stuck to it very religiously.

I think about being able to chase around after the kids and I power on.

How is everyone else feeling?

emmief77 Sun 27-Apr-14 21:38:33

I am thinking of starting CD having seen a couple of friends lose weight and keep it off ! However DH and another close friend think it is dangerous and a silly idea... So I am torn..

Any advice?


broodylicious Mon 28-Apr-14 19:30:03

Hi Emmie. I am only doing this for a maximum of eight weeks. Although I don't doubt the shakes, soups, porridge etc do have vitamins and minerals in them, I don't think it's a fantastic or safe way to diet for the longer term. My personal thoughts - and how I'm using it - are that it's great to shed the first initial bulk but then to follow a less expensive high street diet like ww or slimming world to maintain the loss and/or continue losing the more conventional way, with decent low cal and low fat food together with exercise.

Today has been my third day and I'm surprised how relatively easy I'm finding it. I do get a bit peckish in the afternoons - my normal snacking time - but because I'm drinking so much water, I am managing ok so far. I am having CD porridge for breakfast, CD soup for lunch, CD shake at my dd's tea time at 5pm and then my 200cal meal at about 8pm with dh.

How is everyone else getting on? Any weigh ins soon? Xx

broodylicious Tue 29-Apr-14 08:21:08

Just weighed myself. FIVE pounds already gone. Insane.

Pompbear Tue 29-Apr-14 17:02:50

I'll join you. I've lost 1.5. had a little break over Easter and back on it now. 3 stone ish to go.

Pompbear Tue 29-Apr-14 17:03:24

broody - I'm very similar stats to you! grin

broodylicious Mon 05-May-14 12:27:47

Hi ladies. Has anyone had their weigh ins recently? Anyone like to share? I just had my first, 10 days after I started on the CD.... I've lost 7lbs and 5 inches. So pleased it's coming off!

Pompbear Wed 07-May-14 18:34:59

I'm 11lbs down. grin grin

have a night out planned in 6 weeks. last saw the people I'm meeting end of last year so am hoping to wow them with my weight loss.

how's everyone else doing?

TiffanyAtBreakfast Sun 18-May-14 23:20:57

Hey all wave I have been feeling crappy about my weight for ages so I will be starting CD this week or next week if the counsellor has any spaces. Excited!

Did CD last year for a few months but fell off the wagon - Really can't afford to fall again as I'm worryingly overweight (around 20st) and can't carry on like this! Best of luck all and well done to those who have lost already!

Wellwellwell3holesintheground Sun 18-May-14 23:58:43

Hello. Just marking my place. Did Cambridge last year for 7 weeks - lost 3 stone and felt amazing. First time I have ever enjoyed hot weather! Put it all back on though due to various stresses. Back to it tomorrow though. Will be doing Step 2 I think although might do sole source +. I am pretty much same height and weight as you op. I shall report back tomorrow.

broodylicious Thu 12-Jun-14 07:52:57

Hey all. I dropped Cambridge and am now doing Boossh. Same thing but their shakes and food is utterly scrummy for less money! Lemon meringue shake is out of this world and strawberry jam porridge is lush!

whynowblowwind Sat 14-Jun-14 13:31:53

I don't know why people do this diet if they don't feel it's healthy or safe (it's both, by the way) - the worst thing you can do on it is chop and change and mess about.

broodylicious Sat 14-Jun-14 18:13:10

I don't feel that I am messing about - I'm dedicated to losing weight and have continues with a vlcd, just a different brand. Everyone is entitled to their opinions...

whynowblowwind Sat 14-Jun-14 23:22:24

Broody - I meant the plan to do a VLCD for 8 weeks then "change" diet plans. smile

If you don't feel you can stick to a VLCD for the duration, trust me, you are far, far better doing WW/SW initially and sticking to it. Mixing and matching diets is a sure fire way to fail.

I wish you luck with whatever route you take.

broodylicious Sun 15-Jun-14 07:12:56

Cambridge and all other vlcd say you can only do ss for just 12 weeks. Why is that? Because it's not good for your body to be in ketosis for so long. Check out the side effects - gall bladders issues is amongst them. One of my former colleagues was very ill with hers after doing ss for longer than 12 weeks.

So, actually, I don't think me doing it for "just" 8 weeks is bad or setting me up for failure - I'm losing weight, getting slimmer and I will be reintroducing carbs etc gradually, as per the standard Cambridge plan.

Don't think there's any need to try and make me feel like a failure for "not going the duration" when this thread is supposed to be supportive to each other.

whynowblowwind Sun 15-Jun-14 08:55:30

Broody, you've misinterpreted the tone of my message - I am trying to help.

It isn't that being in ketosis for over 3 months is a bad thing (although actually Cambridge have dropped their 'add a meal') - it's so the client has something to look forward to and to reintroduce food. The food that's reintroduced is low carb anyway.

The problem with switching to WW or SW after 8 weeks (say) on Cambridge or similar is that you are switching to a very different type of diet - SW in particular is quite carb heavy - and you might find your weight doesn't budge for a while or even that some gain happens. Plus, the early days of a VLCD are VERY tough and I do believe you have to be committed to it in order to get through.

I do really sympathise and certainly don't want you to feel like a failure but the number one fall down point for me is always when I say 'X won't work for me, I'll try Y.'

I believe you can lose weight smile you're not a failure but rest assured, pregnancy, breast feeding and other mitigating circumstances aside, Cambridge etc are not dangerous in the slightest. It's the only form of weight loss that works for me to be honest.

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