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If you have lost weight permanently how did you do it?

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Rollermum Thu 03-Apr-14 19:33:30

And how long have you maintained?

I'm a chronic yo yo dieter and utterly sick of it. I have great success with low carb / paleo but then I snap, eat everything not nailed down and regain.

I want to know how the fabled 5% who keep weight off longer than 5 years do it.

stinky Thu 03-Apr-14 19:52:44

5:2 i started 23 feb 2013 at 79 kilos and hit my target weight of 59 kilos in july 2013 and have maintained ever since. Previously was a yoyo dieter (had been for 30 years). Feel free to ask any questions. Hth.

Joules68 Thu 03-Apr-14 20:27:48


Lost 5 stone low carb/paleo... Joined a bootcamp and running club.... Still loosely follow eating plans, but am in love with running and working out. Been 'off' a year now and can't imagine not exercising

Rollermum Fri 04-Apr-14 07:58:55

Hey both thal for your posts!

Stinky I always imagine I would stab people on the '2' days. Well done on your succes. One the '5' days do you eat normally? I'm a bit impulsive with food and wonder if I would binge and undo the 2 iyswim?

Joules68 wow 5 stone! Amazing to maintain a loss like that! I like exercise too, and have no probs with motivation but it isn't enough to make me lose weight on its own unfortunately.

InMySpareTime Fri 04-Apr-14 08:58:31

Lost 5 1/2 stone using My Fitness Pal and with lots of support on the "motivational" threads.
Shed loads of willpower, lots of determination and a gradual breaking of a lot of bad habits.
I changed my attitude to food and eating, and have a better understanding of the balance of exercise and calorie intake needed to lose and maintain weight.
I hit my target weight last March and have remained within 2lb of it since, without much effort.
Any "diet" cannot give permanent weight loss unless the reasons you gained weight are addressed. You need to change habits, make new, healthier habits, and entrench them into your life.
Not necessarily massive changes, perhaps water instead of fizzy pop, or smaller portion sizes, or increasing the proportion of veg to pasta in a meal.

stinky Fri 04-Apr-14 11:54:39

Hi i found the trick was to keep very busy on the two days and just have lunch and dinner. On the 5 days i used myfitnesspal to ensure i was still keeping to a reasonable calorie intake. It's amazing the volume of food u can eat if u r sensible. I didn't restrict anything as i have found that's when i crave it. Anything in moderation was my mantra, but NOT Everything ��. Xxx

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