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Did anyone balloon in pregnancy and is now struggling to get it off?

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Strawberryteddybear Thu 06-Mar-14 21:34:26

DS is 10 months and I'm still over a stone away from my pre preg weight!

It's coming off really slowly sad I'm very active, using my fitness pal to monitor what I'm eating and I'm losing sensibly I guess, about 1-2lbs a week. I was under the illusion it'd be gone by now and I hoped to lose a chunk of it in the first few months, but no.

I did pig out a bit during pregnancy but gosh, I put on most of the weight by around 6 months, I've no idea what foods I ate that were so bad.

We plan to start ttc no.2 when DS is 1.5 and I'm petrified of ballooning again and taking another 1.5 years to get the weight off!

Sorry for the ramble! Did anyone else balloon in first pg but then manage to keep their weight gain steady consecutive pregnancies and lose it easily?

Its putting me off being pregnant again sad

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