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Summerslim2014 Mon 12-May-14 21:57:20

How did you get on with alizonne?

Mattie03 Wed 19-Feb-14 18:43:19

I read almost all existing posts about Alizonne! Now, I decided to start with it myself, 3days ago!

I went to 2 clinics and have to say they are very disorganized and you have to run after info and products...absolutely NOT good enough for the very high price!
I think the therapy is good though!

I'm 67kg and want to lose about 14kg, so down to 53kg! I was most of my adult life about 50kg, now 2 kids later, I can't get the wight off even though I'm eating very healthily, but my metabolism is very very low!

Anyway, I'd love to stay motivated and maybe exchange my experiences with somebody else on Alizonne!

Hope to be successful and get back to my old myself!

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