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I am going to lose this 2 stone, for good!!

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FlossyMcgrew Mon 03-Mar-14 12:19:32

I will be taking "after" pictures on July 1st.

I took before pictures yesterday and they are awful. I have at least 2 stone to lose. I have joined other threads here before, with some success. Then quit after getting halfway to my goal and gaining everything back in half the time it took me to lose it.

I am 5 foot 6, have been wavering around the 12 stone mark since having my 2 dc within 13 months. Youngest is now 2.

In my "before" pictures (which I won't post until I get to post them with my afters!). It is painfully obvious that nearly all of my weight is around my middle. This is particularly worrying as my family history is full of diabetes, heart problems, cancer, strokes- you name it.

My plan is this:

MFP to track my calories

30 day shred or alternate 30 min workout 5 times a week

More conscious eating. Re-reading Paul McKenna, "I Can Make You Thin."

Easy on the carbs. My current 2 slices of toast breakfast, 2 slice of bread sandwich and crisps lunch, and insert random carb heavy dinner here, is doing me and my middle no favours.

Drink more water. At least 4 pint glasses per day.

Chew gum instead of mindless snacking.

No baking. I can think up any excuse to bake, and then of course I have to test my product--no more!

And that is basically it.....

I am hoping that I can make all of these things my new way of life, rather than a diet.

I am tired of hating myself in every picture.

I am tired of refusing to buy new clothes in this size, and looking like a slob as all of my clothes are old and don't fit properly.

I want to be healthy and I want to be here for my kids for as long as possible.

I want to be a good example for my kids.

I would like to feel attractive again.

I am going to check in here at least once a week. Monday morning weigh in to keep me honest over the weekends. Please feel free to join me, or cheer me on.

I don't want to be a diet bore in real life so I am going to use this thread for my rambling instead.

So here goes......

Week 1
12 Stone 7 blush

howiwonder Thu 17-Jul-14 20:28:59

The weather is definitely a motivator! Feels nicer to be more comfy in summery stuff but there is still much more I would like to achieve clothes wise, I keep daydreaming of one day wearing an actual bikini - but perhaps that is something I have to resign to never doing (why didn't I wear one constantly when I was 18 years old and a size 10?!!!).
I am suddenly completely fed up of MFP and all calorie counting, feel like I need something new to hold my interest. Got out my book 'escape the diet trap' by dr john briffa, bought after a MN recommendation some time ago, but barely read. It's basically low carb - wondering if I might dabble in a bit of that to get me going again.
So many end of year chocs from my class (I'm a teacher) and I'm just quietly eating them in little instalments and feeling terribly guilty about it! Think I need to give them away!
Veeeeerrrry quiet on this thread of late - everyone enjoying the sun I hope smile

RunningKatie Mon 14-Jul-14 20:38:20

It is the same as I was when I went away howi, but my original goal had been to get down to 12 so I was a bit disappointed in myself for not hitting it. I had managed to get down to 12.3 so I'm hoping that I can get my head straight and my motivation back on track.

There's something like 28 weeks to my birthday now so I need to get on with it, I do not want to be the whale in the pool at Centre Parcs! smile

Do you reckon the weather is a good motivator?

Wondering how flossy got on at the wedding!

howiwonder Mon 14-Jul-14 19:01:24

Oh I've had time off mfp too Katie- been really slack and have gained 2lb!!!
What's that weight like for you- a loss or a gain?
I'm in need of a new burst of motivation, not sure how to get it though?!

RunningKatie Mon 14-Jul-14 08:20:32

Weigh in day, 12.5.

Have had 2 weeks off logging on mfp. DH is away a lot so i'm just hanging in here.

How is everyone?

Bubbles00 Fri 11-Jul-14 10:37:24

I'm so fed up with years of thinking about food - counting calories or fat. I've tried so many different diets and I've still got the same 11/2 st to lose but I always put it back on again. I was considering using hypnosis - has anyone tried this? I was thinking of doing a boot camp when I came across this retreat programme which looks interesting as they include hypnosis. Has anyone done anything similar?

