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Help! New mum, weight plateau

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MrsMuskett Mon 09-Dec-13 07:10:51

Hi guys, just had a beautiful healthy bouncing baby boy. But the little monkey made me crave everything sweet while I was pregnant,and I went from a healthy 8st 5ft 1 size 10 to a un healthy 13st5 size 16 sad as soon as I had him my appetite went, and I dropped 22lbs in a few week. I am eating healthier and not eating rubbish,but I've been stuck on 11st11 for the past 2 weeks,I'm looking for a diet/healthy eating plan that I can do to drop the last 53lbs grin but I have a family to feed so can't really go on any silly or fad diets,any advise?? Xx

MsFiremanSam Mon 09-Dec-13 07:32:44

Hi there,
My DD is 17 weeks and I found like you that I had a big initial loss, then plateaued. Around 3 months I had another loss, and have been stuck again for the past few weeks. Still got just over a stone to lose. With my first DC I didn't lose all the weight until I stopped breastfeeding and fully expecting the same again this time!
I know it's hard when you are really keen to get back to your pre-preg weight but I've found the boring slow and steady approach has worked best - just cutting out the rubbish. I've started the Shred as well now that my body is recovering. Lots of walks with the buggy as well.
Have read good things on here about 5:2 but not sure if you're breastfeeding?

MsFiremanSam Mon 09-Dec-13 07:34:25

Oh and huge congratulations on your little one! smile

MrsMuskett Mon 09-Dec-13 08:31:14

Thanks x No unfortunately my little man wouldn't latch on so couldn't breast feed sad I was wanting to for the bonding and the bonus of weight loss. I tried the Shred to keep fit a few years ago n busted my knee sad so I struggle with exercising as it is, so I can only do low impact which doesn't help. Got the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs so gonna start them, I've read up on the 5:2 but not sure I could stick to it with cooking family meals on the fasting days, thinking about weight watchers or slimming world,but I struggle to stick to diets, I nievly thought if I went back to old eating habits it would come off as I was naturally slim(ish) before. I really need to get my head outta my bum n start something, I'm just not sure where to start lol x

MsFiremanSam Mon 09-Dec-13 21:47:54

How old is your baby? I'm sure if you were slim before and go back to your normal eating habits the weight will come off.
Not sure breastfeeding is that great for weight loss though - it's the stopping that works for me!
Sure someone will come along with better advice soon.

MrsMuskett Wed 11-Dec-13 10:20:31

Only 6 weeks,I'm just bloody impatient cos I've put on so much,I know it's gonna take months,it's just cos I had the big loss,then nothing for 2weeks even though I'm way more active n my appetite has gone so I'm eating less,I don't understand why I'm not losing any.might try the 5:2 or WW?

MsFiremanSam Wed 11-Dec-13 18:33:12

No answers I'm afraid, but the same had happened to me. Keep having spurts of loss then nothing for weeks. It's frustrating but it think it really is 9 months up, 9 months down!

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