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totally shocked by a photograph

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50KnockingonabiT Wed 05-Mar-14 17:09:50

I got my OH to take a 'before' photo. Crickey I look horrendous. Why the hell nobody told me I don't knowsmile It certainly didn't marry up with what I see in the mirror, this is the bit that worries me the most:0

Anyhow, joined weightwatchers and it's my second wi on Friday, I've been good all week surely I'll have lost a stone:D

Weliveinabeautifulworld Thu 06-Mar-14 08:31:18

Congratulations for starting on this journey and Good luck for your weigh in on Friday! smile

I am having photographs taken of me and my family in June and I am trying to change now before I am horrified by the photographs afterwards!

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