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I am going to lose this 2 stone, for good!!

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FlossyMcgrew Mon 03-Mar-14 12:19:32

I will be taking "after" pictures on July 1st.

I took before pictures yesterday and they are awful. I have at least 2 stone to lose. I have joined other threads here before, with some success. Then quit after getting halfway to my goal and gaining everything back in half the time it took me to lose it.

I am 5 foot 6, have been wavering around the 12 stone mark since having my 2 dc within 13 months. Youngest is now 2.

In my "before" pictures (which I won't post until I get to post them with my afters!). It is painfully obvious that nearly all of my weight is around my middle. This is particularly worrying as my family history is full of diabetes, heart problems, cancer, strokes- you name it.

My plan is this:

MFP to track my calories

30 day shred or alternate 30 min workout 5 times a week

More conscious eating. Re-reading Paul McKenna, "I Can Make You Thin."

Easy on the carbs. My current 2 slices of toast breakfast, 2 slice of bread sandwich and crisps lunch, and insert random carb heavy dinner here, is doing me and my middle no favours.

Drink more water. At least 4 pint glasses per day.

Chew gum instead of mindless snacking.

No baking. I can think up any excuse to bake, and then of course I have to test my product--no more!

And that is basically it.....

I am hoping that I can make all of these things my new way of life, rather than a diet.

I am tired of hating myself in every picture.

I am tired of refusing to buy new clothes in this size, and looking like a slob as all of my clothes are old and don't fit properly.

I want to be healthy and I want to be here for my kids for as long as possible.

I want to be a good example for my kids.

I would like to feel attractive again.

I am going to check in here at least once a week. Monday morning weigh in to keep me honest over the weekends. Please feel free to join me, or cheer me on.

I don't want to be a diet bore in real life so I am going to use this thread for my rambling instead.

So here goes......

Week 1
12 Stone 7 blush

FlossyMcgrew Wed 05-Mar-14 21:51:32

Hello everyone,
storynanny I am going to use that Mars bar visual, ewww!

And I think you are right JillyC it's probably best for me to avoid or at least drastically reduce my bread, potato and pasta intake.

Magenta I am intrigued by the fitbit, doesn't it also track your sleep patterns? Mine are a mess, and I am confident that I am well short of the 10,000 steps per day. Went out for a nice walk with kids today and little play around the park, but on average I am sure I am nowhere near what I should be. Maybe I'll start with a cheap-ey little pedometer.

Anna well done on starting again today, I saw a quote today, "one bad meal won't make you fat, just like one good meal won't make you healthy". I am a sucker for a motivational quite lately smile

I am also aiming for a wedding in July as one of my motivators, I am not even sure if we can afford to go yet, but would love to look and feel great for it. I have spent too many years now, wearing clothes because they are the least unflattering. I can't wait to go shopping for clothes because I actually like them!

Good luck everyone smile

Twooter Wed 05-Mar-14 22:01:34

Me too. Not 5'2, but 2 stones to lose for summer wedding( not mine). Will just try to limit snacks, as very bad grazer too.exercise isn't a problem, except for making me hungrier.

Millyblods Wed 05-Mar-14 22:37:39

There is a brilliant Paul McKenna Thread OP. Being going for over 2 years now.

FunkyBarnYard Wed 05-Mar-14 22:48:26

11st 9lbs on 25/02
11st 7.6 today

I want to be 9st 9lbs

I'm in!

AnnaDoreta Wed 05-Mar-14 23:12:11

Funny that's we've all got weddings to go to. I've got a big family one at the end of July and have 4 lovely outfits I could wear if I were 1.5 stones lighter!

Great day today. Well under my calorie limit to make up for yesterday. Bit hungry now so I must go to bed.

Working from home tomorrow so normally a graze all day day. Will need super motivation to keep me from the fridge. Will be following the water and gum tip!

If we're into motivational tip bits, one I really liked was:
Losing weight is hard, being fat is hard. Choose your hard.

So every time I reach for a snack, I'll try a remember a time I've been thoroughly fed up looking at a terrible picture or bulging over my jeans or looking awful in everything!

Sleep tight.

magentastardust Thu 06-Mar-14 17:16:17

Hi, I got the Fitbit Zip (the cheapest one! £45-£49.99)-it doesn't track your sleep pattern but I think the Fitbit one or Fitbit flex (the bangle type one) does.

Really liking it so far -already did my 10k today by lunch time as ended up on a really long walk and have an exercise class tonight. Keeps me motivated and DH laughs at me when I have to do 'houselaps' of an evening to make up to my 10k!!

