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gained 25 pounds, Davina fit in 15 anyone?

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DayAfterYesterday Thu 09-Jan-14 21:03:35

So I was part of the 30 day shred thread a few months ago and done really well, hit my target weight, got into a size 10 and toned up but then life happened and in 3 months I've gained 25 pounds and significantly increased in inches. I've bought Davina fit in 15 this time for a change and NEED to get this weight off, anyone want to join me??

PiperChapman Fri 10-Jan-14 12:16:16

Yes possibly! I'm contemplating buying this.

I'm not overweight at size 10 but I'm distinctly flabby after Christmas! I do cardio combat and spin classes and I was looking at this DVD thinking it might be good for when I can't make the gym. I'd like to lose my tummy and drop 4lbs.

I may order it today on amazon prime and start early next week ?

DayAfterYesterday Fri 10-Jan-14 14:05:48

Hi piper, Christmas was a killer for weight gain I'm about a 12 now technically not overweight but to me feel big. I'm going to start Monday with the DVD I've got a night out in a few weeks so hopefully can make a dent in my progress, be great to have someone else doing it, help keep each other motivated!

PiperChapman Fri 10-Jan-14 14:38:09

Ok! Lets do it. I've just got on the scales and lets make that 6lbs to lose!

I've ordered it and will be good to go on Monday I hope! Are you watching what you eat as well?

DayAfterYesterday Fri 10-Jan-14 17:41:21

Brill! I'm trying not to think top much about the pounds I've got to lose otherwise I'll cry lol just going to focus on inch size and weigh myself after maybe a month.

I'm not going to properly diet but will be cutting out all the junk and takeaways, alcohol and stuff and just try and eat normal meals, that's what I did last time and it worked so fingers crossed!

de88s Wed 12-Feb-14 11:20:24

I bought the DVD on Sunday. On my 2nd day of exercise. Done the arms today and did the legs yesterday. The legs one killed me, I could hardly breath at the end but I did it smile Cut out all my sugary treats after I counted all the useless calories I was eating, ( over 1500 a day on chocolate and crisps) and in my first week I have lost 5 lb.
Can't believe how unfit I am and got a shock when I went on the scales. I am 49 on Sunday and want to do regular exercise as it helps with bone density as well as toning and getting fit.
I cycle with the Sky rides in spring and summer but not in bad weather.
Hoping to keep motivated by getting up half an hour earlier to do my 15 min. It only takes as long as the extra time I had when I pressed snooze on my alarm.

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