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Easter target met, let's get some summer losses!!

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RufusTheReindeer Sun 20-Apr-14 22:01:29

Hi, following on from the lose a stone and half thread those of us with more weight to shift (me!) would like to carry on

Is there anyone out there to join?

I will go first

I have reached my Easter target and I would like to lose between 7 and 12 pounds ready for the summer (I may lose more in the autumn but I don't see the point if I can't maintain it)

I have let things sill a bit so my intention is to calorie count as I did before with no chocolate or alcohol from Tuesday for a few weeks. Then I will relax the choc and booze rule grin

LilyJoAndMe Sun 20-Apr-14 23:30:32

I'm in grin!
I want to lose 11lbs OR 5kgs for summer. Scared though as I'm now breaking new ground for myself.

I have only been at 60kgs or less twice in my life. The first time was when I was in my teens, the second time I was ill.

Now I'm neither. So, come Tuesday it'll be 'head down , look in' and getting ready for the slimmer me . wink

LilyJoAndMe Sun 20-Apr-14 23:32:45

Glad to make the commitment - I feel surprisingly relieved grin.
Glad that you're there too

j200 Mon 21-Apr-14 07:49:54

Me- I would love to join you!
I have failed to lose any of the extra half stone I have put on in last few months, am good during the day and then succumb to evening chocolate/ice cream/cake snacking and undo all my good work.
Aiming for MFP 1200 but don't mind if I eat back exercise calories (just want one week to not be all red bars!!)
Am 30 in 3 weeks too so hoping to lose 3lbs by then, I have a small frame so every pound shows. We can do it smile

LilyJoAndMe Mon 21-Apr-14 08:36:03

Hi there j200.
I'm pleased but nervous to be fixing this new target . I've just finished losing a stone and a half. It's really great being able to get into prettier clothes. I feel like I've been going through a personality change as the kilos have been coming off.

I did a lot of Jillian Michaels (30 day shred) and now I've bought some new DVDs . They are waiting for me to begin my next stint.

I'm really surprised at how nervous I feel about losing the next 5 kgs. I hope you won't mind me going on about that part of my weight loss. I can feel that this next part is going to be very psychological.

The first stone and a half (11 kilos. ) had to come off because I felt really uncomfortable. I was constantly out of breath, felt unhealthy and a mess. I felt irritable most of the time and less and less of the clothes I liked would fit me.

Now it's not the case. I feel and look much better. 65kg is a weight I know myself at. It sort of feels 'me'.

To get down lower ...

I've wanted to be lighter and slimmer for years. But it's as if I've deprived myself of the pleasure. I can't really get why yet. But as soon as I think I might go lower I feel really nervous .
Weird !hmm

RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 09:54:25

Welcome j200

I've been on the chunky side for years now!

Another 5 pounds down (and kept off!! No gaining it back the next week!!) and I will be the slimmest I have been in probably 6 years, plus!

And I still won't be slim!

My aim for this week (til Saturday weighing) is to stay at 600-1000 calories a day, a real kick start, with the exception of the rocky road I'm going to help finish today I'm having no chocolate, cakes, booze etc

Who is finding it difficult to plan for their summer wardrobe? I'm not buying anything (except for a pair of shorts - I have none) until June...can I make it???

Good luck to everyone this week

RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 09:57:58


Vent away!! It is weird how weight affects our mind

I still haven't done any exercise (it's still my secret weapon)

And I'm still getting people telling me I have lost enough and will be ill if I lose any more! And my bmi is 24. something

trainersandaches Mon 21-Apr-14 09:59:03

I would love to join in on this! I missed by Easter target by 3lbs so would like to lose that and about another 7lbs. So I'll aim for 10lbs by summer.

I'm doing WW but in a healthy way, avoiding low-fat options in favour of big veg portions and smaller quantities of full-fat food.

RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 10:26:33

Hey trainers

Welcome to the thread

Sounds like most people so far want to lose less than a stone, so hopefully that's very doable! (Except for my France holiday...let's just skip past that)

Your WW plan sounds good as well!

supermariossister Mon 21-Apr-14 10:37:29

can I join, I need to lose a fair bit sbut breaking it down so looking at 12lb to begin with. was doing really well with exercise and eating better but it's gone to shit over the hols I hate to do my dvds with people watching and there has been people in the house every day. am doing more and feel better for it but don't look much different!

RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 10:52:06


Welcome! Holidays are a bitch!

I think ooh 1-2 pounds a week that's ?? Pounds gone by the end of April...forgetting that Easter is in the way and I will probably gain pounds!!!!!

And I tend to go most of the day with not a lot to eat and have a decent tea..can't do that in the hols partly because the children will see me not eating and that's a bad example and partly because I can't sit in the pub and watch them!!!!

Are you just trying to eat better of doing something specific?

I don't post all the time normally, I just have three children home who have just realised they haven't done all their homework grin

supermariossister Mon 21-Apr-14 11:03:30

a combination of trying to eat better and move more I guess! I walk everywhere as it is but must be putting too much in or wouldn't have so much to lose! I have got a horrible feeling we have not done any homework either grin. only problem at the minute is nothing remotely sporty fits me, I've bought some new trainers but live in dresses and leggings. I begrudge buying new clothes in a size I don't want to be. I know what you mean about the hols I never normally eat breakfast or dinner but nag the children too. I have had breakfast today I find it stops me eating a tonne of Crap halfway through the day! no Easter chocolate left over here though so no chance of snaffling any of that. what about you, do you have a set plan to work too

j200 Mon 21-Apr-14 11:23:32

Wow Rufus 600-1000 cals a day is very strict, have you done that before?
I was thinking about the fast diet but I am having fertility treatment and know extreme restriction isn't a good idea for my already screwed up hormones! I have also been advised not to do any high impact exercise because of my low oestrogen so sticking to a daily 1 hour power walk with a few hills thrown in. Have to get up at 5:45 to fit in before work so requires willpower!

RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 12:11:47


That is very dedicated of you! Now the weather is turning I should probably walk more and I was thinking of swimming once or twice a week

For the first three weeks of this year I had an average of 1000 calories a day, so 500 once or twice a week and 1200 for the other days. I lost 10 pounds and kept it off and have lost 1-2 pounds a week (except those damn holidays!) since

It is low for me as I am just short of 5 foot 8 but I have an underactive thyroid and PCOS and it seems to be working

My long term plan is to get to 10 stone 7 and try and maintain it for a few months. I may try and lose more (especially if I'm between sizes) but I would be delighted with that weight. I used to be 9 stone pre children but I really would look ill at that weight!!!


You should see the look on ds1 face!!!! Not a happy boy, but he has his mocks from weds (year 10)

Exercise never works for me it's food only!!!! But I really need to tone up!

rabbitrisen Mon 21-Apr-14 14:47:51

Hi everyone!
Glad to see new joiners.
I was at the tail end of the last thread for a few weeks.

Glad you started a new thread Rufus.
[my story for those who dont want to backread, is that my DD is getting married end of June. Lost the half a stone I wanted to lose, and need to maintain and lose a few more]. Cant lose too may though else the outfit I have already got wont fit!

So a bit of a dilemma as no way do I want to put on the weight I have already lost.
And hence why I attached myself to the other thread to help keep up the motivation, which Rufus has been brilliant at!

Where is Jokers btw from the other thread. I hope that she is ok. She did have a couple of other things going on in her life as well.

rabbitrisen Mon 21-Apr-14 14:49:50

Should say that I am a constant name changer, just to warn people. And I tend to disappear for a few days, but still lurk. So I can still see you all smile hmm

RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 15:10:52

That sounds a bit worrying rabbit <scared emoticon>

Glad you are back! So are you at your target now?

When I am at my target I want to maintain and staying on thread is probably the best way to do it

Excluding eating my body weight in rocky road I am doing well so far and we've just walked PAST the pub!!!!!

rabbitrisen Mon 21-Apr-14 16:39:52

Yes, I suppose I am at my target. Though if I remember correctly, I was a bit vague at exactly where I wanted it to be.
[suspect I have slipped in the last 2 weeks, and not going to weigh until tuesday next week].

Very much intend to hang around until at least end of June. Unsure what to do after that, but I will deal with that when I get there.

My opinion is still that the way of weight loss for some is not the same for others. As I said on previous thread, DH is also losing weight. He has lost nearly 1 stone. We are losing weight in different ways to each other. Not much help to each other tbh!

RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 17:55:03

Completely agree rabbit re weight loss

Everyone needs to find what works for them, this is the first time I have calorie counted and also the first time I have had a sustained regular loss. So something is working

Let's see how I do this time though, I will not be distressed if I stay at this weight but I would love to lose 7lbs and keep it all off!

Good luck everyone

LilyJoAndMe Mon 21-Apr-14 18:49:21

Last day of silly eating for a while .smile
Then tomorrow will have a dose of Jillian Michaels for breakfast and plenty of tea.

Tomorrow will be a fast day for me . I'll be 5:2ing and am actually looking forward to it !

Still feel nervous at the prospect at going down to 60kgs. Will I still have friends or will things change beyond comparison ?

Think I'll eat chips tonight wink.


RufusTheReindeer Mon 21-Apr-14 18:56:40

Ooh lily I had chiplets!!

If I exclude the rocky road I have just under 800 cals today (Christ knows what was in the rocky road)

I am quite tempted to finish the second half of my Easter egg and then good as gold tomorrow (she says!)

Let's do this!!!!! Go us!!!!!!!

LilyJoAndMe Tue 22-Apr-14 09:01:20

Tossing chiplets ,half-eaten Easter eggs and several colourful foil wrappers into the wind, rushing forwards towards the clear blue horizon, hand in hand ran Rufus , Rabbit, j200 , trainers , super and several other chums with Lilyjoandme.

'The future is ours' they all cheered ! And the cheering became such a loud whooping that, for several minutes, other threads stopped to watch the general enthusiasm as the chums continued onwards and downwards towards their holy grail ...

RufusTheReindeer Tue 22-Apr-14 11:03:36


I'm going to expect one of those affirmations at least once a week now grin

Just having a coffee, soup for tea, just need to behave til then and not go loopy on the the rest of the Easter treats!!

That should be easy...yes? hmm

rabbitrisen Tue 22-Apr-14 13:06:21

crumbs Lily, you are poetic!

Putting easter eggs to the back of the cupboard where I cant see them.
Probably end up like last year, where I give away some in a months time. And end up throwing away the bits left.
Always seems bad, but better than me eating them.

Anyone else noticing that there food bill is droppiing?

LilyJoAndMe Tue 22-Apr-14 13:23:11

Easy - peasy Rufus .
You can do it .grin Remember 'we can have it tomorrow '.

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