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The sun is shining. I was feeling good til I looked in the mirror!

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Beechview Mon 10-Mar-14 09:48:49

So now I'm putting a 6 week plan into action. I've been reading bits and pieces so to come out of this wintery frump and into summer feeling and looking better, I'm going to do the following;

Stick to 1300 cals a day, eating mostly wholegrains, protein and veg. Its food I like so it shouldn't be too much of a hardship.

exercise 4 times a week at least along with daily walking. At the moment, I walk daily and do 1-2 exercise sessions a week so again, it won't be a drastic change.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day with hot lemon water to start the day.

Take some vits daily(I usually forget to take but have vit d, cod liver oil)
and a multi vit a couple of times a week

Oil cleansing method for skin every night. Shea butter moisturiser in the morning. (I usually forget!)

Oil treatment for hair or intensive conditioning once a week.

Whitening toothpaste.

I am hoping to be transformed smile

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