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Coddy hits goal weight shock!

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Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 21:15:41

After 2 months (roughly) of dieting I have lost aroung 12 lbs and now am at ante natal wweight

You may remember the "help me lose a stone before the 22 nd of march thread - wellI have! All before ds3 is one!

HUZZAH fish and chips and creme eggs allround

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 21:16:43


Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 21:17:37

I will take that in good grace!

suzywong Wed 10-Mar-04 21:17:41

Good for you, I bet you feel great now
Why not come in the bar and be rude?

Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 21:18:27

no cant talk about sex with people other than dh.

shudder.... makes me feel queasy.

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 21:19:15

I am v jealous and may have to kill you

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 21:19:31

Pls send me your address for hit man

JanHR Wed 10-Mar-04 21:19:37

Well done coddy.

Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 21:20:32

live at slender towers

Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 21:21:01

cnat believe you are porky cd

do flab watch its the only way

Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 21:21:57

dh has lost 1st 5 - only 2 lbs off the weight of ds3!!

think house may start floating soon

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 21:22:51

I bloody am porky.
Have been on steroids for years due to stupid Crohn's and am 2 stone overweight

What is flab watch?

aloha Wed 10-Mar-04 21:52:45

double bitch

No, honestly, I'm not a bit jealous. Will you rename yourself Minnow? Or Flatfish?

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 21:53:15


princesspeahead Wed 10-Mar-04 22:02:59


you may have noticed my conspicuous silence on the weightloss threads.
that is because your 12 lbs has floated across salisbury plain and settled on my arse.
please come and retrieve it immediately

Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 22:04:12


thanks all

have had oven chips and fish, a bottle of beer and a creme egg in celelbration

Coddy Wed 10-Mar-04 22:05:28


crohns disease not fun - a friend of mine has it and my cleaner had too

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 22:05:41

OK Amoeba arse, rub it in

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 22:07:18

Sorry posted that b4 I saw your msg, didn't mean rub it in re Crohn's!

Yes it is no fun whatsoever. Actually wouldn't mind if it wasn't for steriods. Keep losing 2st and then it all goes back on again as soon as I take the f*cking steroids. And it makes me look like a hamster

princesspeahead Wed 10-Mar-04 22:10:44

at least you have an excuse.
I just look like a hamster full stop. a greater-arsed hamster.

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 22:12:52

I could give you some steroids if you like in exchange for that book

princesspeahead Wed 10-Mar-04 22:15:04

*mumsnet in drug-dealing shocker*

yes, do that, and I'll pass them on to my good friend greg rusedski

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 22:15:58

Sorry they are cortico not anabolic, would not do him any good

princesspeahead Wed 10-Mar-04 22:20:45

i'd be a crap drug dealer, wouldn't I. ah well. so you can't throw a discus very far, then?!

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 22:21:34

No, and my time for the 100m is pathetic. Do well at hamster impersonation contests though!

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