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Here comes Mrs Thunder thighs!!!

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lovelymumof4 Thu 27-Feb-14 18:07:00

I'm a size 12/14, well that on top, nearly always 14 on the bottom. I weigh 10st and i'm 5 ft 2, so a bit of a short arse really! The last time i was slim was when i was 21, i'm 39 now. Mainly it's my legs that are the problem, even when i was slim they were always chunky. Not just my thighs but the whole of my legs have no shape and i have elephant ankles. I'd love to be able to wear dresses in the summer above the knee but i would look hideous. When i look at myself naked in the mirror i look ok but have these huge, ugly, wobbly legs. How can i get them to slim down ?

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