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Help on deciding diet please

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witchwhoknitssocks Thu 06-Mar-14 19:13:46

Hi - apologies in advance for length.
I have had problems with my weight for years now- I am hypothyroid and was undiagnosed for a long time and one of the consequences of that was getting to 17 stone. I lost 3 stone with WW and then plateaued for quite a while so switched to SW and got down to 11.5 st. Again a huge plateau and switched to Calorie counting got to 11st and then stayed there. I wasn't too unhappy about that and got a bit complacent with weighing everything so crept back up to 12 st then to 13 and there I stayed whether I was dieting or not!!

I have always had IBS and this has got very severe over the years (to the extent they talked about removing my large intestine completely ) and I was referred to a new consultant 2 years ago who put me on a restricted diet which has helped a lot in some ways but I have now got some other issues instead!!

Even though the restrictions wont have caused weight gain I have shot up to 14st6 and am getting nowhere fast and flitting from one diet to another trying to get results and keep within restrictions
Its been topped off by an admission to hospital last week and I have really got to get a handle on my weight.
The restrictions are;
Only white bread /pasta rice etc; no veg or fruit apart from potatoes and carrots without skins; no pulses; no sweeteners; no cereal except rice krispies. no crispbreads or anything made with wholemeal flour.
meat and fish and dairy are all ok
I am now starting to introduce foods but have to stay away from high fibre, currently I have introduced tomatoes and onions for sauces and a small amount of salad.

I was at my best weight wise eating clean and low GI but that was high fibre in the main so hard to stick to now.

so the big question is which diet? I know Cal counting should be the obvious one but I am sick of weighing every last morsel and keep getting tempted by SW and WW. LCHF is out because I the last hospital visit was liver related so it has to stay low fat.

I am tempted by WW as I will have the options of filling and healthy and propoints so can have a few days not weighing but it has been changed to wholemeal breads and pastas.

I am tempted by SW but I cant do 1/3rd superfree on EE and the sweeteners at all! and Red and green while great I get stuck halfway through the day sometimes when have started on one and then the only option for the rest of the day is the other confused

thanks to anybody that has got this far and I welcome being told to get a grip and do the obvious.

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