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Anyone want to join me or motivate me?

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SESthebrave Sat 07-Dec-13 09:30:11

I've got on the scales this morning and knew it would be bad but was not expecting 12st7.

I'm 5'6 and have 4yo DS AND 18mo DD. After DD I got down to 11st6 which was better than pre-DS and lots of people commented how good I looked. Since going back to work though, the weight has piled on and I need to do something about it. My job is very sedentary and most days I'm in the car for 2-3hrs. I get bored and end up snacking. When I pick the children up at the end of the day, they will need a snack in the car so I join them. My other weakness is hot chocolate. I don't drink tea or coffee and a lot of meetings happen in/around Costa.

DH is overweight and always has been and so I think our portion sizes are probably too big. Neither of us really does any exercise. I do a Pilates class once a week but can't see how to fit anything else in around work and DC.

I'm still BFing DD 3or4 times in 24hrs and she normally wakes once a night so I don't really ever feel rested. DH has 2 weeks off work over Christmas and we've talked about using that time for him to see to her in the night and help get her in a routine of just BFing night and morning.

By the time we're all home at the end of the day and the DC are in bed, DH and I don't eat until about 8.30pm.

Reading that over, I think I know the issues and causes and I know it sounds unhealthy and a bad example to set the DC but I feel in a rut with it all and don't know how to get out of it.

Any help or encouragement? I feel I need a big dose of it.

MrsPMT Sat 07-Dec-13 12:44:39


I stepped on the scales for the first time in ages about a year ago and was shocked to see my weight had crept to 12 stone (same height as you). After DS (who's 8) I managed to get down to about 11 stone but it crept on without me even noticing.

Anyway, I tried to exercise more for the past year but it wasn't shifting, about 2 months ago I decided I was really going to make an effort. I eat mainly the same meals as before (but slightly 'lighter' lunches, less cheese) but have really cut down on snacking and only snack on fruit now. I'm now below 11 stone grin

I like the Cadburys 'light' hot choc (its only about 40 cals) and have also cut down on lattes etc, only have skinny latte on occasion.

I'm not on a diet, IMO, I just eat healthier.

SESthebrave Sat 07-Dec-13 19:51:17

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Thank you for your reply. I firmly believe it's about changing to healthier habits and your story proves that.
Rome wasn't built in a day so a few changes will hopefully make for long term benefits.

Lamby80 Sun 08-Dec-13 15:47:00

I will join you! I am not going to start until after Christmas as i know i will fail and i will give up. I am 14 stone and ideally need to get to 12. I have been that before and thats a good weight for me. I am going to aim for 13 first so it is a more achievable target. I will check in with you in January and see if you still want to!
I have a 19 month old and work full time so lots of exercise is not an option so will mainly be diet and maybe walking more.

SESthebrave Sun 08-Dec-13 20:40:36

Hello Lamby80, it would be great to have some company!
I'm sure January will be the big kick start smile

I've done a bit better today but tomorrow at work will be the big challenge!

Orangeychoc Sun 08-Dec-13 22:10:33

I'm a new ish mum (DS 9 months) and am also horrified by the scales at the mo. I have been doing some fast days as per 5:2 plan but it's not happening as quickly as I'd like. Think I need to limit calories on other days too

Ledkr Sun 08-Dec-13 22:33:46

I'll join you. I need to shift 2 stone too with not much time fir exercise although I'm on the go all the time.
I've not been eating any bread which helps lots as then you don't have butter n stuff, healthy meals and no snacks apart from fruit.
I work out and about too and also our office always has biscuits and stuff all the time.
I find being prepared helps, tomorrow I've got mackerel filets with cous cous and salad plus lots of nice fruit to snack on and a yogurt.
Porridge for breakfast and do my best to eat a healthy dinner.
I've guzzled wine this weekend tho!

SESthebrave Sun 08-Dec-13 23:39:03

Hello orangeychoc and ledkr

I think I'm going to gradually change a few habits and see where that takes me for the time being. I'm going to weigh in again on Saturday morning.

Lamby80 Mon 09-Dec-13 07:43:38

Great! I went shopping at the weekend and there are so many lovely clothes out there that i want to be able to wear. We are on holiday at the end of May and would love a few nice tops and dresses!
I am going to aim for 1lb a week - i am quite looking forward to it!

jimmijam Mon 09-Dec-13 18:10:59

hi can I join you please?
I have a 7 year old dd, 6yo ds and 2 yo ds.
the last year our so I've put on just over a stone
a few months ago I started working night shifts( though I was working shifts before they weren't at night) and we don't really have childcare (ds3 hours 2 mornings a week to nursery for a couple of hours.

