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VLCD - advice following a 'slip up'

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Arscal Mon 03-Mar-14 20:09:39

I week in on Slim & Save and a so far have been really proud of myself and lost 1/2 stone. Felt really determined and sure I am going to lose the 3 stone that I would like to.

Cut to today, for some reason known only to God I thought I'd be able to make a delicious cake for the family and my will power would prevent me from eating any. It didn't.

Will it now take the full 3-4 days to get back into ketosis? Will I regain some of the weight I've lost due to 1 (large) slice of cake.

To anyone who had successfully lost all of their weight on a VLCD, did you have slip ups along the way?

So annoyed at myself! sad

MrsBradfield Tue 04-Mar-14 20:10:08

Hi arscal you should come and join us on the VLCD diet thread here there's loads of good advice, but I would say not to worry about 1 piece of cake, it will prob knock you out of ketosis, but try to learn from it and put it behind you and start again 100% from today. Just think, a VCLD is only short term if you do it properly, and once the weight is off then you will feel so much better.

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