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Why do people have to make such comments?!?

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Sammie101 Thu 27-Feb-14 09:50:07

Ugh. I have gained 3 and a half stone since finding out I was pregnant. I lost 4 stone in the year before I fell pregnant and was in a good place. Naturally now I don't have the best self esteem and I'm not feeling too good about myself.

I was in work the other day just to say hi (my mum was dragging me round looking at underwear, I have spent my maternity leave avoiding the place!) and was talking to one of my colleagues.

She suddenly comes out with "Sammie man what happened to your diet? I thought you would have got back on it after the baby was born!" sad

Whhhhy?! Why would you say that? I was trying to convince myself that people wouldn't notice all the weight I'd gained (hence why I was avoiding going in) but now I know that everyone will be thinking it (but not many people would be tactless enough to say it) and I just feel even worse sad

I had a baby six months ago. I'm still breastfeeding. Breastfeeding gives me an appetite like I've never had before. This is no excuse for letting myself go but I think I have a fairly understandable reason for gaining weight!

I know she would never have meant it to upset or offend me (she is very upfront and says what she's thinking but is in no way bitchy) but just whhhhy?! I want to eat my way through a massive bar of galaxy just thinking about it :-/

Sorry, just wanted to vent!

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