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Baby Tummy!

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MsFiremanSam Mon 09-Dec-13 21:51:59

Have you still got a gap in your stomach muscles? If it's just your tummy then maybe a core strengthening programme would work? I'm doing MuTu but think there are others too.

MummyConstant Mon 09-Dec-13 12:01:09

OK, so maybe not the most MOTIVATED person in the world to loose weight. Namely because in all places on my body I am back to normal, except my tummy.

I still look like I am about 3 months pregnant, of course I am not and Isla is 19 months now. So I have had enough time to sort this out. I just haven't.

Any tips on toning up that tummy and quick!!! Thank you so so much

I am going to start a Tone Up section on my Blog I think, this will help me to keep motivated!

smile xx

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