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Slightly different - flabby bottom related

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kinkytoes Sun 23-Mar-14 14:00:06

Hi! Not sure if this is the right place, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Since the birth of my ds over a year again, I've gained a saggy flabby bum! This area plus thighs grew quite large during pregnancy, and now I've lost the weight I've been left with this.

Anyone got any advice about firming this area up? Please?

DramaAlpaca Sun 23-Mar-14 19:22:04


It's the best exercise I've found for firming up a flabby rear.

kinkytoes Sun 23-Mar-14 21:05:23

I was afraid someone might suggest that hehe! Thank you. I'll try and find the time. I have some running shoes somewhere...

twobambinos Tue 25-Mar-14 22:11:49

Apparently my bum got quite saggy too even tho I didn't notice because it's not big to start with but according to the Physio it happens to a lot of people during pregnancy the bum muscles kind of switch off.

I think I didn't notice because I'm more concerned with my belly.

Pilates mite help some of the leg exercises and maybe lunges and squats but I'm no expert.

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