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Egg and oven chips -

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Coddy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:20:44

how many points?

Hulababy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:27:02

Medium sized eggs = 1.5 points each
If you are frying allow for oil too = about 1 point per teaspoon
Frozen, thick cooked oven chips = 3 points for 100g (hhich is a small portion - I normally double that nearly)

Hulababy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:28:03

BTW, thick chips are slightly less points than the thin ones.

And did you know that WW now do frozen oven chips at 2 points for 100g BUT the Asda low fat ones are about the same (slightly lower in claories, aft, etc.) and cheaper too!

Coddy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:30:55

ta h thought you would be ont he case!
so one egg in oil is2.5 and chipsa are say 6

Toatl 8.5 delicious points?

Hulababy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:32:15

Yep!!! You are making me hungry. I looooove egg and chips and now have measly jacket potato and veggie sausages to look forward to I am having egg and chips tomorrow now!!!!

Oh, don't forget any sauce and bread you may have!

fio2 Mon 15-Mar-04 17:32:28

Homefries are only 1/2 a point more than ww chips and much nicer I think! as long as the egg is fried in low fat spray stuff its fine

Coddy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:42:01

I always get homefries

unfort have seen half a jar of Loyd grossman puttanesca in the fridge that
a) needs t be eaten
b) is lower cal

Have stillt o return to ww on wed to have proper goal weight celeb...

fio2 Mon 15-Mar-04 17:45:27

well done coddy, I have got to go back too...but to get back on track, I am bloody useless at dieting really! I have a wedding in May though so really need to be a bit more goodier

Coddy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:52:18

what day is the meeting FIo? why not go NOW! gwet yourself looking good for t shirts and shorts?

Hulababy Mon 15-Mar-04 17:54:50

Fio - I use the spray oil too. I have the Olive Oil one this time and it is really good.

Beccarollover Mon 15-Mar-04 18:03:33

oooooooooo i fancy egg and chips now mmmmmmm

i had a 99 earlier


Beccarollover Mon 15-Mar-04 18:05:31

in fact, hula - points for 99?

Coddy Mon 15-Mar-04 18:41:15

you do get a big GROWL from me hula -!

Coddy Mon 15-Mar-04 18:41:37

sorry no, the growl if for porky aka BR

Beccarollover Mon 15-Mar-04 18:44:30

hehehe porky here BUT the beauty of ww (although not particularly healthy) is that I think Im still within my points as that is pretty much ive eaten all day) will just make sure i adapt points accordingly when I find out how many points in it


Coddy Mon 15-Mar-04 18:46:00


Hulababy Mon 15-Mar-04 19:21:25

Becca -

Ice cream in a cone, with one scoop is 3 points

25g chocolate is 3 points too, but have no idea how much a flake weighs in a 99 - possibly half that?

Beccarollover Mon 15-Mar-04 19:29:13

not too bad then!!

bring on the egg and chips lol

Demented Mon 15-Mar-04 19:33:31

We are having pasta with homemade pesto tonight, oh and I have half a bottle of red wine, I think I've got just about enough points left!

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 19:41:45

steak and salad tonight. POintage Hula?

Hulababy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:04:03

Small steak (140g uncooked weight) = 3 points
Medium steak (220g uncooked weight) = 5 points

Salad is free points, unless you have dressings or fruit.

Hulababy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:04:31

Thatnks to you guys I had fried eggs and oven chips tonight!!!

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:05:11

ok 5 plus dressing 1 and horsradish half. plus wine 2


less than egg and oven ships

hula are you our statto?

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:05:32

lol no fear of steak tho!

Hulababy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:10:34

That sounds a pretty healthy dinner Coddy!

I honestly don't just sit here waiting for people to ask It is just so quick now I have all those points onthe database. Sadly I know a lot of the fish and veggie stuff anyway.

At least if you are having steak I won't be craving that all night, unlike those eggs all last night!!!

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