RunningKatie Sun 06-Jul-14 19:04:33

I am back! smile

Will update properly but suffice to say, have eaten chips and drunk wine. It's been a lovely week away.

howiwonder Sat 05-Jul-14 22:00:57

Can someone please kick me up the arse??!! I gave been eating such crap this week!! All sorts- chips, ice cream, chocolate.... Don't know what's come over me. There's no good reason, just an urge to eat junk. Not looking forward to the scales on Monday....

magentastardust Thu 03-Jul-14 23:09:00

Thanks! I am being very coy and quiet in real life about it so am quite excited about letting everyone know on MFP and this thread haha blush

howiwonder Thu 03-Jul-14 13:54:36

I'm here magenta - wooohoooo!!! Well done!!!!grin 40lb, what an achievement! You must feel amazing, 30lb is my dream- fingers crossed I follow in your footsteps.

magentastardust Thu 03-Jul-14 13:08:45

Not sure if anyone else is still here (echoes) but... I made it to my 40lb goal this morning!
Really pleased and now just need to not put the 40lbs back on whilst I am on my holidays via wine and breads!
This thread has been a great help and I hope to continue when I get back so we may have to start a new countdown to Christmas thread soon!
Flossy hope you enjoy your wedding have a great time and Runningkate enjoy your holiday too. Howi-keep going you are doing well.
smile and thanks to you all, but no cake.

magentastardust Mon 30-Jun-14 15:19:09

Well I have a had a great weekend but not on the scales. Had a wedding on Friday and a 40th birthday party on Sat.

DH and I rarely get out as don't really have babysitting options so it was a real treat and we had a lovely weekend. I also drank wine and lots of prosecco and nibbled.

The scales are reflecting this today but I'm not too down about it as that's life sometimes there are occasions where we can't sit with a glass of water and pass up on the canapés!

I have been doing that for almost 7 months , I didn't binge over the weekend I just behaved 'normally' as you would on a night out or wedding and have been strict yesterday and today and back to exercise today.
I may now not quite hit that target for holidays but it isn't the be all and end all for me now as I know I have done well and that I will continue when I come back.

howiwonder Mon 30-Jun-14 12:10:08

Great work at the running flossy, I started c25k but didn't stick at it, plan to start again in the school hols as I will be able to do any time (both DH and I teachers) rather than after work as I'm just too tired then.
Weigh in for me today, 2lbs off, very happy with that as felt I wasn't that 'good' but seem to have got away with it.17lbs in total now. Becoming very lax on mfp tracking, was religious about it when I started this!

FlossyMcgrew Fri 27-Jun-14 00:03:52

Hello Ladies,

Have a fantastic time RunningKatie! With looser fitting clothes and sassy new haircut smile If you don't want to bring shred DVD, it's on YouTube. But here's hoping for sunshine so you can spend lots of time outside.

Well done on the loss howi! I've been doing well with my running, but not seeing much movement on the scales. We are off to the wedding in just under 3 weeks, so no time to get lazy now! And you are right Magenta I will keep going. I also want to stick with it after the trip, I still haven't reached my goal, but I am not giving up. A few more events coming up in September, so thinking long term. smile

Hope you're all doing well.

howiwonder Thu 26-Jun-14 22:40:23

Enjoy beautiful Northumberland runningkatie- pack the waterproofs just in case!

How's everyone else getting on?

RunningKatie Wed 25-Jun-14 21:48:36

We're off to Northumberland, looking forward to being on the beach please let it stay dry

1lb is good howi, every little helps as that supermarket tells us! smile

howiwonder Tue 24-Jun-14 16:33:42

Ooh happy holidays runningkatie! Well done on the loss, great to feel the clothes loosersmile
I forgot to post my weigh in too yesterday- 1lb off, not much but the right direction I suppose...
I'm at 15lb total loss now

magentastardust Tue 24-Jun-14 11:33:26

Not very far away from your goal though RunningKatie -you have done well. I am the same think I may fall short by a couple of pounds but it really doesn't matter as I lost weight, smaller dress size and feel a lot better and want to continue when I come back so that's the main thing!
Enjoy your holiday-where are you off too?

RunningKatie Tue 24-Jun-14 08:29:35

I forgot to do a weigh in post yesterday. Now 12.4, I have been down to 12.3 but then went up, up, up, up so pleased with where I am now.

Hols on saturday so i won't get to my initial goal which was 12 or less.

Still feeling good, clothes are looser and the sun is shining grin

RunningKatie Sun 22-Jun-14 20:03:00

DH has had the all-clear from the vasectomy so am planning on having the implant removed next month. I'm still having periods so hopefully they'll settle down to their old predictability once it's removed, the randomness of them is frustrating at the moment.

