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I would like to shrink

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poncypony Sun 13-Apr-14 11:54:48

For the last few years I thought I was a size 10. About two weeks ago I heard some people who were about the same size as me saying that they would never be comfortable in a bikini unless they were a size 10. This confused me, as I thought that I was a size 10, and I would not feel comfortable, so when I got home in the evening I measured myself and found out that I was actually a size 14/16. I do wear size 10 clothes, but they are very stretchy, so this does make sense.

So, my goal is to get down to a size 10, preferably an 8. I'm measuring myself once a week. I'm not bothering about my weight as I don't really care (and I also don't have any accurate scales).

My first week wasn't good, as it was my birthday around that time and I was given lots of chocolate. However, when eating the chocolate I found that it didn't make me happy, in fact it raised my heart rate and made it difficult to sleep. Since then I have had only one day when I have eaten lots of sugar, and that didn't make me happy either.

I am also doing the couch to 5k programme, which I am enjoying more than I thought I would. This morning I completed week 2 run 2.

One of my problems is that I'm a terrible cook, and also don't have much money to buy healthy food. I tried to make a stir fry yesterday and it turned out fairly terrible, though edible. If anyone has any easy, cheap, healthy, preferably dairy free, recipes then feel free to share!

So in conclusion, I wish to reduce the circumference of my body by eating more healthily and doing some exercise. I'm mainly typing this so that I have some sort of record that I can be held responsible for, but if anyone wishes to join me, feel free and I shall attempt to provide encouragement.

Logg1e Sun 13-Apr-14 12:09:31

Hi OP your story is pretty similar to mine, gone up from a size 10 and now pushing a 14.

I started 2 weeks ago and have found recording my eating and exercise useful, and am aiming for making small tweaks to my lifestyle with the intention of making longer lasting improvements. I've been recording on a thread here, (although I'm just downloading My Fitness Pal to my phone).

I hope you do keep posting about your progress here and that we can encourage each other.

poncypony Mon 14-Apr-14 17:47:38

My measurements for the past two weeks (I measure on Sunday evening) are;

Week 0: 91-82-103
Week 1: 92-79-102
Week 2: 90-76-102

I have no idea how I lost 6cm from my waist in 2 weeks confused
It's obviously not all fat, so I must have just been very bloated the first day I measured.

I've eaten well yesterday and today, although I may have eaten a little too much porridge today.

Thank you for your reply Logg1e , recording and making small changes seems very sensible. I'm sure that you'll do well.

Sleepwhenidie Tue 15-Apr-14 21:09:34

Come on over to Food section (note, not weight loss), to the Eating Better thread...we love good food, try to eat healthy food most of the time (minimal sugar, minimal processed food/white carbs). But no strict rules. Baby steps and sustainable changes are key. Some great recipe ideas and support there, some posters want to lose weight (two are down two dress sizes already) but the focus is on nourishment and the WOE, no deprivation!

poncypony Wed 16-Apr-14 18:28:32

I ate well yesterday, although I need to stop having so much mayonnaise. Today I went for a run in the morning. I did have a pre-packaged sandwich for lunch, but I ate well for the rest of the day, so I don't think it will matter overly much.

Tomorrow I am visiting my parents and getting a take away. I shall have to make a plan of attack on how to approach this situation.

I have been looking over the eating better thread, Sleepwhenidie . I'm such a bad cook that I ruin everything that I try, but I hope that reading about all the good meals which other people are eating will somehow unconsciously make me a better chef.

poncypony Sun 04-May-14 18:34:48

Whoops, I went away for a while, but I'm back now. I had a week of excess when I stayed with my parents, but have since found that I actually quite like carrots and broccoli and mushroom omlettes. My measurements are;

Week 3: No measurements
Week 4: 87-77-102
Week 5: 88-75-101

I am pleased thus far. I have only been eating when I am actually hungry, and am almost disappointed by how little I have to eat. I am spending much less money on food, though.

poncypony Wed 07-May-14 18:53:08

Today I went for week 3 run 1 of the Couch to 5k programme. It was better than expected. I was rather worried about having to run for 3 minutes, which is double what I was doing before, but it ended up not being that bad. I am aware that 3 minutes is rather pathetic, but I am pleased with myself.

I have, however, decided that my running nickname should be "The Jiggling Beetroot", for obvious reasons.

I think that the small amount of exercise is helping me, not so much for the energy that I expend, but because it staves off hunger. I also think, although this could be nonsense, that I "hold myself in" when I run, and this may be making my waistline smaller. It definitely isn't doing any harm, anyway.

specialsubject Wed 07-May-14 21:48:52

labels in clothes are utterly non standard. Women who whine 'size 10 is too fat for a bikini' can safely be ignored as having fresh air between their ears.

setting a goal of the label in your knickers is bad. Don't do it.

exercise is good, carry on.

learning to cook is good, carry on.

starving and dieting is not good.

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