Hoping it will have an effect on my weight loss and after being stuck for 3 weeks a couple of pounds will shift this week!

AnnaDoreta Thu 06-Mar-14 22:16:06

Magenta - you are good. I really need to incorporate some exercise into my day. I just done seem to have any time. I always have an excuse for not doing it!

I've been having a look at various threads on the exercise board so trying to get some motivation from there.

Pretty good today. Only 1200ish calories plus however many calories in a tea spoon of peanut butter! I do feel quite hungry now so must go to bed!

How has everyone else got on?

FlossyMcgrew Thu 06-Mar-14 22:23:07

Evening all!

Welcome Funky and Twooter smile

Milly thanks for the heads up in the Paul Mck thread, I will have a look, but I am also really enjoying having this thread, I feel very accountable!

I love that,"Choose your hard" Anna it's so true! I am with you on the terrible picture and bulging over my jeans thing sad I have had to face the fact that maybe everyone I know isn't a horribly mean and unflattering photographer, maybe I just don't look great at certain angles because I have 2 excess stone on me ( at least) But hey, I am here to change it now--for good!! I love your kitchen closed idea on MFP by the way.

Magenta "house laps " did make me laugh smile I think it's great, I am inspired now. My bday is in April-- one of my mini goals-- and I think I may ask for a fitbit.

Hope today went well for everyone! Reasonably well for me and I did the shred.

A challenge for me tomorrow night as I have a rare meal out, at a pub with very delicious, but very heavy food.... I will choose wisely this time!

Good luck everyone smile

stc70 Thu 06-Mar-14 22:38:22

Hi I'm new to mums net but saw your post and had to join in... I'm also 5'6" and 12 stone and would dearly love to lose 2st by summer

I've started c25k and am on week 2, have also just ordered the 30day shred...now just have to stick to it!

FlossyMcgrew Thu 06-Mar-14 22:56:27

Hi stc70 I did couch to 5k in October and I loved it, only problem was when it started to get dark and cold and rainy, I stopped. Have been thinking about starting again though as I really felt great and actually had people comment on an improvement in appearance.
I do like the shred as it's short and sweet and also seems to get results.

My challenge this time is to not give up after getting results, to keep going and stay with it. I don't want to yo-yo again, just yo! Get down and stay down smile

"See" you all tomorrow.

magentastardust Thu 06-Mar-14 22:59:17

I am not a natural exerciser at all -enjoy Zumba class at have a good laugh with my friend but other than that I could never run or don't go to the gym as would be really self conscious. Fitbit has definitely helped with making me want to get to the 10 steps every day. lets hope I can keep it up!
Loved the Kitchens closed thing too !

magentastardust Thu 06-Mar-14 23:00:34

oh I also have the 30 day shred in the cupboard! May have to dust it off-think I lasted to day 3 last time oops!

Millyblods Fri 07-Mar-14 02:26:14

What's a * Fitbit* please grin ....

kaylay617 Fri 07-Mar-14 10:37:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

magentastardust Fri 07-Mar-14 10:43:34

Milyblods -google it -its an activity tracker- a pedometer basically but it syncs with your phone or laptop so you can see how you have done over the week and how active you have been.
it is more expensive than a normal pedometer but I think it is worth it.

50KnockingonabiT Fri 07-Mar-14 17:11:36

afternoon ladies, well wi this morning and lost 3lb, that's 6lb in three weekssmile I AM NOT GIVING UP THIS TIME! There, I've said it out loudsmile

Good luck everyone

FlossyMcgrew Fri 07-Mar-14 17:37:11

Yay 50KnockingonabiT that is FANTASTIC !!! I am not giving up either , this is it!

Getting ready to go out for my pub dinner, wish me luck in ordering wisely, eating consciously, avoiding pudding, and not drinking too much!


RunningKatie Fri 07-Mar-14 21:36:00

Can i join in too please? I am 5ft4.5 but 12st11. How the heck did that happen?

I've started using mfp and have just done L1D2 of the 30 day shred. DH works away a lot so whilst i'd like to go out and run, i need to have an indoors option!

I have some lovely summer clothes and go on holiday in 16 weeks so that's my initial goal.

Youngest DC is 15 months and now i've stopped bf'ing i cannot use that as an excuse to eat a crazy excess of rubbish.

