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Couch to 5k

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HermioneSnape Fri 21-Feb-14 08:26:08

Can you do this on a treadmill, there's no way I could think of doing it around my neighbour hood! My DH goes to work to early for me to try and go out in the dark, but we have a treadmill, weight bench and sit up thingy that my son uses.

Also whats the best app?

Thanks x

VivianStanshall Fri 21-Feb-14 08:32:30

Well that's a thought Hermione. It was my New Year resolution but I have let the weather defeat me (I know you shouldn't, but I just have blush) but the treadmill's there and with the precise timings of the early stages it seems ideal.

Week one starts toinght smile

Will follow this thread to see about an App too, I like stats.

HermioneSnape Fri 21-Feb-14 08:46:15

That's what I was thinking Vivian - why not?

I'll also start this afternoon too.

Good Luck.

VivianStanshall Fri 21-Feb-14 08:50:25

Hey - Couch to 5k buddies smile

Anybody else in with a late New Year Resolution?

MamaPingu Fri 21-Feb-14 08:53:16

I completed it by treadmill and loved it as it tells you exactly how long and how far you've ran! smile
It's brill, enjoy!!!

VivianStanshall Fri 21-Feb-14 12:42:45

Completed it envy

Thanks, shows it can be done grin

chicaguapa Fri 21-Feb-14 12:47:11

I downloaded the NHS podcasts and added them on my Endomondo playlist.

HermioneSnape Fri 21-Feb-14 13:34:28

Just had a go on the treadmill and used it for 20 minutes.

Managed 10 minutes brisk walking and then 7 minutes jogging and then a walk down for the remaining 3 minutes - not too shabby I think

I'm going to download the app tonight and start the actual couch to 5 K next week when the DC are back at school.

VivianStanshall Fri 21-Feb-14 13:50:51

Whoa Hermione, that's set the bar high. I'm sure that's well above week one.

Mmmm, these sort of things are a bit beyond me chicguapa but I may try putting a podcast on my phone for the first time.

HermioneSnape Fri 21-Feb-14 14:01:06

I wondered whether you could skip yo the appropriate week? Maybe someone can let me know?

HypodeemicNerdle Mon 24-Feb-14 00:01:02

I am a late New Years resolution starter! Just did week 2, run 1 of the nhs couch to 5k this morning. I did some running last year and completed a couple of 10k mud runs (not all running though!). I've not run since last September so decided to ease myself back into it gently, I've managed to add a 5 minute run to the end of each session so far.

I'm an outdoor runner, don't really give a stuff what people think about me anymore although I did when I first started.

Hermione, if you can run for 7 minutes then I would have thought skipping ahead a few weeks would be fine, nhs website tells you exactly what's coming up for each week so you could have a look and see what you think would suit you.

I'm going to get my running analysed tomorrow with a view to some new shoes, my old ones are knackered. Any suggestions of great shoes?

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