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Forced to announce my weight in front of husband and his slim family

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bevy2603 Thu 24-Apr-14 14:42:43

Hi All - just back from Vegas! Went with oh and his family (8 in total) endured a very shameful embarrassing moment which stayed with me all holiday! The family attempted to book a trip to the Grand Canyon which I didn't want to do due to helicopter fear! To cut a long story short the family went ahead and booked and as a large group a nice discount was applied! Once deposits was paid the agent took names and then went back round and asked each of us our weights so that you could be positioned correctly on the helicopter!!!!!!
Omg panic was instant! I have recently lost 22lbs with WW and although my husband knows this I never divulged my actual weight (he is 11st making me 2 stone heavier) my husband's family are very small varying from 8st to 12st including the men folk! So basically I was the biggest of the group, bigger than the men and most likely going to be used as an anchor to hold the helicopter in place!
I was humiliated and felt shame I could feel eyes on me and read thoughts! My husband's family are nice people but don't like anything fat and always assume you must eat burgers and fries all the time - also none of them noticed my 22lb loss which I will never be able to speak off as they will do their calculations!!!! It spoilt my holiday and made me stress and to rub salt into my wounds the trip got cancelled!!!! Home now safe and sound but the shame of everyone knowing my secret makes me depressed.......

tethersend Thu 24-Apr-14 14:45:45

Oh dear.

If it was me I would have lied and let us all plunge to our deaths grin

I have no advice other than fuck 'em- you've achieved a brilliant weight loss.

BeCool Thu 24-Apr-14 14:49:05

ah it's just a number!! I think you need to try to let it go (though I totally feel your horror).

You need a "letting go of the horror" mantra to chant to yourself when the thoughts of this time creep into your mind.

Well done on losing 22lbs!!!

Redcoats Thu 24-Apr-14 14:55:45

They know how big you are - presumably they all have functioning eyes.

If none of them have mentioned your recent weight (well done, Ive lost similar and feel brilliant for it), then they are either too nice to comment or don't really care what size you are. Either way, I'm sure none of them have remembered what you said you were, I would have forgotten five minutes after you've told me.

My mum had similar when she went to GC. She just told them she didn't know her weight so they took her to some scales out of view and weighed her. Not that that's much consolation to you now.

spatchcock Thu 24-Apr-14 15:17:44

A similar thing happened to me, DP (now DH) and I went bungee jumping and we all had to be weighed. Then we were queued up in order of weight, and I was one of the last with a couple of rugby-player types. DP was waaaaay ahead of me.

If DP's family had been there too I would've jumped off that bridge without the bungee cord.

Well done on your weightloss, 22lb is really impressive.

zipzap Thu 24-Apr-14 17:38:41

I'd have just told them they didn't need to know as I'd already told them that I wasn't going on the helicopter.

They are more than welcome to go on the helicopter if they want to - but I am a grown up and if I tell them that I really don't want to go on it, then they need to respect that. Not treat me like a child and buy the ticket and force me to go on it anyway.

Weight thing is an added horror on top sad

(speaking as somebody who hasn't flown for the last 20+ years and doesn't intend to in the near future, I hate it when people think they are being helpful and trying to persuade me to fly - I am quite happy not flying, they are the ones that have a problem with it! So I do empathise about 'nice' people doing things that are very 'not nice' for you because they think they know best and actually they're just making things a whole lot worse.)

bevy2603 Thu 24-Apr-14 18:13:53

Exactly my thoughts at the time and for a few days afterwards - I would have rather of jumped off the stratosphere than be put through the shame of it! Spent 10 years not telling my oh my numbers only to make an announcement in a shop in front of strangers in-laws and husband!!! It's done now and I have to get over it - but every time it enters my head my stomach flips at the memory!!! And they didn't even bloody end up doing it after all!!!

singaporefling Thu 24-Apr-14 19:40:07

Oh bevy sounds like my idea of hell too! Like tethersend I too would have lied but been contented as we plummeted into a ravine cos of my big backsidegrin. I'm a 12/14 so 'over 10 stone' doh but would NEVER discuss my weight with anyone - will probably NEVER go ski-ing as I dont want to wear a padded onesie blush and won't go on any trip/flight where they need to know my weight. The only time I'll ever be thin is when I'm decomposing biscuit

WeAllHaveWings Thu 24-Apr-14 20:08:52

I'd have taken at least a stone off my actual weight.

Congratulations on the weight loss. When I did weight watchers it wasn't until I'd lost a bit over 2st (and bought a size down in clothes) that people actually began to notice.

spatchcock Fri 25-Apr-14 07:27:26

"The only time I'll ever be thin is when I'm decomposing"


That might be the next craze diet: "Tried everything and keep piling on the pounds? Try decomposing. It's fast, it's effortless - no need for exercise or calorie counting!"

tobysmum77 Fri 25-Apr-14 09:29:04

are you absolutely sure that they weren't thinking 'omg I can tell she's humiliated and I feel embarrassed and sorry for her?'

They knew you were bigger already, weight is only a number. Plus remember most people lie about what they weigh I think.

specialsubject Fri 25-Apr-14 18:00:13

I can't believe that any intelligent adult would be worried about the number on someone else's scales. Anyone who made a rude comment isn't worth worrying about. Also they may have noticed your weight loss, but it is rude to comment on that so no-one should.

the humiliation is all in your own mind. Please work on this.

may this be the worst thing that ever happens to you.

singaporefling Fri 25-Apr-14 18:26:41

spatchcock you might be onto something there! Have heard some crazy ideas in me time grin

bevy2603 Fri 25-Apr-14 23:32:50

Specialsubject - that's a bit patronising - I wasn't comfortable announcing out loud in public the size of my fat bum to a bunch of slim jims and turning out to be even bigger than the men in the group!!! Thinking and knowing is one thing but having to say it out loud in front of a bunch of people did make me feel humiliated - nothing wrong with my mind!!!

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