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help!! toning tummy and skin!!!

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ProudMumaa Wed 26-Mar-14 07:28:55

hello ladies,
so i had two babies close together (15months apart) i was two stone heavier after doing this.. in the last 5/6 weeks ive lost 16lb without excercising "/ so now im left with a little sagging skin sad i still have another stone to so im after advice as how do i tone up my tummy arms and legs and more importantly how can i help my skin to become elastic again?? just help it to go back ???
my youngest is 5and half months so i feel nows the time to start properly..
any pics for inspiration woukd be lovely too thanks ladies in advance.xxxxxx

TalkinPeace Wed 26-Mar-14 20:47:02


diamond457 Wed 26-Mar-14 21:00:10

I have this problem too. I have quite a physical job that I do three times a week and still I have a fat, saggy belly and the rest of my body is fairly toned. I wish I had the motivation to do crunches everyday but I don't.
I find it really hard being physical when I'm not working. I go on walks with DD who is 4 and we just end up going at snail pace because she walks too slow or gets distracted with something. Ive tried swimming and running around playing ball with DD but again its not that physical.

I wish I could stick to exercise dvds but I need to do them when DD is in bed and by then all I want to do is sit down after a long day of housework, cooking and kids activities. Time for fitness classes would be great but I don't have the time or anyone to go with.
Good luck, thats excellent you have lost so much weight without doing exercise. Hopefully that motivates you even further.

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