1 week off zumba on the xbox and I put on weight sad just had a week off work so hoping I've lost done now ( been 2 weeks of zumba at home now)
I'm trying to stay away from snacks now,my meals are generally ok, just huge portions. I'm vegetarian.
but I eat at night when I'm working aswell as during the day( grab sleep here and the when I can)

needing support please

SESthebrave Mon 09-Dec-13 20:45:05

Hi jimmijam fsmile
Night shifts sounds tough!

Lamby - 1lb a week sounds like a good goal. I'll join you on that!

I've been pretty good today. I did have hot chocolate and toast for breakfast but then a healthy bean salad for lunch with baked crisps. This evening DH suggested soup and toast which was amazing as normally when we get to 8pm and we've not done anything about tea, he suggests take away!

I also remembered to take my thyroxine today which helps!

Ledkr Mon 09-Dec-13 20:55:43

Had a good day apart from a scone this avo but I was pleased to see it was only 142 cals so could have been worse.
Bubble and squeak and Han for tea, lovely.
Still no bread.

jimmijam Tue 10-Dec-13 07:45:57

I want to loose 1st by my birthday in March. ideally. think positive.... hmm

I couldn't give up bread or potato long term, like it too much, if rather give up chocolate. well done to everyone who has cut down/ stopped eating it!

Ledkr Tue 10-Dec-13 19:49:07

Bread has not bothered me so far I think it's nearly two weeks now I feel slimmer round my tummy.

jimmijam Tue 10-Dec-13 20:44:11

yay well done ledkr ! are you trying anything else too hoping for tips

Ledkr Tue 10-Dec-13 20:49:44

No. I started the shred but I hurt my flaming knee.
I do need to exercise tho in so unfit and used to be a dancer so very fit once upon a time

jimmijam Tue 10-Dec-13 21:19:59

I've heard about the shred,I think Lois of people have been injured doing it.
am awaiting the arrival of a sports game, hoping that will have more of an affect than the zumba. ds2 rarely has afternoon naps now but gets grumpy so usually cries through me doing zumba. think I've thought of a way to keep him entertained while I do some exercise now, will test it out tomorrow.
2 night shifts coming up with very little sleep in between, that's going to test me when it comes to snacking, Any tips please?

Ledkr Tue 10-Dec-13 22:00:05

I did the shred to the sound of dd2 crying and demanding anything she could dream up.
I used to eat like a pig on nights!
I'd suggest just being prepared, veg sticks n humus and nice fruit like melon.
Sugar free sweets to suck on.
Herbal tea doesn't make you feel like a biscuit with it.

jimmijam Tue 10-Dec-13 22:35:03

thanks, it's nice to speak to people who have experienced nights. I was having fruit salad, usually 2 or 3 biscuits, maybe a cereal bar and a bowl of porridge. last night I had celery, carrot and humous, then a bowl of porridge ( which I also count as breakfast) when I started to feel sleepy at around 5am.

from what you did of it how did you find the shred, would it do much good, was it fun? how long would you spend on it each day?

aww, not just my little one needing constant attention then (I love it, just need to excercise), did you find any ways to stop your lo crying whilst you did it?

jimmijam Tue 10-Dec-13 22:35:43

oooh, just found ( or something like that)I might give it a go

Ledkr Wed 11-Dec-13 09:42:35

MFP is great. I just can't be arsed at the mo as too busy with work and dds Xmas stuff.
Shred is good and effective but v hard to start with, I did it daily when dd was a baby when she slept, now it's more difficult as I work part time and dd is a toddler,
I find it so hard to do anything in the evenings as I'm so tired.
I do need to move more, i might get an exercise bike but am afraid I'd use it as a clothes horse grin

jimmijam Wed 11-Dec-13 11:43:55

haha, we have an expensive -- clothes-- -- horse--, sorry, cross trainer.

jimmijam Thu 12-Dec-13 20:48:14

epic fail food wise at work last night sad

slendatone working well though

where's everyone gone?

Ledkr Thu 12-Dec-13 20:58:43

Just us. I've fallen off the wagon tonight and eaten a star bar! .<rolls eyes>

SESthebrave Thu 12-Dec-13 23:11:35

I'm still here. Doing better but not great is probably a fair summary for me. Baby steps...

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