BoomerangSam Sat 08-Mar-14 08:44:58

I belong on this thread!
I'm 5'2", need to lose 2 stone, want to do it before a wedding in June.
(Ideally I'd like to lose more but at least I won't look fat anymore and will be at the top of the normal bmi range)

I'm going to do this by eating 3 'clean' meals a day, fruit for snacks, 2 pieces of dark choc (I'm doing the ww simple start which is basically that)
lots of water
lots of walking and a couple of gym sessions a week.

Ladycurd Sat 08-Mar-14 08:54:03

Hi, think I might join in and also 12st 7 I have about a stone and half to lose, I'm 5ft 9. Apparently my ideal weight is 10stone 9 but think 11stone more feasible and last time I was 11 stone I looked a bit gaunt so trying to find the balance!

I have a big bash next week which I started dieting for 10weeks ago, meant to lose a stone in that time. Managed half a stone. Oooops so if can't even stick to it for major event then I'm not optimistic but MFP and running are my pals! Wine is not.

Good luck everyone.

FlossyMcgrew Sat 08-Mar-14 10:15:11

Welcome ladies!!

RunningKate I also like to run, but dh's schedule doesn't always allow it with our 2 dc. I have been looking at treadmills on eBay, but they are expensive. Hopefully the weather is improving, more daylight etc, always helps. In the meantime, shred is definitely a good alternative.

BoomerangSam could you please describe "clean meal" I'm pretty sure I know what you mean, but curious to hear.

Ladycurd losing half a stone is awesome! You should find something around your house that weighs 7 pounds and just hold it for a minute, it's a lot ! You should be proud and confident at the party next week, and keep going!!

I am with you on the wine not being my friend smile

I was very good at my pub dinner last night, but went over with my wine. But not terribly, and I did enjoy myself, and back to business today.

Meant to be a beautiful weekend, so hoping for lots of outdoor time and activity, maybe even with a tidier garden as a result!

Good luck everyone, we can do it!

BoomerangSam Sat 08-Mar-14 10:42:30

Eating clean is basically avoiding processed and refined food.
Grains should be wholegrain.
You can include things like wholewheat pasta and dairy products even though they are processed. Just stay away from food if they have weird ingredients.

Meals are cooked from scratch and should be balanced to include protein, carbs and veg.

You can have cakes and biscuits but they should be homemade and use wholegrains and natural sugars.

Its meant to do you a world of good! (that's what I'm hoping for, along with the weight loss)

Ladycurd Sat 08-Mar-14 16:08:19

Awww thanks yes I should go pick up a 7lb weight but tbh I don't feel that much thinner, it's isn't visible and annoyingly since I started MFP last autumn I was this weight then but put on half a stone so MFP keeps cheeringly telling me I have lost 0lb so far!

Just shelled out nearly £100 on new running trainers having had a gait check as ankle was ouchy. So will have to run at least 100 time so make it worthwhile! I will go tomorrow and already walked 13k steps today so feeling relatively virtuous. Dya reckon I could tone my bingo wings by Friday? smile

Flossy can you run on a morning of the weekend? I try to go once in the weekend and 3times in the week once drop kids off at nursery but before start work. I also am part of a running group with sweaty Betty (the excercise brand shop) where DH has to put kids to bed. Can you work with your DH to free up 30min windows?

FlossyMcgrew Sat 08-Mar-14 21:04:18

Aha, that makes sense Boomerang I could handle that I think, except I have a bit of a condiment obsession. Chutneys, sweet chilli, mustards... I should cut back as I know most of them are full of sugar and probably loads of unpronounceable things!
But unprocessed definitely makes sense.

Ladycurd I can't believe the price of running shoes, it's extortionate!!! I got a new pair in November and they still have the tags on them blush
You are right, I need to make a plan and a schedule with DH and just stick to it. I was really into it last October and just basically gave up when the mornings were getting dark and wet. I live in a semi rural area and every time I was running in the dark, I felt like I was in the opening scene of a horror movie. I got myself very paranoid. I used to go to the local football field and just run back and forth in the middle of it, my theory was that no one could jump out at me that way! But in reality, it's all just excuses. Another motivational quote time: "if you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done". I need to make this a priority, and make time,even if it's getting out of bed before dh goes to work at stupid o'clock.

I was trying on a few short sleeved tops today and felt very down at the state of my bingo wings! But they aren't going to improve without some action in my part, so I am sticking with it. I will be down 2 stone by July!! And I can't wait!

Good luck all smile

FunkyBarnYard Sat 08-Mar-14 21:23:18

Been going now since 25/2.

Have lost 1.5kg since then. I have cut out snacks. Reduced portions and eating loads more veggies.

I can't decide if that's good or not

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