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How much weight loss straight after birth

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Londonlady76 Wed 02-Apr-14 09:06:07

Just that really how much did you lose straight after birth. I've gained a stone more than I should of and I'm a little worried.
Last 3 weeks I've gained 11 pounds although I've had a few meals out with friends I don't no how I gained so much that fast . In that time I started to swell on my feet and hands. So could be a little water retention.

I know the baby, placenta etc will add to that.

I plan to bf so I know not to do any silly dieting and plan once baby is born to lose weight purely by walking with pram rather than using the car.
I'm 38 weeks I've gained 33 pounds overall and my BMi was already high at 30 :s

mathsgirl Wed 02-Apr-14 19:27:19

I was 12st 10lb when I got pregnant (I'm 5ft 7)
I was 15st 4lb when I went into labour
Then 14st 4lb the next morning (7lb 7oz baby)
Then 13st 10lb a few days later.

So one stone of proper weight gain (1.5 of baby & water). I spent the first few weeks just making sure I didn't put on weight and a couple of pounds fell off. Struggled to diet but then when DS was 4 months old I dieted seriously (still breast feeding) and upped the exercise.

DS now 8 months old and I weigh 10st 11lb

I wouldn't let weight gain worry spoil the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks with new baby. It's a hard enough time as it is.

colleysmill Thu 03-Apr-14 08:50:26

Tbh I found it different for each of my pregnancies.

First time I lost about half a stone straight away ( having put on two and a half) but it took me nearly two years to shift the rest.

With my 2nd I put on less (about 16 pounds) through out the pregnancy but it's fallen off - by 2 weeks I was back at my starting weight and now at five weeks I weight 12 pounds less than that.

I have no idea why other than I am constantly on the go with 2dc - ideally I need to shift another stone to be in a healthy range so I'm not complaining but the difference this time has astonished me!!!

MrsY Thu 03-Apr-14 08:56:10

My younger daughter is 15 days and i just had to buy a pair of jeans a size smaller than pre - pregnancy.
With my first I was in normal clothes after a week or so, but it helped that I was podgy to begin with!

toffeeboffin Fri 04-Apr-14 00:48:24

DS is now 14 weeks old. I gained 50 pounds altogether. Lost 20 within the first week, then another 20 slowly. Got 10 more to lose, so its taken me 14 weeks/ 3 and a half months to lose 40 pounds.... so not too bad I think.

I said to myself I would gain a maximum of 30 pounds whilst pregnant but that went swiftly out of the window even though I was careful!

Been very strict with myself for the last 4 weeks - want to get back to my original weight of 150 pounds by the end of April.... Reckon these last ten pounds will be hard to shift though!

Only breastfed for 6 weeks so not sure if it would have come off quicker if I would have continued..... Good luck!

HippoPottyMouth Fri 04-Apr-14 00:55:25

I lost 1.5 stone with the birth and then another half stone over the next week or so (not trying in the slightest!) and that then left me 1 stone over pre-pregnancy weight

furlinedsheepskinjacket Fri 04-Apr-14 01:15:34

1.5 stone straight away with ds who was only 6lb 14

nothing on or off with dd she was 5lb 14

twobambinos Fri 04-Apr-14 11:24:59

You should mention to your doc you put on 11 lbs in 3 weeks especially with the swelling. I'm not trying to make u feel bad about it but if you haven't been over eating they need to be aware.

I weighed myself after coming home with both my dds and it was only about half a stone loss which is odd coz they were both close enough to 7 lbs but I think my 'body retained water after birth because my fingers swelled then my rings fitted me for the entire pregnant but when Dh brought them in to hospital after they wouldn't fit but within the first two weeks the rest of the weight fell off and I was Maybe half a stone off pre pregnancy weight. If you are retaining fluid u could lose alot more very quickly.

Within a few weeks of the birth you might be only a stone over your pre pregnancy weight which isn't alot and with the walking you will shift that in no time. Enjoy this special time op

Pinkbell123 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:27:19

I lost around two stone in the first month after birth without trying (and lots of breastfeeding snacks!) got another stone to get back to pre preg weight but I'd like to lose another half on top.

Don't worry about it for the first six weeks at least, you'll be surprised how much drops off.

ItsSpringBaby Fri 04-Apr-14 11:30:54

I lost around 14lbs with each immediately after the birth.

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