Went to see my family yesterday, amazingly DM noticed the 6 inches of hair I've had cut off and DSis noticed my weight loss grin

I think I'll look up the ab challenge, I can't decide whether to take my shred dvd on holiday or my trainers to do a couple of runs.

magentastardust Sun 22-Jun-14 09:53:02

No haven't been doing the 30 day abs challenge -probably should have though -I have shrunk but plenty of wobbly bits still!
Back to Insanity and Zumba this week so will feel better after a bit of excercise!

Flossy 16lbs is good -keep going sounds like you are doing great, I might try the couch to 5k eventually if I lose more weight.

Erring on the side of leaving the medication lots of stories of bad side effects on here and my last period wasn't very heavy and only lasted 3/4 days so not too bad to cope with.
Sods law that if I decide to have it , it will be the mother of all periods that arrives but never mind!
Since I have been eating healthier and excercising I don't bloat as much or retain water at period time so seems silly to make myself balloon up with hormones and be moody for a few days inconvenience!

FlossyMcgrew Fri 20-Jun-14 23:45:14

I'm still here!! Sorry for the neglect ladies. smile hope everyone is doing well.
Despite my lack of activity on the thread, I've been doing well with my couch to 5k, completed week 3 day 3 tonight and feeling good about it.
I am not going to be taking after pictures on July 1st, may take some during, but still have a way to go!

By last Friday I had lost another pound, putting me to 16lbs total loss. However, I found the pound last weekend. Checked the scales this morning and have lost it again, so need to have a disciplined weekend for once to keep the scales moving the right way.

magenta what did you decide to do re the medicine to delay your period? I have no experience with it, but I'd be tempted to just leave it, annoying as it will be to have it in your holiday, but I am a mess with hormones and that type of thing. If you've already taken it, ignore me! smile

Howi hope the scales get moving for you again. Spa day sounds like great motivation. Wine on the weekends is definitely not helping me either. None tonight, do that's a start, but last weekend village fete, and evening BBQ plenty of drinks were had, think that's where I found my pound that I had lost!

Hi RunningKatie! Outdoor spin sounds fun, different! The weather has been really great here too, makes it so much easier to get out and get active.
I had started the 30 day ab challenge, but now realise I have stopped after day 4, oops. I should start over really, as my middle is just so wobbly. I saw a picture of myself helping my DS try to put a golf ball. I actually thought the rest of me is starting to look not too bad, but my tummy is definitely an issue.

Think I'm going to need some seriously supportive underwear for the wedding we are going to. I haven't even started looking for a dress yet, hmmmm how to disguise an apple shape.....

Won't be a stranger again! Keep up the good work everyone smile

RunningKatie Fri 20-Jun-14 20:14:19

That is amazing work magenta, were you doing the 30 day ab challenge? Was it any good?

My stomach is on the jelly-side of wibbly wobbly so I need to do something to help it tone up! I am trying hard to stay focussed, I'm definitely seeing the results again so need to keep at it.

Today I've actually got a size 12 tshirt on which I've probably not worn since being first pregnant 4 years ago smile

magentastardust Thu 19-Jun-14 11:54:46

I am still here! Have had a mega busy week so not been online much dance shows , not mine I may add, birthday's end of term stuff etc etc .
Means no excercises classes this week as just can't fit them in -arrrghh-still down 1.5lbs which is good but really need to keep going for the final furlong.
36.5lbs down now -I would love to just get to a round number and lose 3.5lbs in the next 3 weeks to make it 40lb loss before holiday.

I am definitely going to keep going when I get back -I need too, I feel so much better and can't let it slide. Hope we get some more activity on the thread its been great help to me smile

RunningKatie Thu 19-Jun-14 08:27:06

Where has everyone gone?! sad

I am back on it with determination. Hopefully this will continue.

We did spin outdoors on monday eve which was good fun.

RunningKatie Mon 16-Jun-14 08:42:16

grin howi - i thought i'd missed lots of chatter.

I have put on a lb, so i'm never going to be under 12 stone by my holiday. Deep down i know why, i was doing really well and i've got complacent.

I'm at spin tonight, i need to get a grip before the weight i have lost piles back on sad

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