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Has anyone tried Hoodia slimming pills?

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Emma2323 Sat 29-Jun-13 17:02:08

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

emily05 Fri 25-Aug-06 13:56:58

hi - the new esther ransom program last week was about slimming pills and hoodia - read this before taking them on bbc website

lyla Sat 12-Aug-06 12:38:05

sorry, that should have been a new thread. incidently i have tried hoodia and didnt work for me.

lyla Sat 12-Aug-06 12:36:46

2 weeks until my holiday . can anyone recommend a good exercise video that will get me toned (hopefully) in time????

JakeysMummy Thu 03-Aug-06 22:09:42

no probs - i was dubious about them working but i read feedback of seller and it worked for most of them, but they offer a full moneyback guarantee so it was worth a go and i'm glad i did now.

Beauregard Thu 03-Aug-06 22:07:30


JakeysMummy Thu 03-Aug-06 22:06:35

They're called Thermo-3 Thermogenic Complex. I bought them off e-bay!! They work by speeding up your metabolism therefore burning off fat, same as Adios but different ingredients. Item number is 9505119330 on e-bay. You take 2 before breakfast and 1 before lunch with water. Easy!

Beauregard Thu 03-Aug-06 21:49:41

which ones are they Jakeysmummy?

JakeysMummy Thu 03-Aug-06 21:45:05

i've tried them, they did take the hunger pangs away but I still felt like i needed to eat! But i eat like there's no tomorrow so if you have a smallish appetite they might work better. I'm now trying some that are similar to Adios, they've had a much better effect, half a stone in three weeks! HTH

NotActuallyAMum Thu 03-Aug-06 15:47:10

Just wondering

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