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Feeling low around 10:30 and that's when I overeat any tips?

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takingawhile Wed 12-Feb-14 12:40:38

Hi all,
I'm currently on fluoxetine very low dose 1 x 20 mg capsule per week!

Recently, I don't know if it's the weather, I'm being spoilt, tiredness or hormonal but my moods start dipping around 11 am and this is when I reach for any carbs and I binge eat on them. I had pinhead oat porridge for breakfast so shoylfny have had a "slump" but I'm repeatedly feeling low about two hours after breakfast, I feel tearful and angry an craving carbs. I have gone back to work for a few days each week and that means a 6am start but many people do this every day of the week so I shouldn't be tired.

I hAve noticed the binge eating in carbs happens at the same time as a mood dip, I thought it may be low blood sugar but I tried eating and just get carried away bingeing. Had anyone else had this? I feel frustrated with myself that I have developed this attitude and "short fuse" as it were.

I don't think the weather is helping... But most other people in the country are coping well enough.

I have asked a similar question before and had some good advice, I would just go out but the weather is mostly bad and I have my toddler with me during the week and my partners children too every other weekend.

Help, it seems madness but I think just one biscuit and eat ten yet I think back to when I have eaten healthily and looked after myself and felt so much better. I seem to have the self destruct button on and have no willpower.

I'm also on cerazette so I don't know I that's aff ting things (it hadn't previously...and been on it for a few months now).

Help, please x

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